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Klaus Mikaelson uses violent and controlling behaviour to cover up the fact that deep down he is so vulnerable and so desperately just wants to believe that he is worth something and that there are people who truly love him. After growing up with a mother who cursed him to be a vampire, an abusive father who wasn’t even his real father and being the only werwolf in his family, making him feel like a worthless and disgusting outcast, he spent his childhood feeling weak and like he was never enough. He was made to feel like there was nothing good or valuable inside him. As he grew up he attempted to fill this hole he felt by lashing out violently and showing hateful behaviour to those around him. If they wouldn’t love him or appreciate him, then he would make them fear him. He surrounded himself with people who he could control and who feared him so that he would not slip back into the feelings of weakness and so he could try and make himself believe he was powerful and superior. There are so many moments in the Originals when for a small moment we suddenly can see Klaus’ true emotions and it is heartbreaking. When he meets his real father we see that really Klaus is still just a child. We look at this mans face and we see the beaten and weak outcast child who only ever wanted his father to see him as an equal. Klaus has such love inside of him for his siblings, Hayley, Caroline, Cami, Marcel and of course his daughter, who he loves more than anything else. Deep down Klaus Mikaelson is extremely gentle and loving and emotional and sensitive and his life has made him so vulnerable. He just wants to believe that there is good inside him and he wants something better for this daughter than what he had. WE MUST PROTECT KALUS MIKAELSON.

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Hm that Klaroline answer kinda helped with my question. But my problem is the fact that Klaus still continued to hurt Caroline's friends even after he had feelings for her and I can't get over the time he bit Caroline. Like he really tried to kill her, but when he bit Camille, he said it hurt him. Klamille and Klaroline are two ships I'm torn between tbh. I mean I do love Klaroline more but I'm having trouble with them for the reasons I stated and Klamille is kind of flawless but...

[Hm I think that Klaroline answer helped a little, but I just hate the fact that even after having feelings for Caroline, he still continued to hurt her friends. Ig his hybrids meant more to him]

(Cont)…but there’s something about the bond between Klaus and Caroline that Camille and Klaus could never have. But then again there’s something about Camille and Klaus that Klaus and Caroline can never have. I feel like Klaus loved Camille more passionately though.`

1. My thing is like I said in the ask I linked you to, I can’t convince you to ship or not ship Kl*mille or Klaroline, it’s up to you.

2. ‘Klaus continued to hurt Caroline’s friends’  He’s not a good guy. If you can come to terms with that then Klaroline is the ship for you if you can’t then it’s not.

3. In response to your conflict over the biting scene in 4x13 I have to refer you to these posts 







*Edit: http://dontbeallupinmyfriesdawg.tumblr.com/post/148983354335/why-do-you-think-there-was-a-lot-more-focus-on

because I don’t have all the answers and sometimes other people explain things bettwer than I do. If these posts don’t resonate with you and give you perspective, then it’s safe to say this is not the ship for you.

4. What I will say about that whole ‘biting Cami made him sad thing’ Klaus consistently did things that Cami found morally abhorrent and upset her. Then he’d give her some teary-eyed speech and disappear into the night, Cami’s heart would swell and that would be that. The difference is between Caroline and Cami is that Caroline didn’t take Klaus’ shit lying down (even when she was lying down). She called him out for his actions and made it clear that she wasn’t going to be taken with his charms and ignore the horrible thing he did.

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Cami, on the other hand, set up camp in the ‘Klaus is a good person with a pure soul, deep down he can change’ zone. 

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Her whole existence was to validate his ‘goodness’ and reedemability. + THE ORIGINALS ARE STILL DOING THAT TO THIS DAY

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Don’t get me wrong, Caroline saw the good in Klaus but she didn’t , make excuses for him and her entire existence wasn’t in aid of justifying that goodness.

5. For this reason I would strongly diagree that Kl*mille is flawless. What it is, is sugar coated. Basically because in Cami’s eyes Klaus is a saint and Cami Is more or less Mother Theresa in terms of the originals, an angel who died in an attempt to save Klaus’ soul.

