written by: starlightment

When Lance gets dumped by his fiancée just days before his entire family is flying out to visit, he finds himself trapped in a monumental lie. Now, with no bride-to-be, and no guts to admit the truth, he’s in desperate need of a pseudo-sweetheart — and fast. And Keith just so happens to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time. [AU. Klance.]

Chapters: 7/10  |  Language: English  |  Art Credit: here & here  

  • FANDOM: Voltron: Legendary Defender
  • RATING: Mature
  • PAIRING(S): Keith/Lance


TMWS Snippet


I shared snippets of the other two chapters I’m planning on posting tomorrow so of course I had to share a snippet of this one, too. So, without further ado:

The Memories We Shared (chap 8)

“C’mon,” Lance was waving a hand through the air, “I parked across the street. We gotta get going or we’re going to get soaked!”

“We’re already soaked!” Keith called back, falling into step behind Lance.

The street lights shone off the wet ground, illuminating Lance in a way that made him glow. The lights outlined Lance just so, and made him look more beautiful than he had ever looked. He looked soft and gentle and Keith knew he was, but he wouldn’t break. Lance would meet Keith’s fierce kiss and needy fingers with a breathless laugh, Keith knew. Keith could press Lance up against the wall and all Lance would do is draw him in closer. He knew that anything he threw at Lance he would be able to handle and give back twofold. But that didn’t mean that he should act on these desires.

Keith watched Lance’s back as they hustled towards the road, looking at the way his shoulders moved under his shirt. Lance’s clothes were plastered to his body, leaving nothing to the imagination and Keith couldn’t stop himself from staring. To be honest, he wasn’t even trying. He followed the curve of Lance’s spine, the rise of and fall of his hips as he jogged up to the street. He watched with greedy eyes as Lance turned to wave him on, his shirt riding up slightly and revealing a thin strip of skin.

Lance paused at the road and looked both ways. Keith could see the drops of water sliding down his cheeks and neck and he had to swallow. The sudden urge to lean forward and kiss those drops off his neck seized Keith and he had to suppress a groan as he tore his eyes away. Except, there wasn’t anywhere he could look that didn’t kill him. Lance’s dripping hair was curling at the base of his neck and slicked off his forehead and Keith wanted nothing more than to run his fingers through it, getting to the back of Lance’s head and pulling him into a crushing kiss. He had never wanted Lance as badly as he did right now and it was physically painful.

>>The Marks We Make<< Chapter 6 update!!

wow okay so idk how, but @wittyy-name lost her mind and wrote an even longer chapter than usual lmaO, idk how the fuck she does tha t buT..
8′))) things happen

This one was rather tricky to work with and thus its not as smooth as i’d like it to be, but in the end i rather like the result

“The mask feels cold, but he welcomes the change in temperature because his cheeks have been burning for the past ten minutes. Lance’s fingers feel good on his face. Relaxing.”

@dimplesandcurlsss‘s most recent fic is so good.

Lance learns about Adam, and confides in Shiro

“So… we’re really going back?” Lance said in shock.

“Yeah, we are,” Keith answered, turning to face the rest of the team.

A small laugh bubbled in Lances throat. “I get to see my family,” He said, a fond look on his face. “I’m- so excited to see them again.”

“Oh man, I can’t wait to see my mom again,” Hunk piped up.

“I missed my dog,” added Pidge, nodding her head.

Keith turned to Shiro. “You excited to see Adam?” he teased, elbowing his brother playfully.

“Yeah, I am.” Shiro beamed at the mention of his significant other. His eyebrows furrowed slightly, a look of worry crossing his face. “I just-“ he sighed, “I’m worried he’ll be upset with me, for leaving.”

“Who’s Adam?” Lance asked gently.

Shiro looked up to the former Blue Paladin, “He’s my boyfriend, back on Earth.” he started, “Or, was.”

Lances eyebrows shot up, “Boyfriend?” He echoed before he could stop himself.

