shoutout to witches with obsessive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, personality disorders. who have psychosis or schizophrenia. who hallucinate and experience paranoias, and who have symptoms that are unattractive and misunderstood. who are seen as needy or flighty or rude b/c of symptoms they can’t control.
shoutout to witches with disorders that aren’t as widely supported or recognized. you are loved and powerful.♡

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Never forget that Ichigos top 2 most devastating moments where of his mother's death and of his Bro Rukia being taken to SS and not of his uvu cinnamon woll waifu, "love" of his life, "godsess" who "saved the world by fucking" the magical strawberry dick.

never forget that ichigo activated fullbring when he thought of rukia nd that she is the only person who can stop his rain.

Are there any study groups for ND people?

“ND” in this context is quite broad I think, but I don’t know. 

This would include 

  • autistic students
  • adhd students
  • dyspraxic students
  • dyselxic student
  • students with spd
  • learning / social / communication disorders

if there isn’t there should be because we never get the support we need to thrive

current mood

iiiiiimm sssoooo ggGAAAYYY
[more intense hand flapping]
iiii looove oliiii soooo muuuch
[listening to chasing cars on repeat]
fuck im so tire d
[muffled happy giggling/screaming]
gay gay gay gay gay gay gAY
[listening to shes the prettiest girl on repeat]
t i r e d
is yawning an emotion
bounce legy bounce legy bounce legy
g o t o b e d
[rolls around]
[leg bouncing intensifies]
oh yeah did i mention im gay
[passes out facedown on the floor]


i could do this all day. | bucky version.

Need me a gf who communicates with me and who doesn’t take their anger out on me, a gf who makes me feel loved even if we’re disagreeing, a gf who let’s me love and support them as much as they support me, a gf who understands what it’s like to fight with your brain all day