Welcome to the Klaine Fic Movie Project! 

SURPRISE! You’ve been hired to help promote a Klaine fic of your choice - movie-style.  Make a poster, trailer, soundtrack, gifset, etc. and tag it with “klaineficmovieproject” or submit it to us. 

This project is open-ended, and will be running throughout the hiatus. 

For more details, visit the “guidelines” page, and get creating!

A Lucky Man’s Charm by StarGleekBelle

Kurt dreaded turning of age, convinced that his soulmate would be someone he loathed. But when his birthday arrives and his soulmate is none other than international pop star Blaine Anderson, his life takes a turn he never expected but always dreamed about. (Famous Warblers/Soulmate AU) (Klaine w/ a side of Huntbastian)