i’m on a damn ROLL with this stupid au. So, enjoy 

1. The First Meeting

2. Lance finally being old enough to form his legs for the first time/Krolia knowing what the fuck is up with her son

3. Two 8 year olds (or whatever their thousands of years equivalent of 8 years is) being idiots and should probably be under better supervision

EDIT: it was bothering me so much that i forgot keith’s tail, that i went back, put it in and replaced the pictures. Never again.

an ancient au from times of old that i suddenly felt inspired to touch upon once again. Whether or not i ever elaborate on this, we shall see. probably not cause it’s a horrible habit of mine to create an au, and then never touch on it again

also, small factoid for this au. Lance calls Keith “Fluffy” and Keith calls lance his “shiny”