kkkkkk so funny


160109 Musical & Healing Concert: 

Before Donghae went to interview the audience, he said “Even though I’m a bit shy, I’ll come down and spend time conversing with everyone”.

Donghae: There’s a lot of handsome ppl today and- oh it seems you’re all avoiding me 

Fan: Puts hand up 

Donghae: Oh do you want to say something?If you win at rock paper scissors, you can say something 

Fan: /Wins 

Donghae: Ah, do you have anything you want to say? 

Fan: Oppa… I love you 

She keeps talking about how she came from so far and her boyfriend and says she’s an ELF of 11 years and Donghae’s just like someone save me (: And when Donghae points to his wrist to tell her they have no time she’s like “I know, I know, I’ll wrap it up here”.

-After talking to fan- 

Donghae: You can rest that love & pick it back up after 1 year & 7months, I’ll work hard to quickly become a 3rd class officer! ( He said that because the fan was like: “Oppa you’re a private first class right, my boyfriend is 3rd class” ) [c]