The deed is done. 64 beautiful Klainers. 20 Minutes. Four Months of work. Three hours of waiting. Two girls. One Video. Enjoy.

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So I got this idea a couple of days ago and I’m obsessed with it ever since. So I’ve decided to try and do it. I told it Chahra first, hoping she wouldn’t think I’m totally crazy (I think she did at some point). Things started to develop from here and now we are ready to do this.


A Video

About who?
Well us, the Klainers. Our Fandom. And Klaine.

Who takes part in it?
Every Klainer who wants to! We need every single one of you!

How can I take part in it?

- Send in a short video message that either…
…says things like “I believe in happy endings” or “Klaine is endgame” or think something up.
… says “I love Klaine/Klaine has helped me/showed me …“.
- If you don’t want to send in a video, you can also send in a voice recording or a photo with a note that says the things you want to say.
- If you want to, you can also send in a fanart from our boys (and maybe sign it with e.g. “Eternity”)

You can add a short reason to all of those messages. The video and recording length has a limit of about 10 seconds max. (I know it’s hard to summarize our feelings in 10s but otherwise it’s too long, I’m sorry.)
Also please make the text not too long or we will have to shorten it.

- If you use the number 21 make it clear you mean their wedding.
- We will also mention all the things we received and created, including our victory at the BattleShips and other surveys, scarvesandcoffee.net, the project theboxscene (if they allow that) and more!

Where should I send it?
E-mail: klainersbelieveproject@gmail.com
or send it to our blog via submit:
Link is here

Please send your first name and the country where you live with your work.

When will you close the email account? You can send your contribution in until March 15th. (If you can send in your stuff earlier, please do so we can already work with them.) We will put them all together in a video, so that we not only create a video about our fandom but also a video that says that we believe in Klaine’s “happily ever after” and how many people are actually hopelessly devoted to them (*sigh*). When we’re finished it will be released at Youtube on 21 days after March 15th so April 5th.
If there will be any problems with this date you will be updated immediately.
If it’s possible we will try to get Ryan to see this via twitter and of course all those who you want to show it.

Follow our blog klainersbelieveproject for updates, more infos and questions!
We are looking forward to every entry you guys will send in and sending you all in return some virtual thank-you-roses and big hugs!
We will need every single one of you to do this!

If you have any problems, just write me or Chahra.
And a big thank you to all of you who helps us with the promoting through reblogging and telling others about this! We couldn’t do this without you! Mwah!

Courage, sincerely two Klainers that have gone completely insane.

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Links to the organizers:

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Klainers who took part in the video (in the order in which they appear in it):

  • Lena, Germany
  • Sarah, Germany
  • Emma, USA
  • Lynne, USA
  • Amy, UK
  • Brittany, Australia
  • Gemma, Australia
  • Kat, USA
  • Séverine, France
  • Raine, USA
  • Caroline, Canada
  • Misty, USA
  • Agnieszka, Poland
  • Jana, Belgium
  • Ally, England
  • Nadia, Canada
  • Sara, USA
  • Francia, Mexico
  • Elizabeth, Texas
  • Lisa, Italy
  • Alexa, Italy
  • Christina, USA
  • Amélie, France
  • Amy, UK
  • Charlotte, Germany
  • Emma, UK
  • Emily, Canada
  • -
  • Kylie, USA
  • C.Sanchez, Mexico
  • Lily, England
  • Lorena
  • Janis, Germany
  • Nancy, Italy
  • Oksana & Sveta, Russia
  • Gloria, Italy
  • Pei Ying, Singapore
  • Whitney
  • -
  • Barb, Argentina
  • Marit, Netherlands
  • Signe, Denmark
  • Pilar, Spain
  • Sara, Norway
  • Clara, South Africa
  • Angelika
  • Josi, Germany
  • Caro & Cari, USA
  • Inez, Indonesia
  • Alexandra, Mexico
  • Antonia, Germany
  • Caty, Scotland
  • Aby, UK
  • Alissa, USA
  • Vanessa, Canada
  • Sofia, USA
  • Monica, USA
  • Renata, Portugal
  • Paola, Mexico
  • Emma & Krista, USA
  • Larisa, Romania
  • Rebecca, Germany

Some of the Klainers who got unfortunately cut because of technical problems:

  • Erika, Hong Kong
  • Elisa, Italy
  • Anca, Romania
  • Tamara, Croatia
  • Sara, Germany
  • Shanequa, USA
  • Karlita
  • Defne, Turkey

(If you were supposed to be in the video and you aren’t and you want your name to be listed, please contact us, we probably didn’t even get your email/message)

Thank you guys, without you we wouldn’t be here :)
Tomorrow we’ll add the names in the YouTube video!


Update: Twitter

We are planning on doing a Twitter event on Thursday/Friday (around the time when Glee airs), where we all twitter people which names we will post (not many, just the important ones) later, because doing it all together at one time is more effective and gathers the attention on one spot.

However, if someone like Ryan or anyone you think is important on twitter, tweeting and all that stuff, tweet them about the project right then as they are for sure reading their mentions.
eg: Patty Duke was just there :)


Sometimes internet doesn’t work how it’s supossed to and because we are dependent on our internet connection and file trade we are not able to put up the video today.
Give us 12 hours.
It’s 2 am here and we can’t solve the problem right away, we are really sorry.
12 hours.

Hey guys!

So, after the Glee finale (I know I’m late) I just wanted to make a official goodbye post:
Thank you so damn much to all the people who send in their videos or pictures, it’s so sweet that you guys trusted us enough to do this.
Also all those who we’re okay with us using their fanart in the video (on a side note to a certain rude anon: who I asked all in a personal ask before I saved them for the use) and this amazing creator of the 40 reasons why I ship Klaine video and Pilar (whilelifepassesby) for doing the communication to get the permission to use it.
I did this video in the first place because I adore this fandom with my whole heart, you guys are my home and I’m so proud of you and being a part of this amazing fandom and the stories about what we’ve done and why we’re all here are just the best I get to see and hear everday.Oh and I want to thank Chahra, too, for being as insane as me to start a project a day after New Years Eve when we’re all still half asleep (explains why I got that crazy thing of an idea haha), setting it all up, planning it, editing it and helping me out when I’m just a teenage girl sitting at home with a mom that still (and sometimes unfortunately) makes the rules and people that just don’t understand how important and huge this thing was and is.
I’m so proud of this video, it’s mine and Chahra’s baby and I have it on my IPod so when I’m sad I can watch it and it makes me smile every time.
So… thank you, to all of you, it’s a great experience to be in the Klaine fandom and thank you for making it such a fascinating experience :)
Maybe someday, we will be doing another video or project, who knows!
Au revoir,

- yours adiamondsstardust

PS: If Ryan should be on twitter again, or Darren/Chris (best case: an faq) , please, please tweet them the vimeo link
@MrRPMurphy, @darrencriss, @chriscolfer

If I’m there when an FAQ is up I’ll post a reminder, thank you and don’t you forget about us! ;)

This is a really important post for all who participate!

If you have any problems with sending your video/picture/etc. in, write us a message so we can talk about it tomorrow. Chahra and I live in a European timezone therefore we are going to bed now, so - tomorrow. We send a huge thank you to all the amazing Klainers that participated (yes there will be a huge thank you speech soon I promise) and if you still haven’t sent your video in DO IT NOW!
Good night everyone! :) xoxo