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(Klaine Valentines Challenge Day Twelve: “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”)

“Hepburn, sweetheart, can you wave to Daddy?”

Hepburn coos, cuddled in Blaine’s arms, and waves her tiny hand wildly at the laptop. It echoes back, fractured by the connection, on the screen, and Blaine can see Kurt’s wide grin as he giggles, laughter muffled slightly through the speakers.

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They Can't Touch Us- A Klaine Skype Call

A/N: Hi! This is my first time posting a fanfic on Tumblr, so here goes nothing. This takes place in the beginning of Season 5, after Kurt and Blaine got engaged but they lived in separate states.

Read it on Wattpad: Posted under Cupcakes-And-Klaine (I use mobile so I can’t give you guys the link, sorry)

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“10 minutes until Glee rehearsal. I can Skype. -B”
Kurt smiled at his phone, at the text from his long-distance fiance. He stepped into the lobby elevator, tapped the number 7 button, and replied to Blaine’s text while he waited:
“On my way up. Be on in a minute.”
The elevator dinged, and the doors slid open. Balancing the tray of coffee he had picked up on his way home in one hand, Kurt strode down the hallway, slid open the door, and entered his apartment.
“Rachel, Santana, I’m home from work!” Kurt called to his roommates. He grabbed his own drink, and added, “I brought coffee,” before pulling his privacy curtain closed.
Blaine sat down against a row of lockers, throwing his bag carelessly to the left of him. He watched as the Glee club members entered the choir room down the hall. Normally, Blaine would be with them, talking and laughing with Sam and Tina… But right now, Blaine was a little stressed out. He needed to talk to Kurt, alone. And it couldn’t wait until he got home.
His phone started ringing. Blaine quickly accepted the Skype call from Kurt, suddenly excited to speak to him. They hadn’t Skyped in days…
“Blaine? Where are you?”
Kurt was used to Skyping with Blaine while Blaine was in the Choir room, so Kurt could say hi to everyone he didn’t talk to regularly.
Blaine glanced up from his phone to make sure he was alone. “In the hallway. I wanted to talk to you alone, and I couldn’t wait.” The mystery in Blaine’s voice had Kurt on edge.
“Is something wrong? Is Tina hitting on you again? If she is, I swear I will fly to Ohio and-“
“No, no, nothing like that,” Blaine said with a nervous chuckle. Kurt shot Blaine an anxious look. “It’s just, well, some of the Glee Clubbers are talking. About us.”
Kurt thought it was no big deal- immature rumours from immature people- but he could tell it was bothering Blaine. “What about us?”
“Well, with the long-distance thing, and everyone knows what happened last time…”
“And they’re just waiting for you to do it again.” Blaine nodded in confirmation. “Blaine, you can’t let them bother you like that. It’s none of their business what happens between us.”
“It’s just hard, when every time I turn around, someone in Glee is talking about me, or you, or Eli. And they question me, too. They constantly ask me how we’re doing. I’m pretty sure a couple of them have made bets about how long we’re gonna last. It’s just frustrating.” Blaine finished his rant with a huff.
Kurt spoke after Blaine cooled down a bit. “Blaine. Devon. Anderson.” Kurt emphasized each word in his fiance’s name. “In exactly 31 days, you’re graduating high school.”
Blaine nodded.
“You’re moving to New York a week later, 38 days from now. You’ll be going to NYADA. We’ll be living together. Planning a wedding together.”
“Kurt, what does this have to do with anything?”
“Your life is just really starting, Blaine. You don’t need to deal with high school drama, because in a month, it will all be irrelevant. And it doesn’t matter if they are yelling at you or whispering behind your back, they can’t touch you,” Kurt quoted the time he had been voted Prom Queen.
“They can’t touch us-“
“-or what we have,” Kurt finished. He loved seeing the smile that appeared on Blaine’s face.
Blaine sighed. “I need to go. Rehearsal is starting in a couple of minutes. I wish I could just stay here with you, forever.”
“Me, too. But nationals is in a couple weeks, you need to go practice your big solo.”
“I know. I can’t wait to see you.”
“Me neither,” Kurt giggled. “Have fun at rehearsal. I love you.”
“I love you, too.”
Blaine ended the call, stood up, grabbed his bag, stuck his phone in his pocket, and walked down the empty hall to the chaotic choir room. He took his normal seat, between Sam and Tina.
“Hey, dude,” Sam greeted him, “what took you so long?”
“Talking to Kurt.”
“How are you two doing?” Tina asked. It was a harmless question, really. But it bothered Blaine. They can’t touch us, he thought.
“Great. We’re doing great.”

Skype Call || Klaine
  • Kurt: sits and waits for Blaine to accept the call, glancing up as he quickly goes to fix his coifed hair. He yawns slightly as he turns away, still waiting for Blaine to answer.