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Chris said multiple times his favorite couple is Lucy and Ricky, even tho that show the ship is from ended DECADES ago. Anacia please go send your fave Chris a letter, or send him a tweet telling him that show doesn't exist anymore and that he should stop loving the couple since it's inexistent. Poor Chris and his imaginary TV Show.

Chris is delusional too! Didn’t he also compare Klaine to them? But who cares because they don’t exist lolol. He’s crazy for liking them. How can we let him continue with his delusions?

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What I love the most about Bobby winning is that we didn't have to cheat using bots, scripts etc! We won fairly 100% even when we had not only the Outlander fandom against us! And he so deserves this!

Yessssssss I thought about that too! They can accuse us of cheating all they want, but in the end we grouped together and pulled through 100% on our own power!

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The Voice’ and ‘The Flash’ adjust up: Tuesday final ratings: "A pair of shows, both of which involved singing, had their ratings improve a little from Tuesday’s early numbers to the finals.“The Voice” (2.3 among adults 18-49) and a musical episode of “The Flash” (1.0) each adjusted up a tenth of a point. “The Voice” is off 0.2 vs. last week, while “The Flash” is up 0.1." It looks like "Blarren" didn't ruin the show like Blaine haters said he would

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Just me or only edgy americans use "latinx"???? I'm latina, and paraguayan like... I live in south america, spanish is our first language. No one ever here uses that word. Every single native spanish speaker knows "latino" is gender neutral already. If anyone here uses "latinx", I'm pretty sure everybody will get confused and think they should go back to school and learn grammar.

From what I’ve heard it’s usually second or third generation immigrants with English as a first language and barely any Spanish competency (or Spanish is a “home” language but not a first language). The conflict arises because they’ve adopted American culture but simultaneously don’t want to give up their Hispanic roots, thus they apply English language constructs to Spanish and think they’re making Spanish better.

o = male and just like using “womxn” or “hxstory” to remove men and his from the words, latinx removes the “masculine” from Latino.

Because English is their first language, they don’t realize how dumb applying English rules to Spanish really is.

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Love your blog! Glad you are active, I just got into the Klaine/Glee fandom as I just started watching the show (currently season 2) and it is practically dead 😂😭 do you know other people who are still active in the fandom and maybe write fanfics? Thanks in advance :*

Hi and thanks, welcome to the fandom.  I don’t know much about fanfic, but I can rec some blogs that still blog about Klaine and Glee.  @klaine-run-the-world @klaineandcrisscolfer4ever @klaineownsmysoul @justgleekout @stopandimaginelove @weddingbellklaine @princewarblersteenagedream @hummelody @proudklainer21 @blaineandkurt @dont-stop-believin-in-klaine @ajw720 @crissquare @chrisdarebashfulsmiles @jaci3 @cassie1022 @puppyeyes-and-knowingsmirks @steph-luvs-klaine @na-page @najincolfer-criss @nomatterifyoureblackorwhite @froggy-5 @flowersintheattic254  There are a ton more but I couldn’t list all of them.


What happened? :eyes emoji:

Lol this happened: 

I don’t know really what happened but according to twitter, someone named Justin (idk who is he) said something like “make me call Naya” and Kevin was like “I’m sure she doesn’t have your number” and then Chord said that 

Okay, so I reached the big 1.5k, wow, that’s , that’s something, I’ve only been on tumblr for who knows how long ?!?!?!, and this much stayed by my obnoxious side, I am grateful, I know the banner is weird now oh well

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[Attention Klainers]

In response to the stills for the new episodes now appearing, and more and more information coming out about said episodes I have, as promised, compiled a list of Klaine blogs belonging to people who have pledged NOT to post any content pertaining to Dave or Blaine and Dave (as a ship) in season 6.
(You can view that post HERE)

That’s right, over 200+ Karofsky free blogs for all the people who don’t want to see this insanity/are triggered by it/ or would just prefer to avoid this whole ordeal all together!

(I never fail to be amazed by the determination of the people in this fandom who remain hopeful and want to help keep this fandom a safe place for those of us who have anxiety or are triggered by the possibilities of this upcoming storyline. It’s because of people like you that the Klainers keep soldiering on.)

Stay safe & enjoy all these awesome people!

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hello, everyone, so, I saw this morning I reached 1k, I have been on here for a while or so and gosh it’s been a wild ride and this is a somewhat milestone for me, because I can’t believe 1k people think I’m good enough, thank you so much 

so I decided to make this out to all my mutuals, or so that i follow, happy easter ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^) ┓but first.

partner in crime: vegetableblaine okay cece, you are one of my absolute faves, i love you and your blog, we’ve been mutuals for like? half or almost a year or there about, you’re the most fluffy amazing person ever, thank you for existing. ♥♥♥♥♥   

angel : felicetysmoak francesca, you’re a saint, i love you alot, i feel amazing that we’re mutuals, it’s been a roller coaster seeing you on my dash and being filled with smiles. stay fab.♥♥ ♥ ♥ 

flower crown : lydiaparrish you’re amazing, i adore you and your work, i even spazzed out the day you followed me, you made me to even watch teen wolf all day, you are a literally ball of sunshine, stay rad.♥♥♥

now for the follow forever, the bolded ones are one of my fav blogs even tho you are all amazing and cupcakes.

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thanks you guys for being amazing and dealing with me, i follow like idk almost 200, also i know there are some i have been following for like a week or a day and you made it, because you’re amazing and you deserve it, shoutout to those if you don’t see your name, you have a special follow forever in my heart. Happy Easter everyone.