Fic: Seeing (Kurt/Blaine honeymoon)

Summary: Kurt and Blaine take an art class with a bunch of old folks while honeymooning in Provincetown. Fluffy fluff (with brief allusion to the early AIDS epidemic) by prompt of lishashisha, who is a darling and has great ideas.

~2,300 words | Teen&Up | Episode 6.08 “A Wedding” & 6.09 “Child Star”

Also on AO3.

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Sue was lying. Kurt and Blaine get Andrew Sullivan’s summerhouse in Provincetown for a full two weeks, not just a weekend.

Which is good, because it takes at least two full days to get into the routine of not doing or worrying about anything, especially with Rachel texting every half hour with panicked messages about bar mitzvahs and New Directions personality conflicts.

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klaine’s future child(ren) will probably say:

“dads omg stop making heart eyes at each other”

“dads please stop singing when you make breakfast”

“dads I don’t want to find you making out in the car again please”

“oh god please stop dancing like that”

“I hope embarrassing isn’t hereditary” 

“ugh please get a room”


  • me to my future child: klaine anderhummel, you were named after two fictional teenage boys on a musical comedy tv show. one of them proposed to the other and they were probably the hottest, sweetest men i ever wrote fan fiction about. also, they were brave too...
  • (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧COURAGE*:・゚✧
Just my opinion, but...

Am I the only one who likes Allister and Spencer’s possible relationship?

I mean, even dicks need love too, and us gays need all the representation we can get on television.

Don’t sound grossed out cause it wasn’t Klaine. C'mon now we’re mature (most of us). I don’t care if you see it as a possible ship for you or not, there’s just no need to be jerks about it.

Spencer and Allister are cute.

Jane and Mason are fucking cute.

The newbies are hella cute so please can you not complain about everything that’s going on and try to enjoy the last few episodes we have left of our baby?

Like holy shit I’m looking for gifs of the kiss and all I see on my dash is “Ew that kiss. Where’s Klaine? Omg get the newbies away.” Like please can we not?

Blaine: KUUUUUUUURT. Pay attention to ME!!

Kurt: But the baby is crying, I need to…..


Kurt: …..


Kurt: It’s our child’s first day of school, I’m taking pictures.


Kurt: ….


Kurt: **Applauding at his kid’s graduation**


Kurt: …..

You're shaking my confidence daily

a/n: I had an unexpected half day! Also, I just realized I could be the love child of Klaine…weird…

Requested: Yesh

Summary: Josh gets a little help from ‘the love doctor’…also known as Corey…

Song(s) To Listen To: Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart) [feat. Shawn Mendes] - The Vamps and Tojans - Atlas Genius

Josh tightens his grip on his backpack strap as he leans against the lockers. He can smell her scent from down the hall. Ah, the perks of being a chimera. Today was the day; he was finally going to ask her. She sees him and smiles. “Hey Josh! How are you?!” she beams, practically bouncing over to the lockers.

He sucks in a deep breath before smiling back, putting a hand in his pocket. “H-hey Y/N!” he spills out, “I-I’m doing p-pretty good, how ‘bout you?” He could feel the gaze of his best friend, Corey, burning holes the size of meteors in his skin. As if he isn’t nervous enough. ”O-oh, um, you, uh, l-look nice today!” he gulps, “I mean, you always look n-nice!” Good save Josh.

She blushes madly with a smile, clutching her books tighter against her chest. “Thanks! I kind of wore it for my pack meeting-” her eyes widen and she tugs at her cardigan, “I mean, meeting! Not pack meeting; I don’t have a pack, packs are for wolves! I’m not a wolf, psh! What?” she rambles on, “Gotta go!”

Before Josh can even comprehend what she just said, she runs out of school with the flood of students. He slams the back of his head against the locker and groans. Does he know she’s in Scott McCall’s pack? Duh. Everyone knows she’s one of his newer betas. Everyone that knows of the supernatural, that is. He’s surprised she doesn’t know that he’s in Theo’s pack…or maybe she does…who knows?

”Dude, stop beating up the locker; it hasn’t done anything to you.” Corey smirks, pulling his backpack straps to his waist. Josh sends him a glare as he pushes himself off the locker. “By the way, your lame attempt to ask Y/N out, made me want to upchuck my lunch, lover boy.” he snickers, beginning to head towards the door. “Just thought you should know.” he smiles wickedly. See, everyone sees ‘shy’ ‘innocent’ Corey, nobody sees this side of him except for Josh.

Scoffing, Josh turns so that he’s facing his best friend; his converse squeak on the floor. “Well, what do you expect, Cor?!” he yells, letting go of his strap and waving his hands in the air. “I know you have a boyfriend, but have you seen her?!” he jumps in front of Corey, placing both hands on his shoulders. “She’s so beautiful that everytime I try speaking to her, all I can get out is ‘I uh’ and ‘um’! She probably thinks I’m an idiot! I’d sure think that!”

