Have plans for visiting Finland?

Well of course you do! 

Where else in the world could you possibly live your entire life via the most delightful and bountiful letter in the alphabet?! 😍

See, the thing is that over here we have this chain called K-Market…

… and in K-Market they sell - DUH - a large variety of K brand products.

Want tortilla chips? K can hook you up.

Feel like toasting mallows? K won´t let you down.

Oatmeal? Jam? Olives? Just remember one letter: K.

Looking for a snack in bisquit or cookie form? Well, K to the rescue!

Alternative for Black Fuel? Ice cream for consolation after JL does VK again? 

K, K, baby, du du dun du du dun du du dun dun.

Are you the owner of an eager and/or bitchy kittie? If so then you can rest assured: there is not a chance in hell that K would ever ignore your pussy.

Thirst is a terrible thing - especially if it´s the physical kind - so do make sure you stay hydrated with K juice…

… or if it´s one of those days, aka any day of the week in Mars fandom, you can just skip the juice aisle and head on straight to the alcoholic beverages - either in delightfully colored cider form or in dark and mysterious lager form. 

Just be careful not to grab that BEAR beer next to it by mistake.

Bear is lame and old and sad and useless and will only make you angry that you wasted your time.

K on the other hand… Well.

Need to wash off your sins face and teeth? Let K cleanse you from your filth.

And should you get struck down with an inevitable urge, feel free to wipe your damn ass on K.

So basically in short: 


You´re gonna hate it. 😈