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alrighty. it's long.

so i’m pretty much known for causing drama now. so might as well clear shit up. i know i’m annoying. like extremely annoying. i can be a bitch if i want to. sometimes i have my bad days where i can’t find it in me to be nice. if anyone has been a victim of teresa when she was in a bad mood, i’m sorry. you probably didn’t even do anything. and for the people who i have reasons to be a bitch to, i’m definitely not apologizing for that lol. i can be a good person, but i’m definitely no nun. i just want this crap to be over. i just want to blog and have fun. i want to clear things up with a lot of people. get it off my shoulder. stop reading this if you’re gonna be pissed alright. i’m gonna be completely honest in this post. completely. mitchie has made a post and included me in it. we’re friends but she had enough balls to say all that. that’s why i respect her. i wasn’t even mad after i read that so if you’re gonna be mad after reading this, don’t. 

lightaheart: lol i figured i might as well start with you. we have so much shit between us that this is gonna be a little bit hard/easy to write. ok, um, i feel bad that you deleted. i know i have a lot to do with it. i didn’t, like, want you to delete. i thought your blog was good but i just wanted you to stop making similar stuff to me. i just wanted tumblr to give you a warning but you deleted your blog before they could. i really dont have anymore problems with that anymore. also there was that one time where me and dessie had problems with all those miley blogs and i really don’t understand why you had to team up with them. it was between me dessie and all those blogs but out of nowhere, you like jumped in and i was just like “the fuck?”. then, there was that issue with that one blog who everyone thought died. i made a couple posts about people being disrespectful for thinking that reblogging a post would do anything and once again, you jumped on my dick. you said stuff like how i was a disgusting heartless person for not paying my respects. and i really thought you were insane because i was pretty much saying the opposite of all the things you were accusing me of saying. i was really pissed off at the fact that you were putting shit into my mouth. shit that i did not say or meant in any way. i think that one thing that annoys me the most about you is, you keep turning it on me all of the time. you always put words into my mouth. there was a time where i decided to be nice. i messaged you asking you if you just wanted to let the whole thing go and forget everything but you ignored my message and went purposely editing the EXACT same thing that i did 2 minutes before. you made it seem like i attacked you, well, i did attack you, but it was after you ignored me. you made it seem like i was a bitch when i was trying to fix things. yeah, i really don’t know where to go with this. i’m just gonna stay out of your way and you stay out of mine. i’ll stay off of your blog and you stay off of mine. you don’t talk about me and i won’t talk about you. when it comes to drama with our friends, i won’t jump on you and you don’t jump on me. let’s just act like we don’t exist in eachother’s tumblr world, alright. okie dokie.

kidrauhl: erm, i don’t even know what to say to you. i’m guessing you’re pissed because i made your favorite blog delete. well, you and your friend are gonna be united cus she’s right there. ^ staring down at us from heaven. lol no, i made a post thing for her right above yours. anyways, i don’t know what your shit is with me. for the past 2 days, i keep getting messages saying “kidrauhl made a post about you again” and everytime i’m just like “who is this bitch.” i don’t know what makes you think that you can tell me how to run my blog. i get that you don’t like me, but it’s who i am and it’s how i want my blog to be. i don’t understand why you’re so attached to this whole thing. if i make tumblr “gross” for you then why don’t you just stop, i don’t know, talking about me? i don’t think it’s that hard. all your posts telling me how to run my blog and how i should act is unnecessary. all you’re doing is helping me gain followers.  i don’t have anything against you, i don’t know you and i really want to keep it that way. you only see the side of me that’s attached to the drama. when i’m pissed about shit, you assume that that’s how i am. you think i’m a bitch when i can be the nicest person ever. you don’t know that because you’re judging me. i really think you should mind your own business and make justin proud because, after all, he knows your blog.

kkristens: you’re probably gonna be the little beacon of positivity in this post. i’m glad we settled our shit yesterday. i’m glad we’re both over it. i’m glad that it’s all done and yup. btw, you’re really pretty and i like your new url.

