klaine wedding

I love you because I love you;
not because I can but because I have to;
not because I want to but because I need to.
I love you for all the reasons I shouldn't and all the reasons I should,
and a million more in between.
I love you like the tide loves the moon and like the earth loves the sun,
I will follow you like fish follow the tide,
I will lead you like the winter leads the spring.
So this is me saying this;
open and empty and full and bared in front of you,
nothing more than
I love you
I love you.
—  J. Kris

Kurt: Blaine, I’m a man who’s always lived in the shadows, and everyone who’s come into my life has always tried to pull me out into the sun or push me back into the darkness.
Blaine: I honestly thought that I would never find real love.
Kurt: And then you came along. And even if someone had told me that it wasn’t going to work out, and that at the end of all our struggling and all of our work, it would just end in heartache…
Blaine: I would have said yes.
Kurt: I am work in progress.
Blaine: I am a work in progress.
Kurt: You don’t ask me to come out of the shadows, you help me rip away anything that’s blocking the sun. It’s time for all of us to walk into the sunshine together, forever. Is that something you want to do?
Blaine: I do.
Kurt: I do.