“Yeah, we were going to get engaged but then, I left- for Kerberos.” Shiro explained.

Keith placed a hand gently on Shiro’s back.

“Hey, I’m sure he’ll be happy just knowing you’re home safe,” he said, comfortingly.

“Well, we’ve got a long journey ahead of us,” started Allura. “Everyone should head back to their lions for the night. Shiro, we set up temporary sleeping arrangements for you tonight,” she explained.

“Thank you, Princess,” Shiro nodded.

“Alright team, let’s get some rest,” Keith said, walking towards the black lion. The rest of the team nodded in agreement, bidding each other goodnight before parting ways.

“Hey, Shiro? Can I uh- can I talk to you? For a sec?” Lance called, voice laced with uncertainty.

“Yeah what’s up?” Shiro smiled warmly at the younger boy.

“Well, um-“ Lance trailed off nervously, eyebrows furrowed in deep thought. Shiro could sense his anxiousness, gently resting a hand on his teammate’s shoulder.

“Take your time, it’s okay,” he reassured.

“How-“ Lance took a deep breath, and closed his eyes. “How did you know you liked- that you liked, um…” he opened his eyes, looking down at his hands.

“Boys?” Shiro supplied. Lance looked up softly,

“Yeah,” he whispered.

Shiro smiled at him, “Well,” he started, “I never had crushes on any girls when I was young, and when all my friends started dating I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. Then there was this one girl, she really liked flying, and we had all the same interests.”

He laughed, “I sort of developed this… crush, on her but when she asked if I wanted to go on a date.” Shiro shook his head in reminiscent. “That’s when I realized I didn’t like girls the way my friends did. I started experimenting around your age. When I kissed a guy for the first time….” he smiled warmly, “It just felt right.” Shiro finished, looking at Lance.

“And when I found the right person,” he said, “Everything changed.”

Lance looked behind him towards the black lion, blushing as he turned back to Shiro.

“I’ve always known I liked girls but,” Lance took a breath, “I think I might like boys too.”

Shiro nodded, smiling at Lance. “I’m glad you felt comfortable enough to come talk to me,” he said.

“Well, after seeing you be so open about it and so… happy…” Lance trailed off.

“Were people accepting?” He asked.

“There’ll always be those few people, ignorant in their ways who won’t understand; but, the support of loved ones outweighs all hate.”

“Thanks Shiro,” Lance said, feeling as if a small weight had been lifted off his chest.

“Now let’s get some rest,” Shiro suggested, walking towards his temporary cabin.

Lance started to the red lion.

“And Lance?” Shiro called.

Lance looked up at him, an inquisitive look on his face.

“Talk to Keith. You have more in common than you may think,” he winked before turning and disappearing into his cabin.

Lance stopped in his tracks, watching Shiro leave before glancing towards the black lion, a blush dark on his face.

“Yeah, I will.”

(Thanks to @official-florona and @romellespellingerror for editing my mess of thoughts)

as only bones

after the game show horror fiasco, lance and keith have a conversation.


Keith blinks at the private chat window beeping in the corner of his dash. Lance chews his lip on the screen, eyes downcast, fidgeting with Red’s controls.

“Yeah?” Keith asks.

“Can I ask you something? Privately?”

Keith casts a glance over his shoulder. Krolia smiles gently, and before she leaves the cockpit she pats Keith’s head and waves to Lance. When the door shuts behind her, leaving them alone, Keith says, “What’s wrong, Lance?”

Lance takes a breath. They’ve been drifting through space for a few hours after the Bob Gameshow Incident, and the paladins have been lingering in stunned silence for most of that time. Keith didn’t think there was anything to say, but Lance looks like he’s being eaten from the inside out.

“Why did you pick me?” Lance asks. “To leave. Why did you pick me, out of everyone?”

Keith’s heart tumbles down into his stomach. He looks away from Lance, out into the stars stretching before them. To the far left, Red drifts along, and if Keith squints he can see Lance in the cockpit.