libertywalks: ok, so i used to follow you but then i unfollowed because you kept bashing on selena. you kept calling her a whore and saying stuff about how she copies miley and dumb crap like that. i really got tired of it so i unfollowed. then months later, you messaged me, telling me that you were just going through hard times so i forgave you and followed you again. everything was fine and dandy but then like before, you started getting all of these anons in your ask. everyday, it was like 28937482934 messages. i asked you to get a questions blog but you didn’t want to. but that’s not why i unfollowed once again. i unfollowed because you kept bashing on the one direction boys. i don’t even like or care about them but you kept bashing them and it was extremely annoying. you’re probably gonna disagree and say that you weren’t bashing but you were still going on and on about how much you dislike them. and i felt like you shouldn’t do that because if someone was bashing demi and stuff, you’d get pretty mad. and i’ve seen you get mad. i felt like it was unfair to all those one direction fans. yeah, that’s why i unfollowed, i really don’t have anything against you personally at all. so don’t think that my indirect posts are about you either. eduarda had to ask me if my posts were about you and i’m gonna tell you right now, they’re not. none of them are because like i said, i don’t have issues with you, i just find you annoying but don’t let that get you down. a lot of people find me annoying, i know. 

libertyfuse: i don’t know what your new url is so whatever. i remembered when i, and along with the tumblr community thought you were dead. i made posts saying that i was praying for you, your family, and your friends. i think you completely misunderstood me. i made posts talking about how i thought it’s disrespectful that people were making post like “reblog in honor of kyleigh”. i just thought that when people die, they deserve more than just a text post. you’re supposed to mourn with prayer or something, not sit on tumblr. i feel like you thought i didn’t care so apparently now you think i hate you and you hate me so here’s my clarification of everything.

brightofglow: you were my first friend on here and it’s sad that things are the way they are. you think that i unfollowed you because i’m now on dessie’s “side”, whatever that means, but no i didn’t. i wanted to unfollow you for awhile but i didn’t know how to do it since we were friends. i just thought that it was annoying that you say that you “don’t care what people think” and stuff. you make so many videos saying that but i felt like everyday, you make posts like “why does no one like me?” “where are my friends, lol what friends”. i tried to like talk to you as much as i can but it gets tiring when you say that multiple times everyday. and then again, there was drama with those miley blogs and you like joined in with their immaturity. i don’t know where to go from here. i just think that we should just proceed with not following eachother for now. 

justalibertywalk: lol weren’t we like tumblr wives. guess not anymore. a lot of people say that you copy lightthefuze, and i can see it. you kinda do. but i ignored it and i was friends with both of you. but out of nowhere you starting being a bitch and started talking behind my back and started making indirect posts about me so i was just like fuck it, i’m unfollowing. there’s not really any like intense drama between us so whatever.

hellyeahmileycee: so we became friends after you had a fight with jessica. me and dessie were there for you and everything. but then after that, when you became friends with her again, you started being really annoying. we never even said anything about you. you thought that our indirect posts were about you but they weren’t. only after you started making indirect posts, then that was when we decided to just unfollow and not get in the way of you and jessica’s new friendship. our shit with you and stuff was immature and i’m sorry for that.

biebrauhl: hi mitchie. you’re the one that inspired me to make this. so thank you for that. i respect you a lot for being able to do that. i love you. i really don’t have anything against you, obviously, i just sometimes feel like you can be a little harsh but yeah, look who’s talking. i really am surprised that you told me about that ~hippo~ (code word). thanks for sharing that with me. i’m always gonna be here for you. you can always come and talk to me.

•• i think this is it. i know there are other people but i really don’t want to make a post about you because i know that you’re fake and you’ll just talk shit behind my back even after i make a semi-nice thing about you. 

a lot of people on my dash think that these rants are gonna start more drama but this is my attempt to end the drama. i just want to get all of this all out and proceed with my life. i wrote this out of complete honesty with how i feel about you. i don’t really care if you laugh at me or if you’re pissed. the truth hurts sometimes but it felt good letting it all out. don’t start making indirect posts about me after reading this ok? i had enough balls to write this so you can water your vagina a little bit, let your dick grow, and write me something directly. i just want to clear the air with you people so i can just spend my time editing, and talking to all the friends i have on here.