6. If I’m really honest I think Klaus loved Camille in the sense that he was fond of her and that she was his friend and someone he trusted and felt he could confide in.

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But I don’t think he was in love with her. I saw no passion in Kl*mille’s relationship, an ease, comaradery; but not passion. The kiss was flat, the ‘I love you’ was flat. So, I belive that Klaus cared about Camille but that’s about it.

7. Anon there’s a beautiful thing that exists and it’s called multishipping. Hell I do it. Just because theres a large group of poeople who stan Klaroline and hate Kl*mille and vice-versa doesn’t mean you have to chose. Ship both if it makes you happy.

I don’t know why everyone thinks that Caroline and Cami would have some sort of bitch fight over Klaus. Caroline clearly loves Stefan and Cami clearl loves Klaus and vice versa. Honestly, I see them hanging out with beer in hand like:

Caroline: Don’t you hate it when Klaus does this?!
Cami: Oh my god, yes! And then he does this?!
Caroline: That’s the worse! How do you put up this?!
Cami: Master degree in abnormal psychology.
Caroline: Touche.

And Klaus is pouting in the corner wondering why the love of his life and former fling are ganging up on him and Stefan giving him a bro clap on the back.

TO as explained by Katherine Pierce

The entire plot:

Klaus and Hayley being parents:

The Muffin:


Hayley’s interest in Elijah:

If she wasn’t completely erased from The Originals past: 

LBR Elijah:

The viewers opinion of TO/TVD:

OOC Klaus again: 



When Caroline finally comes to town:

Understanding Julie Plague’s and the rest of the writers logic:

Klaus couldn’t leave NOLA without seeing Cami one last time. Without being by her, in the only way he knew how, one last time. He had to feel her presence before never being allowed near it again. That’s a soulmate.

Klamille is a love story that just won’t end.

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How to fix The Originals and Raise the ratings again

1- Bring Back the original family IN THEIR ORIGINAL BODIES

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This is obvious for a show called the originals, we need more Kol, more Rebekah, and even more Finn. The show was focusing too much on only Klaus and Elijah but it’s getting a litlle old, especially when we have more stories to share.

2- Focus less on ships

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The Originals is supposed to be about family, well not really, the writers focus too much on them (Like the latest episode 3x9 when the whole episode was about Klamille) and just like on TVD they made love triangles:

Klaus, cami, marcel

Klaus, cami, Jeneveive

Klaus, cami, Aurora

Klaus, cami, Hayley

Elijah, Hayley, Jackson, Klaus (this is a f***** square)

Elijah, Hayley, Gia

Marcel, Rebekah, Cami

There were more triangles on TO than TVD !!!!!!!!

the Originals were supposed to put their family first, when in fact they are written to put their love interests first.

I dont say there shouldn’t be ships, but in a much lower dose than now, having two episodes only about that ship !!!!!! is a little too much (Personally every time the writers do that I unship, on arrow and the flash so it’s not about klami)

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aunty aunty aunti bex auntiiiii your hair is in my face auntiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Well The Originals made it the exact opposite so far

4- Make unpopular characters go (I’m talking about 2)

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Well there are characters who are only there for no reason but being a love interest, remember when the not so original family was complete on s2, those 2 were not eve on multiple episodes ( jackson and cami), and it was better, we didn’t even notice they weren’t there.

And when the writers are trying too hard to force them on us ratings drop.

That’s the problem, the writers love their actors, they don’t want to give up on them, and yet they don’t write them their own story-line that would make them interesting to viewers, they are just a distraction.

5- Out Of Character

Klaus used to be like this :

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sorry I meant like this :

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now he’s most of the time like this :

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same goes for Elijah

It’s like they have become different people, Klaus always complaining about being alone and unloved, Elijah always serving him, and of course seeing himself superior to others. They even somehow changed Kol made him almost like TO Klaus with magic, they made him date davina when she’s too young for him (as we see the OG version never went for a young girl). Now I’m worried about how they are going to write him more than if he’s coming back.

