klaine moments project

Klaine Moments Project:

hazelandglasz : draw the hug draw the hug  (HUG S5 BLAINE’S NYADA LETTER) and i’ll write blaine opening his letter with kurt and hugging it out :3

AND IS DONE! Sorry for the late ^^U, but here it is, the missed hug, and you can read the wonderful fic that hazelandglasz wrote here

Klaine Moments Project

hanacabana: The bedroom scene in the first time where Kurt asks if he’s boring is one of my favourites! *u*

redkukushka: Also “talk about sex and Brian Ferry” from 3x05. Just love everything about that scene.

youre-brilliant: because of the layers

mshoneysucklepink: the whole first bedroom scene in The First Time

Is amazing how many people asked for this scene, and I was glad because it is one of my favorites too. I’m going to spend this hiatus trying to finish the project XP

Klaine Moments Project

mimocca: How can I choose ONE? The class room scene(the box thing!), was awesome. Scene between Blaine+Elliott! I bet your Elliott would b so cutee!

New New York was so good that I want to draw everything of it! I asked what would be the best to draw, and the always sweet mimo gave me the best idea.


Klaine Moments Project

tacogrande: OO HMMMM my favourite klaine scene has to be when they’re slow dancing in the wedding episode of s4!

lallagogo​:yes *_* the slow dance from the “I Do episode” pretty please!

And here it is for this two lovely ladies who asked the same thing.I’m still emotional for it ;v;. And is almost valentine’s day, so is the perfect time for post this :D