“I…” Keith swallows. He flexes his grip on Black’s controls. “I mean… I said…”

“I know what you said,” Lance mumbles. His jaw is set, eyes dark and looking past Keith. “I just… I thought we were better friends. Than before. I thought we… I don’t know.”

“Lance…” Everything feels a little too infinite and a little too empty, talking to Lance through a screen when he can see across the expanse between their lions. Keith hangs his head and breathes deep, wishes he could do this in person. Wishes things were different. “I picked you, because. I couldn’t spend eternity with you. I really, really couldn’t.”

It’s the truth, the bare truth, the truth stripped down and skinned and stretched out as only bones, so raw that Keith’s throat hurts.

“Oh.” Lance’s voice cuts down through that truth, and Keith flinches.

“I mean… Lance, if I had to spend a thousand years around you, I’d die. It’s been hard enough these last few, so for eternity? I can’t-“ Keith lets his breath shudder out of him because he just can’t. Keep it in. He can’t contain anything, can’t hold down the fear and the panic and the immensity of everything. He whispers, “Lance, I can’t be around you without wanting- Everything. That I can’t have.”

Nothing but static fills the space between them. Then, Lance’s connection cuts out. Keith holds his breath, stares at where the screen used to be, marvels at the tears tracking down his face.

After a while, when Keith has straightened his shoulders and prepared to call Krolia back in, the doors to Black’s cockpit slide open.

“Mom, I-“


Keith whips around. Lance is standing there, panting, helmet tucked under his arm, hair wild, eyes fiery. He’d flown over from his lion to Keith’s.

“Look, I-“ Lance swallows. He takes a step closer. “I picked you- Keith, I picked you because of everyone, I wanted you to be- Free. The most. I know you would have hated to be locked with us, and- And I didn’t want-“

Keith barely remembers to throw Black into autopilot before he launches out of the chair and into Lance’s arms, hugs him so hard it almost hurts. Lance makes a noise like he’s been punched and hugs him back.

“I’m sorry,” Keith whispers. “I picked you because I wanted you to be able to go home.”

“God,” Lance whispers. His breath puffs out over the skin on Keith’s neck. “God, Keith, I-“

“I’m sorry,” Keith says again. “I love you, Lance. That’s why.”

And there’s the whole truth. Not the bones, not the skinned reality. All of it, all of the blood in the veins and the beating heart and the muscles pulled tight and the lungs expanding with every breath. The entire truth, the whole of Keith laid out in Lance’s hands, to be left or to be picked.

Because Keith could never condemn Lance to an eternity away from everything. Not when he loves so much, so hard, not when he has suns revolving around him and stars waiting for him. Keith could never ask Lance to leave that.

“I love you too,” Lance says, and he sounds cracked open. “That’s the truth.”

@lowaharts did this beautiful sketch of Lance and Hunk from the earlier chapters of Watercast. She says this is probably going to remain a WIP and I that can post it…but i think it is so amazing as it is ;3; their expressions summarise their personalities and friendship so well omg…I love it so much!!!

Fic can be found on AO3 | Latest updated is chapter 11.

S7 Fix-It Masterlist

kinda obvious but a s7 spoiler warning for everything in this list <3 - Karri

mysterious universe by jilliancares (1/1 | 1,400 | Teen And Up)

Just a little follow up of Season 7, except Keith and Lance are in an established relationship ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“I love you,” Lance murmured, a hand having reached under Keith’s shirt to press against his stomach.

“So does Acxa, apparently,” Keith revealed grumpily.

Lance snorted, his eyes alight with excitement as he sat up and looked down at Keith, giggling as he said, “What?”

ask my why my heart’s inside my throat by aurythestarry (1/1 | 1,500 | General)

“Lance, lead the way. Keep the team together.”

