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Klaus Mikaelson uses violent and controlling behaviour to cover up the fact that deep down he is so vulnerable and so desperately just wants to believe that he is worth something and that there are people who truly love him. After growing up with a mother who cursed him to be a vampire, an abusive father who wasn’t even his real father and being the only werwolf in his family, making him feel like a worthless and disgusting outcast, he spent his childhood feeling weak and like he was never enough. He was made to feel like there was nothing good or valuable inside him. As he grew up he attempted to fill this hole he felt by lashing out violently and showing hateful behaviour to those around him. If they wouldn’t love him or appreciate him, then he would make them fear him. He surrounded himself with people who he could control and who feared him so that he would not slip back into the feelings of weakness and so he could try and make himself believe he was powerful and superior. There are so many moments in the Originals when for a small moment we suddenly can see Klaus’ true emotions and it is heartbreaking. When he meets his real father we see that really Klaus is still just a child. We look at this mans face and we see the beaten and weak outcast child who only ever wanted his father to see him as an equal. Klaus has such love inside of him for his siblings, Hayley, Caroline, Cami, Marcel and of course his daughter, who he loves more than anything else. Deep down Klaus Mikaelson is extremely gentle and loving and emotional and sensitive and his life has made him so vulnerable. He just wants to believe that there is good inside him and he wants something better for this daughter than what he had. WE MUST PROTECT KALUS MIKAELSON.


“I was never naive enough to think that I was your light, but there is light in you. All that anger, the cycle of abuse that Mikael began, you can end it. You have to, so you can be the light for your little girl. For Hope.”

TO as explained by Katherine Pierce

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How to fix The Originals and Raise the ratings again

1- Bring Back the original family IN THEIR ORIGINAL BODIES

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This is obvious for a show called the originals, we need more Kol, more Rebekah, and even more Finn. The show was focusing too much on only Klaus and Elijah but it’s getting a litlle old, especially when we have more stories to share.

2- Focus less on ships

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The Originals is supposed to be about family, well not really, the writers focus too much on them (Like the latest episode 3x9 when the whole episode was about Klamille) and just like on TVD they made love triangles:

Klaus, cami, marcel

Klaus, cami, Jeneveive

Klaus, cami, Aurora

Klaus, cami, Hayley

Elijah, Hayley, Jackson, Klaus (this is a f***** square)

Elijah, Hayley, Gia

Marcel, Rebekah, Cami

There were more triangles on TO than TVD !!!!!!!!

the Originals were supposed to put their family first, when in fact they are written to put their love interests first.

I dont say there shouldn’t be ships, but in a much lower dose than now, having two episodes only about that ship !!!!!! is a little too much (Personally every time the writers do that I unship, on arrow and the flash so it’s not about klami)

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aunty aunty aunti bex auntiiiii your hair is in my face auntiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Well The Originals made it the exact opposite so far

4- Make unpopular characters go (I’m talking about 2)

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Well there are characters who are only there for no reason but being a love interest, remember when the not so original family was complete on s2, those 2 were not eve on multiple episodes ( jackson and cami), and it was better, we didn’t even notice they weren’t there.

And when the writers are trying too hard to force them on us ratings drop.

That’s the problem, the writers love their actors, they don’t want to give up on them, and yet they don’t write them their own story-line that would make them interesting to viewers, they are just a distraction.

5- Out Of Character

Klaus used to be like this :

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sorry I meant like this :

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now he’s most of the time like this :

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same goes for Elijah

It’s like they have become different people, Klaus always complaining about being alone and unloved, Elijah always serving him, and of course seeing himself superior to others. They even somehow changed Kol made him almost like TO Klaus with magic, they made him date davina when she’s too young for him (as we see the OG version never went for a young girl). Now I’m worried about how they are going to write him more than if he’s coming back.

 We loved the Originals because they were badass, not because they were looking for love and crying/complaining all the time. I hope it gets better, the series’ survival depends on it.

The only good thing they made is making Rebekah more badass, less about love and wanting to have a family, which is great !!!!!

6- Flashbacks

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having a 1000 years history is their greatest strength, they should use it more often , and not make half the family daggered when it happens, for example 1914 flashback was great since it had the whole family together, not only Klaus and Elijah.

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I miss him so much please I want this Kol back, not season 2 Koleb

6- make it more badass, more adult and that’s it, People don’t want to watch a series revolving about two people when there is more to discover. People don’t want to watch 1000 years old vampires weak. people don’t want to watch LOVE TRIANGLES, People don’t want to watch 1000 years old vampires whining about their childhood, that they were alone and unhappy all the time.

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Well this is getting better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Klamille mention in 2x14

Can we talk about that literal 10 second moment in this past episode? Seriously, I think that one little mention has made my top Klamille moments list. I just can’t stop watching it, it makes me so happy! 