 We loved the Originals because they were badass, not because they were looking for love and crying/complaining all the time. I hope it gets better, the series’ survival depends on it.

The only good thing they made is making Rebekah more badass, less about love and wanting to have a family, which is great !!!!!

6- Flashbacks

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having a 1000 years history is their greatest strength, they should use it more often , and not make half the family daggered when it happens, for example 1914 flashback was great since it had the whole family together, not only Klaus and Elijah.

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I miss him so much please I want this Kol back, not season 2 Koleb

6- make it more badass, more adult and that’s it, People don’t want to watch a series revolving about two people when there is more to discover. People don’t want to watch 1000 years old vampires weak. people don’t want to watch LOVE TRIANGLES, People don’t want to watch 1000 years old vampires whining about their childhood, that they were alone and unhappy all the time.

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Well this is getting better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Klamille mention in 2x14

Can we talk about that literal 10 second moment in this past episode? Seriously, I think that one little mention has made my top Klamille moments list. I just can’t stop watching it, it makes me so happy! 

I didn’t expect it. Klamille warriors were all going crazy because we knew they’d finally have  a scene in the episode, but we had no idea we’d get a mention by Klaus himself. What’s great is that for once he brought Cami up. Other people do and we see how just hearing her name throws him off and makes him stop and think (see http://freakishlyvintage.tumblr.com/post/95953800086/klamille-klaus-reaction-whenever-cami-is). But this time Klaus brings her up all on his own and it is oh so worth it. It means he’s had Cami on his mind whether at the back or the forefront and it all came out in this little snippet of their argument.

Let’s break this down. All during this episode we have Klaus and Elijah on opposite sides. They get into the usual arguing, except this time they both dish out some low blows.  Elijah calls out Klaus’ insecurities about being a father to Hope, saying he’s afraid Jackson will be a better father because perhaps he’s the better man. Ouch. Elijah went there. This gets Klaus worked up, causing him to lose some of that control and get defensive so in turn he mentions a sore spot for Elijah: his psychological state. 

But that’s not the kicker. Klaus brings up Cami his therapist. Where in the hell did that come from? Had Klaus been thinking about  Cami and Elijah spending time together this whole time, had he been growing jealous and now it all just came out? Or was Elijah’s analysis so spot on it reminded him of Cami? Was he just showing his paranoia and possessive tendencies yet again? Either way, it was clear that at the back of his mind Klaus had Cami on the brain. When I heard him bring up his therapist I was shocked and just thrown off because  It just comes out of no where, and apparently I wasn’t the only one that thought so.

I love Elijah’s face. Thank you Elijah, I thought I was the only one that just went “wooowww” His eyebrows raise in surprise as if he’s thinking  a mixture of “I had no idea you felt this strongly and where the hell is this coming from” But that could just be me because that’s what I was thinking too. You take time out of insulting Elijah to bring up your therapist? What does she have to do with anything Klaus? Shouldn’t you be back dogging on your brother? But Klaus doesn’t stop there.

Okay, as a Klamille shipper can I just say I love how all of this emotion just comes out? Klaus’ voice raises up, he gets loud, and at the end when he says her his voice trembles. He’s hand is up, you can just tell he’s so passionate and he’s lost control. This argument went from him being sardonic as usual and making smart remarks to a place I don’t think Klaus thought he would go. 

