Don’t let this be where it ends. I’m scared that it will be because you’re not talking. I didn’t mean for things to go the way they did. I want things to be better. Maybe they will and i’m just going crazy but maybe it won’t and i’m just so right. We’ve had a good run so far, i don’t want it to end here. This ‘fight’ isn’t worth it. That’s why i don’t like fighting. 

cries so i wasn’t really gone but i spent 2 days getting active on my Tolkien character and i have like 15 followers there so coming back to Hal where i have almost 300 followers and most of them (hopefully) like me and like my posts i just

day 96 was a hard day :(

I lost my pencil pouch filled with all my favorite pens, organizational tabs, and chapstick. 

I embarrassed myself when talking to the professor running today’s lab - ugh I feel so incompetent sometimes… 

My exam was the opposite of good, but I can’t say I didn’t expect that one. 

I had to skip medical anthro to do an interview for that same class. 

I just really feel like I need to get my life together and I’m upset. sigh. d;asjfklsajfd;laksdjflksadfjs;lkdfjalsk;fj

PLUSES OF THE DAY: Carrot cake was bomb, my roommate is wonderful, and my friends in little house are hilarious. 

THINGS TO LOOK FORWARD TO: shark cage diving, goldfish/modest mouse/american authors in concert, another 3 day weekend, the break before finals, possible bungee jumping