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An Awkward First Appointment → May 30th

Kurt was a bit surprised that his appointment had been changed. Not only that, but it bummed him out because he really wanted Blaine to be there. He let him know over their nightly Skype sessions that the appointment changed, but what surprised Kurt even more was that Blaine was able to fly in for it. That made Kurt so relieved because he wants Blaine there for every appointment so he doesn’t miss out. 

When he got to the doctor’s office, Kurt went inside and checked in. He sat down and waited for Blaine. He didn’t know when his flight got in, but he gave him the address of the clinic so he could meet him there. While he was waiting, he searched what would happen at this first appointment. He was in the middle of reading how the ultrasound was going to be done (it sounded very uncomfortable and he wasn’t looking forward to that part) when Zachary texted him he was on his way. He had let the guy know his situation and he was more than willing to be involved. That made Kurt happy because he wanted to be with someone who was willing to accept not only Kurt, but his child as well. He knew him and Blaine probably wouldn’t work out, so it was time for him to move on. Speaking of Blaine, Kurt realized he forgot to mention that Zachary was going to be with them. He was now not looking forward to this appointment in general. 

And the Gender Is... || April 28th

Blaine grumbled as he struggled to get comfortable in the wheelchair. It was bad enough that he broke his ankle, but now he has to be in a wheelchair because he might loose his balance due to his bump. He feels he shouldn’t be complaining because he doesn’t have to move a muscle until the cast comes off, but that means having Kurt do all the work and he feels a bit bad. Not bad enough to have someone help. He still feels that it is Kurt’s fault his ankle was broken.

“Ugh, when are we gonna get called back? This baby’s doing somersaults and I need to stretch out because of it. I’m so cramped.” he whined softly as he rubbed his belly. Ever since he has been confined to the wheelchair, the baby decided to be mean and move around a lot. “This is so your child Kurt. The baby’s doing all of this on purpose because I have limited mobility.”

Coffee Dates

Blaine walked into their usual coffee shop on a breezy October morning. As he stepped over the threshold, Blaine immediately saw the familiar quaffed chestnut hair of his best friend. As usual, Kurt sat with two cup in front of him. They had come to a silent agreement long ago: first to arrive buys the coffee. Even being four years out of college, the two still had their usual orders when ever they met. Blaine hugged his big winter coat around him as he walked over to their table. “Hey Stranger,” Blaine smiles as he looks at Kurt.

Face to Face || Kurt & Blaine, "Shine on Until Tomorrow"

February 18th, close to midnight

Kurt’s book bag was laden with heavy books, the fabric of it stretching over the over-sized books he was using for research on his latest article for the school paper. Often times he wondered why he put so much effort into the school newspaper when he didn’t have the satisfaction of being the Editor in Chief, but he knew that actively caring less would be out of the ordinary for him. He had devoted four years to the newspaper, he couldn’t just let it fail in his last year because their actual Editor in Chief was a nutcase.

He had been aching to see Blaine. They had fallen into a horrible pattern of missing each other and it made Kurt fretful. He spent hours missing Blaine, wishing he could drop his assignments in order to just talk to Blaine and figure out their situation.

Anxiety was brewing in the pit of Kurt’s stomach to not know where they stood. Were they still friends? Best friends? Best friends that kissed? Was he allowed to ask Blaine out? Would Blaine still be interested? 

It worried Kurt that not seeing each other these last few weeks would make Blaine’s heart forgetful. With a heavy weight on his shoulders, Kurt knocked on Blaine’s dorm and hoped that Blaine was still awake for their conversation.

Feeling lonely // Klaine

Blaine had been feeling terrible lately. He didn’t know what was wrong with him. It had been happening for about two weeks now and he thought that it was the flu at first. He’d gotten medicine for it but it hadn’t worked. Kurt had been texting him and Blaine told him that they couldn’t meet up because he was sick but Kurt wasn’t buying it. Granted, Blaine still had been going into work, only having to stop a few times to go into the bathroom and throw up. He’d gotten a talk from his manager about the fact that he kept running in and out of the bathroom throughout his shift. He’d been off for a few days since then because she had made him until he got better. He’d gone in that day only to be sent home again because of how he looked. Instead of going back to his place, he went to Kurt’s. He was standing outside the door, hands shoved in his pockets. Taking a breath, he took one out and knocked on the door, waiting for Kurt to answer.

Kurt & Blaine || A Little Rhythm
  • November 6th, evening
  • Kurt: felt jittery for the last hour of his shift at the library. Nothing about his work provided excitement, not the kind he was experiencing. It was the usual placement of books and idle conversation with students asking about where the reference section was, but he had his walk with Blaine to look forward to once he completed his work. His Supervisor noticed how eager he was to leave, but kept her mouth shut when Kurt asked to leave a minute earlier than usual. He dashed into the boys' restroom on the first floor and checked his reflection in the long mirror above the row of sinks. His cheeks were rosy and flushed from running down the stairs, but overall he looked presentable. His tie and blazer were in place, and his collared shirt was still neat and unwrinkled. With an extra spring to his step, Kurt made his way over to Blaine's favorite reading tree on campus.
Back to school /tag-Klaine

It had been about two and a half weeks since the Sadie Hawkins dance, and today was the day Blaine was supposed to get back to school. His ribs were still sore and painful from being broken, he still had a cast on his right leg as well. Most of the bruises had faded a little, but some of them were still there in a nasty mix of black, purple, green and yellow. Frowning he looked into the mirror in his room, fear gripping at his heart. What was going to stop them from just doing this again? Well there were probably going to be teachers out and about because of what had happened, but that didn’t really make him feel any safer. There’d supposed to be chaperones at the dance, but none of them had showed up for the horrible time when he’d almost got beaten to death. With a shaking hand he straightened his collar a little and wished that his parents were home or at least that one of them would drop him off at school.

The worst part of going back was the fact that he had to do so completely on his own. All he wanted was for someone to be around, for someone to lean on. Not that he wasn’t used to there being  no one, but it was different now. He’d almost died. The image of the figure from his hallucination flashed through his mind, that completely perfect boy who’d kept him company while he’d waited for someone to find him. Tears threatened to overtake him as he thought about that, and about the words the boy had said. They’d meant to be together, yet the world had taken that away from him. The memory of that had been very hazy at first, but now it was clear as day. Taking a deep breath he squared his shoulders and grabbed his bag off of the bed. The angel, Kurt, had said he’d be alright, and he was going to trust that. 

The resolve to face the situation head on wavered a little as he reached the school doors, clutching his crutches tightly, his fists going white. ‘Alright Blaine, you can do this, you just have a little while left until you graduate and can move on.’ He told himself. Not that he really believed that he’d even get through High School at this point. Slowly he pushed the doors open, and headed for his lockers. His eyes were kept on the ground as he moved. Once someone tried to trip him by kicking his crutch away from under him, but he managed to keep his balance, and since his face was kept to the ground the person didn’t see him cringe. 

As he reached his locker, his heart sank, there was a note plastered on it that said 'We’ll get you next time’. Reaching out, his hand shook so badly he almost had trouble grabbing onto the paper. When his fingers finally managed to close around a corner, he ripped it off the locker and crumbled it. Leaning his head against the locker next to his own as he started trying to get his books. All he wanted to do was turn around and run, but what good would that do?