Also, this is where I laugh my butt off at the “Klaus just sees Cami as his therapist” argument (I’ll try not to spend too long since I already posted about this). Okay, maybe you could get away with it by just looking at gif #2, heck even #4. At that point all he said was “How was your time with my therapist? Was it helpful?” Yeah, if that’s all Klaus said I’d think she didn’t mean too much to him. That lies perfectly in the normal parameters of Klaus making a dig at someone. But he took it further. The height of his emotion is  ”It was a great risk leaving you alone with her.” This is the only point in this argument where Klaus starts yelling. Look at the emotion he’s showing in his eyes, it goes from Klaus being his normal defensive self to Klaus showing he cares for someone else’s well-being. That goes beyond just her being his therapist, she means more to him. He was worried about Cami’s safety because he knew his brother had been off mentally. As a Cami fan I was happy to hear him voice his concerns because I was certainly worried about Cami’s safety. Especially after Elijah almost slipped up. Klaus knew there was a chance Elijah would hurt her, and Klaus would have felt guilty if he had, because he considers Cami under his protection. He wants to keep her safe, it was a great risk because he could have lost her, or have her hurt on his watch and Klaus doesn’t want that. Not after what happened with Mikael. He trusted Elijah with someone he cares alot about and if some thing would have happened to her he would have been mad as hell. 

After this outburst of emotion he goes back to his usual calm manner. He’s back to the low controlled voice as his focus shifts back to Elijah saying “These days who knows what you’re capable of.” But we saw you Klaus, you lost it for a few seconds once you started thinking about Cami.  It just shows that he’s been thinking about her all of this time, probably worried about her safety the moment he left her with Elijah, and it all just came out, probably unexpectedly.  That’s what makes this one of my favorite Klamille scenes. It’s probably the shortest one we have but I’ll take it. 

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Prompt: Caroline Turning up in NOLA 'in a year or a century' to be with klaus who is with a jealous cami Bonus points for Kennett and Kalijah

A/N: Warning: If you ship H*lijah or K*lvina this drabble is not for you. (and klamuffin of course but that goes without saying)

Fixed It

Cami O'Connell secured her satchel over her shoulder as she made her way across town. It was a beautiful day in the quarter, she waved to a few of the locals and practically skipped along the sidewalk.

Tuesdays were the day that she and Klaus would usually meet up at a cafe and have one of their talks.

When Cami had met Klaus her heart had broken. His angry and violent bravado was so obviously a front to hide his inner pain. He was good, deep down inside and she could make him better, she just knew it.

A couple weeks ago they’d really started to get somewhere. He’d started letting her in, sharing things about his childhood; his father.

She couldn’t help but feel special that Klaus, an ancient immortal hybrid, would choose to share his darkest, innermost secrets with her. That he valued her enough to call her his friend.

And maybe one day they’d be something more.

Cami rounded the corner, walked past the pharmacy and then finally turned onto the street where the Mikaelson sat.

She now knew this route like the back of her hand, she came here so often.

Cami stood on the other side of the street and pulled out her phone getting ready to text Klaus to tell him she was outside of his house.

By chance, Klaus happened to step outside of his house at that very moment. He pulled out his own phone and frowned down at it as if he were expecting a message.

Cami lifted her arm to wave and was about to call out to him when suddenly a flash of blonde appeared in front of him obstructing her vision.

The pair stood motionless for what seemed like forever.

Then Klaus circled around the woman and stood adjacent to her on the sidewalk and they began to speak.

Cami frowned in confusion.

Klaus’ face.

She’d never seen him look at anyone like that.

Certainly not her.

He said something to the woman but she couldn’t tell exactly what. Then the woman began to speak and Klaus stood listening silently.

What Cami would give to have vampire hearing at that point.

She stood in place, wondering how Klaus hadn’t noticed her standing there yet. 

Wondering if he did, whether or not it would make a difference.

He appeared transfixed by the other woman. Utterly and completely bewitched.

The woman finished finally talking and then there was another long pause. She said something else but instead of replying Klaus closed the gap between them…

…and kissed her.

Cami stared at the scene in shock. It was like a bus crash was happening in front of her but she couldn’t look away.

Klaus gathered the woman into his arms and kissed her like she’d never seen anyone kiss anyone before.

She began to feel jealousy in the pit of her stomach; twisting into her gut like a broken shard of glass.

The pair stumbled a bit and in a split second Klaus whisked them both into the house and the door slammed shut.

Cami felt tears welling up in her eyes. She looked around in embarrassment, hoping no one could see her. Then she took off back in the direction she came; throwing her jotter with all her notes on Klaus into a bush as she left.

