Bangtan's Skool Luv Affair 'thanks to' to each other
  • Jungkook:Lastly Bangtan! Rap Monster hyung, Suga hyung, Jin hyung, J-Hope hyung, Jiminie hyung, V hyung I love you!
  • Suga:And BTS!! Everyone is always doing your best, so I'm very thankful and I love you.
  • Rap Monster:And my beloved Bangtan! Jin hyung, Suga hyung, Hope, Jim, V, Kkook let's keep doing better.
  • Jimin:Monie hyung, shoulder hyung, seoltang(=sugar) hyung, huimang(=hope) hyung, V, Kkookie, I love you.
  • V:AND lastly MY FAVORITE Rwabbeu Monster, Jjuga, Jjei Hope, Jjwimin, Jjangkook thank you for walking on this road with me and I love you♥ let's be together for the rest of our lives x 1000 [t/n: yes Jin is missing lol]
  • J-Hope:Lastly our members Rap goemul(=monster), Jjin hyung, seoltang(=sugar) hyung, V, Park Jimin, ireumeun Jungkook~♪ [t/n: Jungkook's line from Bulletproof pt2] you know that I love you right!
  • Jin:Lastly our reliable Namjoonie, Yoongi, Hoseokie, Taehyungie, Jiminie, Jungkookie, because I have you I'm very happy and thankful
I feel just a little bit bad for kim jongkook in runningman eventhough im rarely on his side lol

everyone is always plotting against him and him only xD

always making alliances with the enemy to get him out of the way

but id feel kinda shitty if no matter if the people are on the same team as me, theyre plotting my downfall from the start.

he’s like runningman public enemy number 1.

i feel like in some ep kjk should have his own army of people that wont betray him but because his alliance is strong and has no wishes of takinghim  out, the other team should have a big advantage as well.

because i do feel for him since its unfair he is the direction all their pitchforks are heading in xD

Speed Room - 20150604 - M Countdown Waiting Room

Nice to meet you our DEEPS friends♪
M-goon is here!
Did everyone enjoy watching yesterday’s M Countdown?
Without giving necessary interval of time, shall we go for waiting room exploration, part 3?

Starting off with a group photo

You see a familiar face over (ov~er) there?
That’s right! Our Taewoon came to visit the M Countdown waiting room!

But the reason to why two people aren’t there is because of human nature!
Our Kkookie Jongkook went to proudly sing the national anthem and pitch for the Nexen Hanhwa match=3
And our leader Kim leader had a fall and was embarrassed so there are rumors that he’s crying in 9085..

Taewoon came to visit M Countdown and also left us with a selca

This is Taewoon (a.ka. Speed’s past leader, Wootaeng) who took a heartwarming photo with Taeha too.

Today is a day with a lot of selcas
Shall we go for a selca parade?

(It’s not because M-goon is bothered^^;;;;;;)

Jongkook took photos which look like selcas but are not selcas!

He took them by himself for DEEPS who might be upset that he has no waiting room photos
Isn’t M-goon the best? (Thumbs up)

After reading comments that the waiting room exploration part 2 made them skip a beat
Taeha got excited and took took a second version of the heartthrob selcas

This time it’s done with maknae Sungmin

How is it?
Does it make your heart race?

but, but!

It is not Speed if this side isn’t present!

Lastly, the three free spirited ones who were enjoying themselves in Heelys in front of the fans!


The group Speed (S P Double E D ) that doesn’t disappoint till the end

It’s up to here for today!

Do you like it?
(Please say that you do even if you don’t. M-goon has a soft heart. I am reading all of the comments^^)

I’ll be back next time with more cool and good looking photos