Immediately, warning sounds go off in Lance’s head. Fear rises up in his throat, completely out-of-the-blue and it freezes him in his place. It’s so thick it feels tangible, like it’s physically blocking up Lance’s windpipe. What’s going on? Why is he so scared?

(or; snippets of klance throughout season seven, lance just wants to save keith)


i want to tell you how much i love you by espeons (1/1 | 1,901 | General)

lance visits keith after waking in the hospital.
set post s7, in an attempt to remedy what the vld writers threw at us.
not beta’d.

First Choice by FractalBunny (1/1 | 1,672 | Teen And Up)

The paladins have to choose who gets to leave Garfle Warfle Snick. Lance has a realization about his friends. Keith deals with his feelings.

heartfelt words by BookRockShooter (1/1 | 3,161 | General)

It’s the episode The Feud!, but Keith actually says something nice about Lance.


*set during and after s7ep4, slight re-write bc Keith’s reason for picking Lance was uncalled for okay*

Things Left Unsaid by radiantgem (1/1 | 1,785 | Teen And Up)

“Lance was always there for me when nobody else was, he supported me when I was chosen to become the new leader, and I wouldn’t be the leader I am today without him. And if he can help me be less reckless and bring out better sides of me, then he can do that for anyone outside,” Keith looked over at Lance and smiled softly, “The universe needs somebody like Lance to keep things in check, just like he has with me, and everyone else in this team.”

You Are The Reason by lovelylydias (1/1 | 1,713 | Teen And Up)

Keith loved Lance. Lance loved Keith. The way it should be.

Post Season 7 fic to fix the utter bullshit that went down.

//internalized homophobia 

Cool, Ninja Optimist by Itscalledthedistrict (1/1 | 1,040 | General)

Derivation of Season 7 Episode 4.
A game of tic-tac-toe changes Keith’s answer as to why Lance was his pick for who should escape the game show.

from the same star by czqy (1/1 | 2,300 | Teen And Up)

“Maybe someday someone will be telling stories about the two of them.”

or, when Lance goes to thank Keith for defending him earlier, he accidentally ends up confessing, and gets a confession back.

(minor shadam)

you had to hear it by taylortot (1/1 | 2,983 | General)

That’s it? What an understatement. What a ground-shaking, life-altering understatement. What kind of reckless idiot can just say something like that with so much tangible certainty?

Keith’s expression slowly softens as he watches Lance struggle. An amused tick curls at the corner of his mouth and he leans back comfortably in the chair by the bed, seemingly relaxed now that he had unloaded all of his thoughts in one fell swoop. He’s unaffected by his own words as all else and Lance can’t help but wonder how long he’s been holding onto them.

Fixing the Mess by evie_maria (1/1 | 1,207 | General)

Shiro and Adam reunite and get married, Keith and Lance, who are dating, have a conversation in which they discuss their own relationship and how it could all have gone badly wrong.


Garfle! Warfle! Snick! by IronScript (1/1 | 4,751 | Teen And Up)

How the game show episode actually should have happened.

I’ll admit to being a Lance stan, but even people who don’t like him seem to agree that he was really fucked over in this episode. So here’s my attempt at it. Is it more realistic than what actually happened? I like to think so.

“Lance was the storm. He was the vicious waves in winter, the ones that rose to pummel the beach, to toss the sand aside and break the rocks apart and rip the grass from the dunes along the shore. He was the spring tide, the surge of water that overturned the land. He was deep ocean currents, and frigid arctic water, sinking to the depths of the ocean with the patience to remain there for a thousand years. He was the upwelling’s, and the new life, the emergence of clear tides and crystalline coasts. The lightning that struck over glowing cities, or the winds that howled in the barren corners of the Earth. He was the storm, and every feeling along with it.”

Loosely based on the fic: “Goodnight, Travel Well” by Europa_report on AO3. Find the author on Tumblr @bibipidgeypie
Amazing fic I highly recommend it.

my new favorite thing

Lance feels his eyelids getting heavier and heavier with every blink, but he is too stubborn and he’s feeling too good to fall asleep right now.

