kl writings

We live hundreds of miles apart
and even though you aren’t here
to say good morning
or hold me on a bad day
you love me enough
to love me from a distance for the time being
because most people wouldn’t say it’s worth it
but even if our schedules look a little differently
and we live far away
it doesn’t change
the love for you I have inside my heart.
—  kl poems
I miss you before 2 AM.
I miss you before the alcohol passes my lips.
I miss you before I’m in my bed with nothing but cold, empty space to roll over to.
I miss you whether I pour cereal for breakfast or grab a yogurt on the way out.
I miss you when I’m out for lunch with my friends. When I’m looking over notes for that big exam.
I miss you when I’m happy. When my day is going great, the sun is shining and my favorite song is blasting from my car radio.
I miss you when I’m hours from my deadline. I miss you when I’m doing nothing at all.
I just miss you.
—  That’s how I know-RLM

Alright, girls and boys and those who are neither, I am here today to bring you what I like to call more colloquially, “The Voltron ages from Comicon are garbage and here’s why!”  In fact, consider that my thesis statement because things are taking a turn for the (informal) essay here, my friends.

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Had a voltron dream last night. In it, I got a sneak watch at a few episodes of season 2. In the one, Keith and Lance held hands briefly, then at the end (dream time is weird) Lance gave him a kiss on the cheek before he went back to Blue.

I was a little upset, Sheith is my otp and, while kl@ance is swell, it felt wrong. Like the characters were forced, and the story was lost to dreamland. It felt rushed and out of character based on the story so far. They were acting more like shiro/keith than lance/keith (it made sense in my dream)

And in my dream I came on here and was like **+spoilers season 2+** and layed out what I just watched in detail and tried to predict what would happen in the next episode. And I was like “it was very ooc, almost like it wasn’t Lance. There was no build up and clearly the backstory wasn’t given because they were hiding it from Hunk and Pidge. Idk where Shiro was…. And wait, that wasn’t the Blue lion, it was the Black lion. Omg, did lance and shiro mind swap?”

So now I have this great need for such a fic. Where Shiro and lance mind/body swap, and Keith is stuck in the middle. I have a few scenarios, some innocent, others pretty mean…