10 minutes earlier

Klaus stepped out of his home and ran his fingers through his hair irritably. He had texted Elijah 30 minutes ago and he still hadn’t replied. His decision to move out of their home was a bloody pain in his arse, seeing as though now he could never seem to get in contact with him.

What was the point of all this infernal technology if nobody used it?

He pulled out his phone and scanned through his texts to see if there were any new messages.

Suddenly he felt a cool breeze hit his face and he looked up from his phone, realising that someone was in front of him.

At a first glance, the blonde hair had him fooled and he assumed it was Cami. But then he took in the person fully and all thoughts of Camille left his head.

Cami who?

Caroline. Caroline Forbes, in all her magnificent glory, stood in front of him.

At first, he just stared at her as if he’d seen a ghost. She did the same as if she was working up the courage to say something to him.

“Caroline,” he said in a barely whisper.

“Hello Klaus,” she said, giving a small smile.

“What are you doing here,” he breathed.

“If you’re trying to call Elijah, don’t bother he’s with Kat,”

Klaus frowned in confusion, then realisation dawned on his face.

“Katherine? Katerina is in my city?” he growled.

“Yeah… uh, me, her and Bonnie all travelled together,”

“The Bennett witch?” Klaus frowned.

“Yeah, we actually ran into your brother in a bar in town. I feel kinda bad because he pretty much cornered Bonnie in one of the booths before I left. But Bonnie can handle herself and besides  I had to find you,” she explained.

Klaus’ face was still abundantly confused, so Caroline continued.

“Look it’s a long story okay. But before I explain or you get all murdery and vengeful, I need to get this off my chest,” she insisted.

Klaus nodded and waited for her to continue.

Caroline took a deep breath.

“You were right,” she said shutting her eyes. “It wasn’t enough for me, living in Mystic falls. Tyler and I didn’t work out as you know. And well, my life had pretty much become one big giant mess,”

“But that isn’t why I’m here. I’m not here because I’m in any trouble; or because my friends are trying to set you up.”

“I’ve just been thinking a lot. About my life, my goals, the things that once upon a time I thought I wanted. In the end, it turned out that none of it was half as important as I thought it was. I realised that the things that I really wanted, are the things I’ve spent my whole adult life denying myself of, out of some kind of twisted sense of obligation or guilt or something.”

“And I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m finally ready. I’m ready to have those things.” she took another breath and stepped forward.

“I don’t know how serious you were, about everything. Showing me the world, being my last love. But if you were then… well, I was thinking, maybe we could just start with New Orleans?” she finished, giving him a nervous smile.

Klaus felt as if all of his limbs had suddenly stopped working. He’d suddenly lost all powers of speech. This wasn’t real. This couldn’t possibly be real.

“Well say something,” Caroline laughed, nervously shifting from side to side. “Anything…”

And then his mouth was on hers. He didn’t even think about it. His lips captured hers in a passionate, long awaited kiss.

He felt his head begin to spin as she responded. He groaned and pulled her closer to him.

Caroline’s little whimpers and moans were delicious and he devoured them hungrily. They stumbled backwards slightly and then Klaus took the initiative to whoosh them inside the house so that he could prove to her what an excellent decision she’d made in coming to find him.

Elijah’s Apartment Across Town.

“Elijah!” Katherine gasped.

Her longs legs, locked around his waist trembled, and she gave a cry of bliss as a wave of pleasure washed over her.

“Katerina,” Elijah hissed burying his face in her neck.

After a moment Katherine chuckled and ran her hand through her hair and rested the other on the desk behind her.

“Well,” she panted. “That’s one way of showing me how much you missed me,” she quipped.

Before Elijah had a chance to answer a pair of heels could be heard entering the room.

“Elijah!? Oh my Gosh, what the hell!?

The couple looked up in surprise, seeing Hayley standing in the doorway, her face twisted in a mix of horror and disgust.

“Oops,” Katherine giggled, biting her lip.