Keith laughs beside him and it makes him open his eyes with a content smile on his face. He didn’t even realize he closed them.

What he does realize though, is that Keith has been talking about something and Lance totally ignored him. Shit, he thinks while rubbing both of his eyes in an attempt to wipe away the sleepiness. He somewhat succeeds but a long yawn destroys all his hard work. He huffs annoyed and turns on his side, tucking both hands under his head.

At least like this, the last thing he sees before falling asleep is Keith’s pretty profile.

“This should be illegal,” hu mumbles into his forearms.

Keith stops talking and turns to look at him with a confused frown. “What?”

“You. Being this pretty. It should be illegal.”

Keith’s eyes widen just enough to let Lance know that he caught him off guard and his cheeks flush bright red immediately. Lance grins satisfied, feeling as a little bit of sleep goes away at seeing his boyfriend this flustered.

“Do you wanna know when I first realized that I’m in love with you?” Lance asks but gives Keith no time to reply as he goes on, “We were at a party. I think it was a celebration because the Quții became our allies? There were so many aliens there, and there were all pretty attractive too.” Keith rolls his eyes which prompts Lance to grin at him. “But then you stepped inside the room with Allura, wearing you Altean suit -and it’s not like it was the first time I saw you wearing that. You always looked good in it. And I was gonna ignore that thought like always but then you stopped beside me and we started talking and joking-”

“Oh, I remember,” Keith whispers, his smile turning soft at the edges. It makes Lance’s inside turn to mush t how much he loves that smile. He would do anything to protect it.

“You looked so happy just staying there with me and laughing at my dumb jokes.”

“I was,” Keith admits and the faintest of red dusts his cheeks. It takes everything in Lance to not kiss the hell out of his boyfriend right there and then. Keith starts laughing quietly before he says, “You hit on me that night. You were all like puffing your chest out and you had this mischievous look in your eyes and you said: Okay. I’m gonna go to the most beautiful alien in this room and I’ll ask them to be my partner for tonight.” Lance laughs at Keith’s interpretation on him but doesn’t interrupt him. He’s curious to hear his side of the story from that night. “You drank whatever was left in you glass and I started thinking well, it was good while it lasted. I was bracing myself to a night of watching you flirt with this random alien but then you turned to face me, with the sappiest smile on your face and you said-”

“You look so beautiful tonight. Would you give me the honor of being my dance partner for tonight?”

Keith looks surprised at Lance but soon that expression melts into fondness and Lance’s heart just melts at Keith’s eyes. “Yeah, that’s what you said,” Keith whispers.

“You rolled your eyes at me then, but you still blushed. Man, you blushed so hard,” he teases giggling which makes Keith sigh and shake his head. “But you still took my hand and you danced with me all night. And just like that” -Lance puts a hand on Keith’s cheek, stroking it with his thumb- “just like that, my new favorite thing was you.

Keith blushes for what feels like the hundredth time this night and he looks so beautiful. Just like that night when all he could think was how in love he was with this perfect boy.

“You flatter,” Keith says and leans in to kiss Lance.


>>Shut Up and Dance With Me<< chapter 14 update!!

This is it guys! This is pretty much the end of the ride!! Technically this is the last chapter, but will be followed up with an epilogue (which will contain smut, so be aware of that, those of you who aren’t interested in that) and we can soon finally say that this story has reached the end!

And as much as we love this story and has loved working on it, we’re happy and satisfied that it is finished! I hope you guys enjoyed it as well, and witty and i will of course move on to our next projects <3

@wittyy-name has also been trying out a new perspective for this chapter to make it slightly different but in a new fun way and i think it was really interesting to work with!!

klance fic rec list

ive spent 98% of my life reading fanfiction, so i figured i’d bestow some of my findings upon you dear searchers. enjoy.

