klaine moments project

Klaine Moments Project

tacogrande: OO HMMMM my favourite klaine scene has to be when they’re slow dancing in the wedding episode of s4!

lallagogo​:yes *_* the slow dance from the “I Do episode” pretty please!

And here it is for this two lovely ladies who asked the same thing.I’m still emotional for it ;v;. And is almost valentine’s day, so is the perfect time for post this :D

Tell me your favorite Klaine Moments

Hi everyone. Ok, I’m kind of doing a little project ,and I would like your help, please.

I want to draw some klaine moments in a new style of drawing that I been working on (is a kind of chibi, but in a cartoon way), and it would be helpful if you tell me some of your favorites ^ ^. They could be of past seasons or the new seasons, you just tell me which one you like.

Of course, if you know me well, you should know that it would take me some time to do them all, because of this reasons:

  • I have a work that really takes a big amount of my time
  • I have some others projects (including working projects)
  • I do this for fun, so I’d do it when I have free time
  • In a couple of months I’ll go to a trip that would take me a week (I would be gone that amount of time ^^U)
  • AND I’m the laziest person alive

I want this project to be something I can do during the year. I already have some ideas and sketches, and I finished one of The Klaine proposal. But It would be really fun if you all get involved in this, what do you say? (if you have some ideas, please tell me )

(If you want to see some of the pieces you can go to the Klaine Moments Tag in my blog)