TO as explained by Katherine Pierce

The entire plot:

Klaus and Hayley being parents:

The Muffin:


Hayley’s interest in Elijah:

If she wasn’t completely erased from The Originals past: 

LBR Elijah:

The viewers opinion of TO/TVD:

OOC Klaus again: 



When Caroline finally comes to town:

Understanding Julie Plague’s and the rest of the writers logic:

I don’t know why everyone thinks that Caroline and Cami would have some sort of bitch fight over Klaus. Caroline clearly loves Stefan and Cami clearl loves Klaus and vice versa. Honestly, I see them hanging out with beer in hand like:

Caroline: Don’t you hate it when Klaus does this?!
Cami: Oh my god, yes! And then he does this?!
Caroline: That’s the worse! How do you put up this?!
Cami: Master degree in abnormal psychology.
Caroline: Touche.

And Klaus is pouting in the corner wondering why the love of his life and former fling are ganging up on him and Stefan giving him a bro clap on the back.


“What is important to you is important to me. What makes you happy i want to keep you so.”