Klaine one-shot - “Practice Makes Perfect” (Rated M)

Kurt helps Blaine prepare for his audition for Hedwig and the Angry Inch in rather unconventional ways.

In this installment, I mix several different vocal techniques with tasks that increase stamina and focus. This was written more for fun than anything else, to be honest. Inspired in part by the book “A Soprano on Her Head”.

Warning for spanking with a ruler, mention of thumb tacks to keep Blaine on his toes, mention of performance anxiety, and implied fisting.

Part 32 of the Taking a Journey Together series.


The strike resonates throughout the open air of the loft - a loud, dull thup against both Blaine’s ass cheeks - this new swipe layered on top of older ones, lined up directly so that they manage to leave a single red stripe. Blaine doesn’t get a second to contemplate the blow, to register the combination of sting/hot/tingle/burn that follows since he’s expected, by his Dominant, to sing.



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tennath  asked:

Actually, there is another fic that could be what accio-chris wanted. One Fine Day by xxxraquelita. Blaine is the Man of Honor for Santana and Brittany' s wedding, and Kurt is the consultant.

I don’t think that’s it because @accio-chris said she had been through our tags and we do have that fic in our library. Just in case - here it is:

One Fine Day by xxxraquelita

Kurt witnessed many moments in his life as a bridal designer – he moment a bride found her dress, saw herself in it for the first time, the one where she could see herself standing up in front of her family and friends and saying ‘I do.’ Working as he did in that industry, he hardly expected to have a moment of his own while he was at work, but that was exactly what happened.

klainetenderoni  asked:

I believe the fic that accio-chris is looking for is Come Dress Yourself in Love by theworldwhispers on FF

There ya go, @accio-chris! Unfortunately, it was abandoned in 2012 - only 7 chapters.

Come Dress Yourself In Love by theworldwhispers

Say Yes to the Dress AU. Kurt works as a consultant at Kleinfelds - sure of and loving his job despite having to daily watch happy, engaged couples come and go as a single man. But one day and one appointment may just change everything. (GKM fill)