(none of these are smut, however, they are all klance)

with quiet words i’ll lead you in - strikinglight


pulsar - southspinner


pepsicola - corydalis


somewhere i have never travelled - songs


take the easel way out - legendarydesvender (svensationalist)


lambency - legendarydesvender (svensationalist)


no i’ll never forget (i just wanted to be near you) - glitterfreezing


and my all time favorite

it’s quite bizarre, and will remain this way - mayerwien

klance rec

i like filthy fics so most of these are just smut

smut = *

*Far Away From Nothing -

*Wasted youth, Cryptids, and Waterboys -

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*Mistakes Were Made -
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Love Bug AU Masterlist

there are a few more in our Love Bug AU tag, enjoy!!

Love Bug Stuff by WhatTheBodyGraspsNot (1/1 | 11,604 | Mature)

Keith is bitten by an alien love bug that makes him fall in love with the first person he sees. And just guess who the heck that first person is?
(Inspired by art by @eyugho’s Love Bug AU on tumblr!) 

Love Bite by noumenon (1/1 | 4,641 | Teen and Up)

While on a diplomatic mission, Keith is bitten by a bug which creates a strong infatuation towards the first person he sees: Lance.

(background shallura)

Love Bug by Cour104 (1/1 | 10,195 | General)

While exploring an alien planet, Lance get’s bit by a strange bug whose venom causes him to fall in love with the first person he sees. Of course that person had to be Keith.I’ve seen a lot of fics based the Love Bug AU where Keith is bitten by the bug and I thought: What if Lance is bitten?

The Bite of A Bug. by WolfetteTheDemon (3/? | 5,488 | Teen and Up)

The mission was simple. Retrive the Agape Hemiptera and get out. Well, it would have been easy,

If Keith didn’t get bit by it.

Amor Cimex by smutinator (2/? | 5,045 | Teen and Up)

Keith is bitten by a bug while he and Lance are alone on a mission. The side-effects of the bite are strange to say the least, and really freaking inconvenient in Lance’s opinion.

This is a birthday gift for the lovely Linorm. May you always be a bright ray of sunshine. <333333

Don’t Let The Love Bugs Bite by yoslina_the_sinner (4/? | 2,880 | Not Rated)

“What?! You can’t be serious!” Lance yelled, face burning at the fact that KEITH FREAKING KOGANE was cuddling his back.

“Chill, the love bug bite will wear off in a few days.” Pidge said dismissively, rolling her eyes as though this has happened once or twice.

“It’s quite harmless.” Allura commented.

Very helpful, ladies.

(Or: Keith gets bitten by a bug that apparently makes him act all romantic and in love around the last person he saw for a few days. That person just happens to be Lance. Based off this art on tumbr:

Love Bug by rvdhoodlum (3/? | 7,083 | Not Rated)

Keith gets bit by a love bug and falls acts lovey-dovey around the first person he sees, who just so happens to be Lance. Based on art by @eyugho on tumblr

Love Freakin’ Bites Man by magenta_cookie_sheep (3/? | 6,296 | Mature)

Keith is bitten by a weird space “love bug” on a mission, and is basically in love with the first person he sees after the bite.

Which happens to be Lance.

Who is not very happy at this revelation.

love bug by dglvr3272 (1/1 | 2,674 | Teen and Up)

keith gets bitten by a love bug that makes him fall in love with the first person he sees…and guess who it is. 

Love Bite by redkitty4 (1/? | 1,346 | Mature)

The paladins visist an alien planet and Keith gets bit by a bug that makes him all lovey dovey to the first person he sees. Luckily its Lance


“Then why don’t you come here and try it, asshole!” Keith yelled while keeping his gaze fixed on Lance. “I don’t give a shit about blowing myself up along with you! These two McClains have nothing to lose!”

DO NOT REPOST WITHOUT MY PERMISSION check out @thisgirlhastales fic “The Six Sound Gun” here