Favorite Klaine One-Liners

Not only is this scene hilarious, but yes, we can all agree with Blaine…

And while Kurt has so many wonderful one-liners (esp. in the early seasons), this is my fave one directed at Blaine.

What are your fave Klaine one-liners directed to each other?

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Hi there. There's a fic I reac a while ago. Blaine had been bashed in the past (maybe sadie hawkins or maybe AU) and he knows who did it but they never got punished. And then while he's spending a lot of time with Burt in the garage, he keeps seeing a pickup truck belonging to one of the perps. He/everybody thinks he's imagining it or having flashbacks, but the perp is actually around...ring any bells?

Yep! That’s this one. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been updated since May 2017. I hope it’ll get finished - it’s a wonderful story! ~Lynne

Remind Me To Forget by @unproductivepeanut

Blaine’s moved on from Sadie Hawkins. He’s fine; it was years ago.

But it seems that the past isn’t done with Blaine.

If Ryan Murphy knew how to have fun and had any pride in his gay heritage then Kurt should’ve sung “Something In My House” by Dead Or Alive in season six

Assuming that Kurt stayed in New York because that’s where he belongs obviously. And yes, the second breakup still happened. Bleh. But it’s the only way it fits

“It’s four o'clock in the morning

And I’m sitting on my stairs

And there’s bangin’ ‘round the bedroom

Even though I know there’s no one there

And I am here all by myself

And you’re somewhere else with someone else

And I am being haunted by a love that isn’t there

There is something in my house, my house

It’s just a ghost of the long, long dead affair

There is something in my house, my house

I just keep a hearing, you runnin’ on up my stairs but you’re not there”

I mean is that not all perfect??

And then the way the song cuts off so abruptly at the end makes me think it could end when Kurt lays eyes on Blaine for real but for a second he doesn’t know if Blaine is really there or if he’s still dreaming and I just 💔❤️

am i the only person who just…really doesn’t bat an eyelash at the genders or lack thereof of characters in ships?

like,,,mlm? wlw? het? non-binary? ace romance? good shit is good shit. when it comes to shipping, sex and gender identity of the characters is secondary to the characters’ personalities and their relationship progression and that’s the tea fam

that might just be my bi ass talking but idc i just love love so fuckin much

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