I didn’t expect it. Klamille warriors were all going crazy because we knew they’d finally have  a scene in the episode, but we had no idea we’d get a mention by Klaus himself. What’s great is that for once he brought Cami up. Other people do and we see how just hearing her name throws him off and makes him stop and think (see http://freakishlyvintage.tumblr.com/post/95953800086/klamille-klaus-reaction-whenever-cami-is). But this time Klaus brings her up all on his own and it is oh so worth it. It means he’s had Cami on his mind whether at the back or the forefront and it all came out in this little snippet of their argument.

Let’s break this down. All during this episode we have Klaus and Elijah on opposite sides. They get into the usual arguing, except this time they both dish out some low blows.  Elijah calls out Klaus’ insecurities about being a father to Hope, saying he’s afraid Jackson will be a better father because perhaps he’s the better man. Ouch. Elijah went there. This gets Klaus worked up, causing him to lose some of that control and get defensive so in turn he mentions a sore spot for Elijah: his psychological state. 

But that’s not the kicker. Klaus brings up Cami his therapist. Where in the hell did that come from? Had Klaus been thinking about  Cami and Elijah spending time together this whole time, had he been growing jealous and now it all just came out? Or was Elijah’s analysis so spot on it reminded him of Cami? Was he just showing his paranoia and possessive tendencies yet again? Either way, it was clear that at the back of his mind Klaus had Cami on the brain. When I heard him bring up his therapist I was shocked and just thrown off because  It just comes out of no where, and apparently I wasn’t the only one that thought so.

I love Elijah’s face. Thank you Elijah, I thought I was the only one that just went “wooowww” His eyebrows raise in surprise as if he’s thinking  a mixture of “I had no idea you felt this strongly and where the hell is this coming from” But that could just be me because that’s what I was thinking too. You take time out of insulting Elijah to bring up your therapist? What does she have to do with anything Klaus? Shouldn’t you be back dogging on your brother? But Klaus doesn’t stop there.

Okay, as a Klamille shipper can I just say I love how all of this emotion just comes out? Klaus’ voice raises up, he gets loud, and at the end when he says her his voice trembles. He’s hand is up, you can just tell he’s so passionate and he’s lost control. This argument went from him being sardonic as usual and making smart remarks to a place I don’t think Klaus thought he would go. 

Also, this is where I laugh my butt off at the “Klaus just sees Cami as his therapist” argument (I’ll try not to spend too long since I already posted about this). Okay, maybe you could get away with it by just looking at gif #2, heck even #4. At that point all he said was “How was your time with my therapist? Was it helpful?” Yeah, if that’s all Klaus said I’d think she didn’t mean too much to him. That lies perfectly in the normal parameters of Klaus making a dig at someone. But he took it further. The height of his emotion is  ”It was a great risk leaving you alone with her.” This is the only point in this argument where Klaus starts yelling. Look at the emotion he’s showing in his eyes, it goes from Klaus being his normal defensive self to Klaus showing he cares for someone else’s well-being. That goes beyond just her being his therapist, she means more to him. He was worried about Cami’s safety because he knew his brother had been off mentally. As a Cami fan I was happy to hear him voice his concerns because I was certainly worried about Cami’s safety. Especially after Elijah almost slipped up. Klaus knew there was a chance Elijah would hurt her, and Klaus would have felt guilty if he had, because he considers Cami under his protection. He wants to keep her safe, it was a great risk because he could have lost her, or have her hurt on his watch and Klaus doesn’t want that. Not after what happened with Mikael. He trusted Elijah with someone he cares alot about and if some thing would have happened to her he would have been mad as hell. 

After this outburst of emotion he goes back to his usual calm manner. He’s back to the low controlled voice as his focus shifts back to Elijah saying “These days who knows what you’re capable of.” But we saw you Klaus, you lost it for a few seconds once you started thinking about Cami.  It just shows that he’s been thinking about her all of this time, probably worried about her safety the moment he left her with Elijah, and it all just came out, probably unexpectedly.  That’s what makes this one of my favorite Klamille scenes. It’s probably the shortest one we have but I’ll take it. 

*gifs are not mine, they are taken from klamilledaily** 

Remember when Rebekah invited Cami to Marcel’s masquerade ball and when she arrived she took Klaus’ breath away?

Remember how although he was already using Cami Klaus didnt want her in harms danger?

Remember how although Klaus Cami was there as a distraction for Marcel he flirted with Cami and got jealous as she danced with Marcel?

Remember when Klaus was so distracted by his attraction to Cami he nearly kissed her and had to remind himself she was only supposed to be a pawn?

Remember when 1x03 established that Klaus and Cami were romantically interested in each other?