Today is Shepard’s Birthday! I, uh, totally did not think about it until I saw theherocomplex’s posts about it. 

So I threw together a quick sketch of the Shepard I’ve been playing this past month, Tibby! Tiberius Alan Shepard is my Earthborn War Hero. 

He started out as one of my more renegade shepards in Mass Effect, mostly mixed in 2, and disgustingly paragon in 3 except when talking to the reapers and Admiral Gerrel. 

While I have many (so, so many) headcanons about Tib, the most important are: likes Monty Python, is actually really bad at dancing, and will refuse to respond if you dare call him by his first name (He’s a little touchy about his first name). 

This year’s witchsona is brought to us by my desire to have a bottomless cauldron of coffee, a warm blanket that will not fall off no matter what I am doing, and of course toasty slippers that meow whenever I take a step.

I am a person of simple yet selfish desires.

I was going to keep this on my laptop indefinitely, but I liked how it turned out so I guess I’ll post it. 

I just liked the idea of Jack playing a well-loved guitar to chill out when he starts to panic a bit too much about ghosts, money, Maxine, etc. 

Which then turned into a thirty minute exercise in trying to make his right arm not look broken. Not to mention his noodle fingers. I tried. :/ Regardless, your characters are good for working past art block Bea.