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One of the Kl//ance blogs I follow that literally has kl//ance in the url posted some gross she//ith post and I'm so upset right now like, I trusted this blog and was betrayed

You and me both anon.



can i just ship platonic kl//ance pls

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I can't believe the Shiro and Keith are total strangers so you should ship sh//llura and Kl//nce instead argument exists. Like. Have they actually watched the show? Read any of the interviews? I laugh so hard every time I remember

Right?? Last time I checked, Ke//ith barely recognized La//nce upon seeing him for the first time after a year (and maybe a few months on top of that) in episode 1…… - mod lance

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Sexuality Headcanon: I WONDER WHAT
Gender Headcanon: haven’t thought about it
A ship I have with said character: he/ith and kl/unk are really good (sometimes kla/nce but only sometimes im crying)
A BROTP I have with said character: keith/paladins and i really really want him and allura to be good friends? i’m really curious about the emotional moment they will have
A NOTP I have with said character: romantic ki/dge and romantic ka/llura 
A random headcanon: really likes plants? this is actually random as hell but i do think he’d be the kind of person that would take care of plants and even enjoy talking to them (they end up dying most of the time but he’s trying his best) 
General Opinion over said character: my son 

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i think that the fact that among the s//kl//an//ce porn fics in the majority of them keith and lance don't have any agency or personality other than 'must please shiro' should tell you something too,,

Oh yes indeed. There’s also a lot of stereotypical A/B/O that just reinforces the “submissive keith/lance” with no other characterisation except that they’re ‘made to please’ the “dominant shiro”

- m.A

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bruh i feel you on platonic kl@nce. no one ever seems to appreciate platonic shipping anymore. i could totally keith and lance being bros, just teasing each each other and romping around, mainly horseplay, y'know? but romantically??? there's just nothing there between them? i don't see how it would work.

yeah??? like i love the idea of keith and lance getting along as friends i mean in canon so far they seem to be p chill even tho lance tends to rile up keith sometimes but all i see for their relationship in the future is friends???? even in the original (yes golion also) they were just tight bros;;; ngl if the kl@nce shippers werent so aggressive w their ship i wouldve considered shipping kl@nce romantically but now id like them to be friends

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as an Actual Cuban™ i really really enjoy latino lance and the representation (cuban lance especially makes me all happy inside) but i hate it when they use stereotypes bc the person obviously knows nothing of my culture and just like the Stamp Of POC they can slap on k/@nce to make it ~special~ and i cannot speak for keith's representation since im not asian, but they also seem to make him that Yaoi Tsundere Uke when it comes to the pairing (somehow h@nce is done better??? hmm)

H@nce is done better because, typically, H@nce shippers are the .5% of Kl@nce shippers that happen to be actual poc lmao.

But, yes, I agree. Also, let me clarify something, I’m latinx, but I’m biracial and grew up sort of white passing and without much of the culture/any of the family, so I don’t want to speak over my fellow latinx/poc who are speaking up about this. I want to, instead, lift up the voices, like yours, who faced more struggles than I did. 

It’s gross what these people are doing, reducing these characters to stereotypes, just to add a bit of contrast to their ships as well as just to say they’re interracial so that they can insist their ship is better. As if they actually care about the cultures they’re butchering. 

But, like you said, they don’t know shit about your culture, or Keith’s, or Shiro’s. And they don’t really care to. It’s not like they ACTUALLY see these characters as poc. They still see them as white, just with a bit of added spice and flavor. 

Because, to them, being a poc means the color of your skin, a couple of bad accents, and eating the same mainstream googled ‘ethnic’ food every day. To *them*, mexican/cuban cultures (as well as japanese/korean) are interchangeable. To them these cultures are nothing more than a costume to dress up their ship.

And the worst part is nobody calls them out.

-Mod Shiro

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lance?? (for the ask thing )

Sexuality Headcanon: pan lance is my favourite hc but if i really like bi lance too
Gender Headcanon: i’ve seen some genderfluid lance fanart and it made my cold heart warm? i loved it 
A ship I have with said character: ha/nce!!!!! i can’t even express how much i love ha/nce it’s the best thing that ever happened to this show  
A BROTP I have with said character: han/ce, garrison trio in general, lance is everyone’s friend, also platonic kl/ance is cute as hell
A NOTP I have with said character: pidge/lance (not sure if they have a ship name?) 
A random headcanon: boy is smart as hell. like idc what that fuckgn asshole at the beginning said about him getting in the garrison because keith flunked out. he’s smart and he worked so hard to get where he is: sleepless nights, breakdowns. it was hard to rise to everyone’s expectations and he was afraid of disappointing his family, but above anything else, he was afraid of disappointing himself. he might not master certain subjects but he’s passionate. 
General Opinion over said character: lance has a special place in my heart tbh… there are days when i love all the characters and days when i literally am like “anyways…. lance is my favourite”