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fic: Lonely in Pink (1/3)

PG-13 | Angst | Humor | Romance | Age difference

Summary: Blaine is 27, a doctor with a three year old girl. Kurt is 18, fresh out of high school, with pink hair and combat boots. Equally drowning, they could both use a hand.

(as per usual, many thanks to notthetoothfairy)

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Part 1 – They Meet

Blaine watches Emmy for a moment to make sure she’s fallen asleep, before he turns his attention to the phone in his hand, eyes scanning the park and crowd around him quickly, as he unlocks the screen, scrolls through his apps and then stops, thumb hovering over the tinder logo.

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August Fic Rec Update!

Adding 8 new Klaine fics and 6 CrissColfer to the KlaineCrissColferLibrary!

Please remember to check the Klaine and CrissColfer fic finder tags first, and then if you cannot find a fic, please send us an ASK.


Sweet Plans


Put Me In The Light


Below The Belt

The Heart Of Me

I’ll Set You Free, Fall With Me

Just Like The Fairy Tales


Five More Minutes

Sugar And Spice

Hold Me Tight

Love and Other Hazards Of Reality TV

On Nights Like This

Wrong Number

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A father. A dad. He had dreamed of this for years, made lists with baby names and tried picturing what his son or daughter would look like a million times. He imagined taking his kid to the park on Sundays. He imagined himself sewing Halloween costumes and dresses for dolls and uniforms for the baseball team. He imagined Christmas - the way his kid’s face would light up with the magic of it, how they would make snowmen and bake cookies together. He imagined bedtime stories and cuddling on the couch watching Disney movies…

Kurt kept imagining more and more scenarios, and his smile went bigger and bigger with each of them. He wanted to be a dad. It was time. Even if he had no one to share it with.

Stay tuned for Chapter 1 of Sitting Waiting Wishing, coming very very soon…

Week 2 Prompts

Prompt #4: (AU) Long term housemates/roommates/neighbors finally figuring out they’re in love.

Prompt #5: (AU or Canon compliant)  Kurt and Blaine get caught making out by papa!Anderson.

Prompt #6: (Canon compliant)  Events leading up to or context around the “no hands south of the equator” rule.


Just a few reminders guys: 

  1. You’re more than welcome to still write for the earlier prompts!  
  2. Always taking more submissions for new prompts (the ideas coming in are awesome so far!).  
  3. You are welcome to rec fics that fit any of the prompts. 
  4. Let’s get some artwork/vids going!  If you have a rec, or an idea for a prompt for artwork/vids please drop a line! 
The Bet

Word Count: 1,164

Summary: Basically an AU where Kurt and Blaine never got together in high school, and now, a year or two later, Santana and Kurt make a bet that ends in Kurt having to make out with Blaine

Kurt was fuming. Santana. He could not believe she convinced him to take a bet that involved him hooking up with Blaine if he lost. It wasn’t even that he didn’t want to hook up with Blaine, it was just. Things would get really awkward, really fast if he managed it only to find out Blaine didn’t like him back. They lived in the same apartment for god sake. All the rules about this type of stuff might focus on not dating or hooking up with your hall mates, but that did not mean getting with one of your roommates was an acceptable option.

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Put Me In The Light

Author: tea_and_leaves

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Word Count: 30,212

Summary: Kurt Hummel is on top of the world. He’s talented, brilliant, not to mention gorgeous, and he’d be the best young lawyer in Boston if he could only get some sleep. But his apartment has thin walls, and his new neighbor Blaine Anderson is a rock musician. When Blaine is wrongly accused of murder, Kurt is the only lawyer who can defend him. The only problem? Lawyers aren’t supposed to fall in love with their clients.

Tropes/Genre: lawyer!Kurt, rockstar!Blaine, AU, angst, fluff, romance, future!fic

Lynne’s review: I love the build up to their relationship, great story - funny, angsty, unexpected.  There’s a current WIP sequel: Find Me In The Dark

Read at: AO3