Corey chuckles, brushing past his friend. “Don’t worry; lucky for you the love doctor is in and accepting clients, come on! I’ve got a schedule.” he beams, grabbing Josh’s hand and leading him outside towards the courtyard.

Josh’s face twists in confusion, “Where are you taking me?” he whines, his body leaned over as his hand gets dragged. “Cooooorrrrreeeeyyy!” he pouts, looking up to see Scott’s pack huddled together in the courtyard. His eyes widen with just a quick glance at her, “No, no, no! I can’t talk to her after that awkward conversation!” he whispers, digging his heels in the ground.

Corey rolls his eyes, “Then don’t talk, doofus.” he tugs Josh’s arm towards Scott’s pack; letting him go when they’re close enough. “Hey Mase; hey guys!” he smiles, pecking his boyfriend. “Hey Y/N, Josh wants to tell you something but he’s too much of a pussy to. So, I will.” he coughs, “He thinks you’re really pretty, he drools sometimes because of it, and he wants to go out with you.”

Everyone’s mouth drops; Y/N and Josh blush bright red. Josh grips his backpack tightly with both hands and runs/stomps off back into the school. The level of anger he feels right now makes it hard to control his powers. The lights flicker as his eyes turn bright violet. Now he has no hope for her to say yes.

“Josh?” her voice echoes through the hallway. He squats down, clutching his head; he didn’t want her to see him like this. Pop. A light bulb breaks, sending sparks flying everywhere. “Josh!” she shouts, rushing to him, putting a hand on his back. “Come on, it’s not safe!” Another pop.

He tries pushing her away, “Go!”

She shakes her head, yanking his arm, “Don’t you get it?! It isn’t okay for a human-”

Turning his vibrant eyes to her, he sends her a slight grin, “Not a human.” Crack. She blinks for a minute before her usual Y/C/E orbs shift yellow. “Yeah, I know; I can smell you.” he sighs, standing up with her, “At least you can control your powers!” he yells over a loud pop of a light bulb. “I feel any type of emotion and this happens!” he waves his hands around.

“What about love?!” she questions, jumping a little at a flash of electricity.

He shrugs, running a hand through his hair, “I don’t know, I’ve never tried-” Before he can finish, his lips are met with hers. Everything stops, the lights flicker again but go back on. They pull apart, “So that’s what happens…” he mumbles under his breath.

She giggles, shaking the glass out of her hair, “You just needed an anchor.” he gives her a confused look and she smirks, brushing off his shirt. “An anchor is someone, or something, that keeps you grounded; keeps you human. We use it in my pack to help control our shift.” she explains, resting her hands on his chest. “For example, you’re my anchor.” she blushes, “That’s why I’m so good at controlling my powers; I think of you.”

There goes his heart; at least, what’s left of it. “I…” his mouth is as dry as a desert. He wraps his arms around her waist, pulling her into a bone-crushing hug that would probably break her. You know, if she wasn’t a werewolf. “Thank you.” he mumbles, putting his chin on her shoulder.

“I said yes, by the way…” she smiles into his chest, “I’ve always liked you… I’m just really shy… But, yes, I really want to go out with you.”

He smiles, making a fist with his hand, “Yes…” he whispers as she laughs, “I promise not to…you know…blow the power…probably…”

You Trip Me Up

Author: @scatter-the-stars

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Word Count: 57,926

Summary: Kurt was eight when he lost both his parents and adopted by the Andersons, seventeen when he realized he loved Blaine, and eighteen when he ran from what he couldn’t have. Now at twenty-one, he’s back at the Anderson’s home to spend the summer months there. It’s in those months that everything changes in ways he only dreamed of, and discovers things he never knew.

There are two follow up one shots in the verse HERE and HERE.

Tropes/Genre: angst, badboy!Kurt, foster child!Kurt, orphan!Kurt, romance, AU, future!fic, closted!Blaine

Lynne’s review: Wow, this was quite the trip. Angsty, fiesty, smutty, and very passionate. I love the relationship between the boys, and especially their champion in their home, Tilly.  Great story!

Read at: FF.net

Possible Scenarios:

  • Broadway Power Couple Klaine being invited to sing for their teacher friend’s class (maybe Tina? Kitty?)
  • Broadway Power Couple Klaine performing at their child’s class’s career day
  • Broadway Power Couple Klaine performing at a school that they donated a shitton of money to because they’re rich as hell
  • Broadway Power Couple Klaine performing at some sort of daycare/orphanage where they’re going to adopt a child
  • Broadway Power Couple Klaine just being nice and performing for some kids
  • Teacher!Kurt
  • Teacher!Blaine