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Welcome back from ur hiatus everyone *hug* we missed u !! 💙 here r my questions, 1. How r u guys ? 2. Sensei did ever play games with ur sons when they were little 3. Leo and Donnie how r Amy and kota treating Jiro now ?

Thank you! It’s good to be back ^^

Leo: We’re doing fine, thank you :)

Splinter: Yes I played small activities with them like hide and seek and such. *chuckled*

Leo: Well about that, you could say we’ve made some progress.

Donnie: Amy’s more open to Jiro now, after having a little talk and exercise with him she started to bond more with him like before. But Kotaro is still the same, he’s still not so happy with Jiro even after our small talks with him.

Every time I think I’ve stopped having The Bachelor!Klaine feels, a new season starts and my aunt marathons all her recordings of it…

Kurt introducing Blaine to his family…. Blaine meeting Burt and seeing how wonderful his family is and knowing, as soon as he’s there with Kurt that this is it. Kurt’s the person he’s been searching for. Blaine calling a halt to everything because he’s not going to drag the other three guys along when he already knows who he’s chosen.



Also, Cooper’s the host for some unexplained reason.

Team Ichimatsu! >:D
i have absolutely no idea
it was three am and i used my finger
i tried to draw what would be Ichimatsu and Karamatsu’s daughter!
Maybe I’ll try drawing their son too…. ehh :3
i really, really, reeaaally like this blog and i wanted to draw some fanart :v
i drew more of ichi and kara but it turned out kinda crappy so i have to fix it :/
anyway i love your art and i hope eveything goes well with the bros’ child ;v;
*runs away at the speed of light*


Whoa! She looks really cute! :D You did a really good job on this! Thank you so much for liking the blog ^^

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Welcome back. Ok, firstly, it looks like Jiro is gonna be a very curious baby, just like his mommy. Secondly, Leo and Don, don't worry about the twins being jealous of Jiro, its natural for them to feel like that, especially since there isn't much age gap between them. They will get jealous but eventually they will start to understand that a baby requires a lot more attention then what they need at the moment. Ok now my question is Mikey and Raph have you got a name picked for your daughter yet?

Donnie: That’s something we fear *chuckles* He’s given too many close calls as it is.

Leo: Yeah, we don’t want them thinking he’s more important than them, but seeing that Amy’s over it, it helps a bit more. All that’s left is Kota understanding that.

Mikey: Well we haven’t really thought of one yet. There’s a big variety of cute names!

Raph: We’ll see with which we lean for.

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Thanks for your site and postings. It is appreciated. I'm looking for a story, but can't find it anywhere. Blaine is a film student. He is doing lighting for Artie's class project. Kurt is a friend of Artie's and is acting in it, along with Quinn. It has a lot of technical film descriptions; the author apologizes for that in the intro, but says much of the details come from their own film school days. It's a sweet story. Any ideas? Thanks!

What They Say About The Third Time by @a-simple-rainbow

Blaine is a cinematography student who agrees to help some classmates out with their end of semester project. Kurt is a fashion student who agrees to help his high school friend, Artie Abrams, when he suddenly needs an actor for the student film he’s directing. Amidst the chaos of a film studio, Kurt and Blaine.


Kiyoshi and Choromatsu from my blog @askthekiyorocouple. Decided to join in with guessing what the baby would be. Kiyoshi supports Ichimatsu with it being a girl and Choro supports his other/alternative universe brother with it being a boy. That sign is so painfully sparkly… Hope you like X3


Awwww! That’s so cute! And their little flag and sparkly paper! XD We’ll see who wins at the end hehe!


read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2awEU8e

by morethanwords

Kurt’s life suddenly got a lot more exciting when Rachel’s cousin, Blaine, appeared on the scene.

Written for the klaine summer challenge 2016

week 8

Words: 2729, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2awEU8e

Oh no. I just realised that if Hux’ mother was some kind of kitchen servant then all my headcanons about Hux dreaming of foods from his distant past that he only vaguely remembers are even more painfully likely, since it wasn’t just a lack of ingredients but also the lack of a parent that means he’s missing that link to his past.

And now I just want to lay on the floor and sob for a million years over Emperor Hux trying to convince his son to eat all the foods that Kylo and the Knights lovingly recreated for him. But Carolus just isn’t that bothered because he’s never known hardship or suffering. He’s never gone hungry a day in his life and if Bren has his way he never will, so why does it matter?

Which is of course the perfect opportunity for JakJak to show up since 1. he will literally eat anything or anyone in any universe and 2. he’s seen some shit and can point out to the little lording how many of their multi-universal siblings aren’t lucky enough to have both parents, or to live in luxury Or in peacetime, or have a papa with both eyes and both arms, or a father who is sane and at liberty. So damn well eat your food and appreciate it.

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I'm crying tho at over prepared new dad guk. he'd carry a copy of the birth plan, do all this research and like talk to the baby all the time. also pamper jimmie all the flippin time (not to mention fuck him all the time oh my god he'd be obsessed the most preening dude because LOOK WHAT I DID I KNOCKED UP THE LOVE OF MY LIFE HE'S MINE ALL MINE.)

SCREAMS YES!!!!!!!!!!!! jeongguk obsessively reading everything he can get his hands on re: parenting and child birth and taking jimin to those childbirth classes and holding his hand as he does his breathing exercises and jimin’s just – he can’t believe jk’s so invested in this ugh huffing and puffing but loving how much jk’s spoiling him u____u

i’m crying T________T he did that, he knocked up his boo oh my god