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Klaine AU (Based loosely on Supernatural) 

“Who are you?”

“I’m Blaine, an angel of the lord”

Kurt Hummel is an openly  gay student struggling through high school and through his struggles he starts to loose faith in what his Mother used to say to him before her death.On Kurt’s 17th birthday an angel, who goes by the name of Blaine, is sent from heaven to protect him and be Kurt’s guardian. Kurt falls in love with Blaine, and with his love, Kurt is protected by his angel forever and his faith in his Mother’s beliefs is restored. 

lilyvandersteen said: I’m picturing how a Klaine/Barbie cross-over would work, but I’m drawing a blank. Not much of a Barbie connoisseur…
lilyvandersteen said: Well, it is a very handsome face :D

Alright, Marjan, sit down for the story of “Crystal Lights”, a masterpiece by me.

I think two years or so ago, I was in my Barbie movies phase, but can you blame me? These movies are superb. I haven’t watched the latests yet, but I need to.

So, what is the first thing I do the minute I obsess about something that’s not Klaine? Come up with a crossover with Klaine!

I did change some things from the Barbie storyline, but basically, the story was that Kurt’s a crystal fairy and so are his parents. They chose to live in the human world and closed their wings. After Kurt’s mom died, they didn’t have the power to open them again. Entering show boat Blaine Devon Anderson. 

After 3x05, Kurt’s wings open and he gets his magic back, and it’s around the same time Barbie: Mariposa & the Fairy Princess takes place, so with the help of Mariposa, Catania’s wings come back as well and the world starts to cross, since Kurt happens to have four nosy crystal fairy friends: Alicia, Viveca, Antonius, and Gwendolyn.

Basically, every fairy has their own special power (for Kurt it’s invisibility, I forgot the others) and an accompanying accesoire containing the fairy’s crystal lights.

Kurt’s special, since his wings are two-coloured and neither colour matches his crystal lights. He gives Blaine his one true love crystal light which will protect him from harmfull magic and wow, just writing all of this down takes me back.

Eventually, others get involved as well, since princess Catania reveals that there are more “human-fairies” in Lima.

Quinn is halfblood, so she has no special power, but she does have her crystal light ring.

One of Rachel’s dads is one.

Later, in New York, Kurt finds out that Isabelle and Adam are crystal fairies as well and for a long time, there’s not much of a story until BOOM BOOM HENNA (the antagonist from Barbie Mariposa) IS BACK WITH HER SKEETZIES AND SHE’S PLANNING ON TAKING OVER SHIMMERVALE SINCE HER COUP IN FLUTTERFIELD FAILED. All human-fairies transport to Shimmervale, but Blaine accidentally gets dragged along and the battle begins!

Blaine tries to hide, but he sees that the crystal fairies are weak, so together with princess Catania, he goes all Tangled. Catania magically grows all frying pans and they slam the enemies.

And well, that’s how far I got. (There’s also a lot of shit about Klaine breaking up, but getting together since their crystal lights shine together bla bla bla, and I remember that Kurt’s fairy friends were hilarious). I did plan on making Santana a butterfly fairy and that they’d all go to Glos Angeles with Rachel’s dads, but I guess it’s been “WIP” for years?

Wow, writing all of this made me laugh a lot. It really was more thorough than I remembered, but here ya go. This is a Klaine/Barbie crossover.


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Anon prompted: can you please please please please please please please please write a Klaine/Harry Potter crossover? :-) :-)

Once, while giggling through the hallways on a lazy Saturday, they had stumbled upon a room with big, comfortable bed, candles everywhere and music playing softly in the background. Looking back, they realized they probably should have stopped and wondered about it a little more but at the time, they had just taken all kinds of advantage of the privacy that the room offered. 

Because for a huge castle like Hogwarts, it didn’t offer many secluded spots for two students from different houses. 

“Rooms can’t just disappear!” Kurt whined a few weeks later after being shooed away from an empty classroom. “Oh, okay, so they can,” he added when Blaine raised his eyebrows at him. “But they shouldn’t! It’s not fair!" 

"You’re so cute when you get frustrated with magic,” Blaine said with a smile and pulled Kurt closer by his waist. 

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Perfect In My Mind by skintightsocks (Rated M - Complete) 

Kurt never thought that losing one’s virginity would take so much planning. He was prepared for the “Are we ready?” talk and the “Let’s be safe!” talk and all the other stuff he knew would be coming, but he wasn’t expecting to have to pull out strategic military planning just to get the chance. AKA: Kurt and Blaine trying and failing to lose their virginities until they succeed, with feelings and misunderstandings and shenanigans and Puckermans along the way.


Married by nadiacreek (Rated T - WIP) 

When the Supreme Court strikes down DOMA, Kurt and Blaine impulsively get married on the spur of the moment and then have to figure out how to cope with that.


Sometimes It’s Just That Easy by mailroomorder (Rated T - Complete)

He doesn’t know how it happens, but somehow Kurt ends up on the opposite side of the country for college. While there he runs into Blaine, who’s fun and happy and never around and always busy. But the closer Kurt gets to Blaine the more he likes him. He just so happens to be lucky enough that Blaine likes him back.


****This Earthly Paradise by glassparade (Rated M - Complete)

In Victorian England, Kurt Hummel is a struggling artist and contemporary of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, an organization of painters, poets, and critics who strive to turn the art establishment of England on its very head. His mentor, one Dante Gabriel Rossetti, has grown tired of Kurt’s reluctance to grow as an artist, and so enter Blaine Anderson, an artists’ model of Bohemian disposition and eye-catching good looks. Can he, using rather unorthodox methods, succeed where Rossetti has not?

