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Unpopular opinion: KL shippers write pining K and don't represent K right, but a lot of SK shippers mischarcterize K too. K is a complex, strong character in his own right, and there's plenty of KS fics that write K being the same with S as the KL shippers write K with L. Idk, I've just gotten really frustrated with all shippers lately, despite shipping SK. I ship it the way it is in the show, not the mischaracterized fanfics. For both KL and SK.

Unpopular opinion: I agree.

Alright, girls and boys and those who are neither, I am here today to bring you what I like to call more colloquially, “The Voltron ages from Comicon are garbage and here’s why!”  In fact, consider that my thesis statement because things are taking a turn for the (informal) essay here, my friends.

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Yesterday was an absolute nightmare. Went to my sister’s bridal shower, was told it was fine to attend (if my SD can’t go neither can I). Apparently it wasn’t and the hostess was pissed at me because she had to put her dog away (he kept trying to attack Maeve). I didn’t know anyone there except for my mom and sisters, all of who ignored my existence except when I asked if I could leave (was told no).

So I spent most of it in the corner with my social anxiety mess, Maeve constantly alerting and doing DPT. One of the older ladies was telling her adult daughter that Maeve has do not pet on her because she must bite and wouldn’t listen when I tried to explain why she was wearing her vest.

Everyone but the kids ignored me, which was ok cause the boys were telling the other kids why Maeve was there and how she was special and helped their Aunt.

I did find the one Star Wars fan there, well she found me and asked if I was ok (I was on the verge of tears at this point). She sat with me and showed me her pics of all the Disney SW races she’s done. She was really nice.

I hate that I’m like this. I wish with everything I have that I didn’t need a service dog. I can handle one on one with my clients, but I cannot handle these huge gathering events. Especially not when I’m basically thrown to the wolves and told to be something I’m not and then thoroughly ignored.


here’s the beautiful thing about art. 

these are all radically different styles. 

and yet. 

i can see the same character in each of them, despite them being wildly different. 

i just SEE a different interpretation in each one too? 

maybe it’s because ten is my son and i would recognize him in any costume, but…

I noticed that oreokuki seemed to like ten’s violence and his dark side. his brutality and fits of sadism. he drew him like a villain. 

s0laureat’s version looks more dignified, but still deadly. the blood and the purple and the quiet serenity in his eyes were simple and straight forward, but not to be trusted. 

KAIRIS, well, she knows the full story. She knows who Ten is. She captured his vulnerability more than anyone. She saw he was just a hurting child coping the best he can in an unstable, hate-filled environment. She wanted to draw him with the softness he had lost as a child, which comes ou tin the book itself over time. Hers is the closest interpretation, but it’s also not fair because I told her all the spoilers. She KNEW more than the other two. She guessed Ten was more than he first appeared and she was right. She drew him as he was and hoped to be. 

And then there’s duobunn’s. 

Duobunn, who’s drawing entirely from MY interpretation and doing her best to encapture his spirit without seeing it herself. 

Duobunn’s I love because of the technical skill (all demonstrate technical skill though, of course I mean look at them), but also because of the colors. 

I mean. I TOLD her how they should look. 

I told her how the colors should be monochrome because of the atmosphere, the dichotomy of white and black, the greys in between, the sharp, vividness of blood and eye colors like Roman Sheer’s. 

She captures Ten as quiet, solemn, dignified…in the face of overwhelming pain. And the chaos of that feeling. 

I told her that his eyes were intense, but his body was still, he’s like a tiger, a coiled predator waiting for someone or something to make a move. 

So she caught Ten as primal and otherworldly. 

She depicted Ten as I request, which was focused on his INITIAL appearance as someone to be feared. Someone who could take and dish pain without flinching. He is at his most inhuman at that moment in time. 

And she caught that perfectly. 

So there you have it. 

Artists from left to right: @oreokuki, @s0lareuat, kairis-matic, who deleted her tumblr and is now on wordpress as karismanic, i think, and @duobunn, my new collab partner. 

Art, guys. 


It’s awesome. 

I miss you before 2 AM.
I miss you before the alcohol passes my lips.
I miss you before I’m in my bed with nothing but cold, empty space to roll over to.
I miss you whether I pour cereal for breakfast or grab a yogurt on the way out.
I miss you when I’m out for lunch with my friends. When I’m looking over notes for that big exam.
I miss you when I’m happy. When my day is going great, the sun is shining and my favorite song is blasting from my car radio.
I miss you when I’m hours from my deadline. I miss you when I’m doing nothing at all.
I just miss you.
—  That’s how I know-RLM

yall i get a lot of yall hc pidge as uninterested in relationships and affection (be it bc of age or sexuality) but can you stop writing her as the “ew lolol yall are gross for openly sharing affection with each other XDXD im above forming relationships with people” character when writing kl@nce???? bc 1) you are not better or worse for being into relationships (platonic or romantic) or not. and 2) ur probably being lowkey homophobic by implying same gender relationships are gross (bc pidge is usually written this way predominantly in klance fics)


The human soul.

There is nothing, no element or force, on earth with more endurance, more power. In this world, the human soul, in all of its glory, in its degradation, at its most hopeful, and most despairing, will persist even without the body. These souls linger within Haunts, places where misery and fear have trapped the enduring souls of others within their walls.

Those who die within Haunts are vulnerable. Their souls linger, but they refuse to die. And the souls of the trapped rush into their bodies as they hang in limbo, forcing the resurrection of a damaged body back to life, as a new creature known as a Revenant. Revenants are born from the souls of damaged humans. Upon rebirth, their soul becomes a Pulse, a powerful new entity capable of exerting itself in mysterious, deadly, and unpredictably terrifying ways.

The source of their powers is unknown. The extent, the potential, of their abilities vary wildly and can become stronger with time. 

Those who possess the reformed souls are highly unstable individuals. 

Comic here: https://tapas.io/episode/670659

The books here: https://www.amazon.com/K.-L.-Somniate/e/B01C8DT0I4/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1 

My mother’s hands are dry, as they always are.
They crack and flake and peel,
dried out
from working with chemicals at the nail salon,
from working with people who looked down at her language and her labor,
from working with hands that refused to rescue her
from a homeland that bathed in fire,
a sea that swallowed her family whole,
a dream that eluded her grasp.
—  Hold my hands, she said.  KL