*holy hell this is so sweet, HOT HOT HOT and amazing I loved every minute of it!!!


Loud Like Lightning by xxxraquelita (Rated PG - Complete)

Blaine falls in love with the boy on the subway. Kurt falls in love with the boy on the internet. One day, their paths cross again. (inspired by: http://carson-phillips.tumblr.com/post/69947298217)

*this is an adorable 9K read!! Loved it!


Just A Kiss by ittlebitz (Rated T - Complete)

Kurt and Rachel have been best friends since Rachel, her half brother Blaine, and her Dads moved in down the street from Kurt. When Kurt gets a mysterious kiss backstage after a performance, he and Rachel are determined to discover who Kurt’s admirer is.


Believe I’m Yours (Believe You’re Mine) by istytehcrawk (Rated M - Complete)

Soulmate!Klaine  In a world where pairs of people had started finding names written on their arms, Kurt Hummel was thriving in New York City, enjoying his job at a music charity and his relationship with his boyfriend. Then his new intern, Blaine, showed up and started talking about soulmates, sending Kurt’s life spinning into chaos.


Second Chances by writtenfables (Rated M - WIP)

Badboy!Blaine and Daddy!Kurt   After a heart-breaking decision, Kurt and his daughter, Tabitha, move back to LimaOhio to live with his parents. Kurt keeps focus on a future for his daughter, even if that means working in the garage with his father again. But plans change when he meets a friend of Burt’s (and hot bad boy) BlaineAnderson.


Playful Secrets by writtenfables (Rated M - WIP)

klainecrisscolferwilsonlove asked you: This is coming from me and green-zinnia: Dom!Kurt Sub!Blaine. AGE GAP. Innocence kink. Not a D/s society - hidden. Dom!Kurt is famous. Blaine is a fan.

*she’s writing this from our prompt and I’m LOVING it!


Grasping by purseplayer (Rated M - WIP)

Sub!Blaine Dom!Kurt  Blaine is an ordinary sub waiting endlessly in a lineup, until the day Kurt shows up to take him home. Blaine had never wanted so badly to be chosen, to be worthy.


Alphabet Klaine by zavocado (Rated M - WIP)

A series of drabbles for each letter of the alphabet! Featuring Klaine, crossovers, fluff, smut, angst, romance, a bit of everything you can imagine! Klaine AUs.


Coming Through by ungoodpirate (Rated T - WIP)

Rumors about Kurt Hummel range from arm-breaking to fire-setting, so new transfer student Blaine Anderson should really keep his distance from the sarcastic, pink-haired deviant. But Blaine doesn’t, and that might be the best, but most chaotic, decision he’s ever made.

 Skank!Kurt AU with canon, adorkable, preppy Blaine. Endgame Klaine friendship-romance.



SEQUEL TO “A Song For Cordelia”

One Of The Good Guys by MellisaMotown (Rated M - WIP)

This is a story about a love; big enough to survive. And it’s about forgiveness, second chances and trusting that there is something good in us all. “One Of The Good Guys” takes place a year after “A Song For Cordelia”.




Human Art by drosophilase (Rated M - Complete)

Chris Colfer is a painter that, at not even 25 years old, has already achieved notoriety, celebration, fame, and become old news in the Los Angeles art scene. When new artists start to outshine him like the infuriatingly good DC, whose San Franciscan art is infiltrating LA magazines and galleries, Chris flees to the little Pacific coastal town Cambria to get his art together. A year after he settles in, he is approached to work on a charity mural for the new headquarters of a local addiction rehabilitation center. It’s not until too late that he finds his new boss Cory Monteith has secured another well-known painter to be his collaborative partner for the job— DC himself.


Say I’m The One You Want by alittledizzy & savvymavvy (Rated M - Complete)

Glee Live tour. Sexy things happen. Mentions of past Darren/female, brief brief Chris/OMC.


Heart Of Stone by suchafangirl (Rated M - Complete)

Chris Colfer has been handed the opportunity of a lifetime, to bring The Land of Stories to Broadway. A chance meeting with one of the creators of A Very Potter Musical gives him the tools he needs to make it happen.

Darren Criss and Chris Colfer will never be the same again once Queen Evly takes over their lives. Their world gets turned upside down and hearts will be broken, but there might be an unexpected fairytale ending besides the one they’re creating for the Broadway stage.


Fable Wasn’t Fiction by controlofwhatIdo (Rated M - Complete)

This is the story of how it started. And ended. And started again.

This spans from the Glee Live tour (summer 2011) to the summer of 2013. I mostly kept to the timeline, with some embellishments and inaccuracies for the sake of the fic. Title and chapter headers are all from various songs written by Darren. Fic includes brief mentions of past Darren/Theo Katzman (also includes mentions of Mia & an OC that pertain to the storyline, but no actual relationships are involved).


Broken by scatterthestars (Rated M - WIP)

He was going to tell him and be done with it. But when things change, and Chris still finds his teacher, Darren, still in his life, he deals with the curveball that life throws him. And it’s when he seeks comfort from the person he loves is when rules that aren’t meant to be broken are.


New favorite headcanon:

Blaine Anderson is a 1950s boy who fell through a rift in time, and ended up in the 2000s. The America branch of Torchwood took him, gave him a new identity and a home, and enrolled him in boarding school to keep him out of trouble.

He’s adapted pretty well so far–his favorite thing is that he can admit out loud that HE’S GAY HE LIKES BOY oh gosh that feels good~

and he wants to get married like yesterday because GOODNESS GRACIOUS KURT HE'S TWENTY DO YOU WANT HIM TO BE AN OLD MAID