White Cop Under Investigation After Comparing Beyonce’s Super Bowl Performance To the KKK

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said Thursday that his department is looking into the officer, whose tone-deaf post featured a photo of white-hooded Klansmen beneath a picture of Queen Bey’s dance crew. The officer, whose name was not provided, is being reassigned to a different precinct, according to Detroit’s WXYZ-TV. He issued an apology on his Facebook page after receiving backlash for the post before deleting his account altogether.

Did Beyoncé’s dancers (or the Black Panthers) hang white people, burn down their houses, etc? I don’t recall hearing about that. What an ignorant comparison. #Hate it!


Comedian Owen Benjamin says Beyoncé did a “KKK dance routine” at the Super Bowl

In a since-deleted tweet, stand-up comic Owen Benjamin wrote “I really really hope Beyonce fans google ‘who were the black panthers.’ Never support her again. She basically just did a KKK dance routine.” Many on Twitter showed him the error of his ways — but at least, he’s made a proposal to actually learn something.

Still amazes me that people still have the nerve to compare the Black Panthers, a black empowerment group to the KKK, a terrorist group, even though all the information to debunk that comparison is at one’s fingertips.

Rep. Tommy Benton, R-Jefferson: KKK wasn't racist but was a vigilante thing to keep law and order

A Georgia lawmaker who was criticized for saying that the Ku Klux Klan was not racist has withdrawn bills he proposed to honor the Confederacy.

Rep. Tommy Benton, R-Jefferson, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution last week that the KKK wasn’t racist but was “a vigilante thing to keep law and order.”

House and Senate members disavowed Benton’s comments in recent days, and the newspaper reported Monday that Benton withdrew his name as a sponsor from several measures, including a bill recognizing Confederate Memorial Day and Robert E. Lee’s birthday as state holidays.


Say what? So called “vigilance thing” is nothing but racist killers and hangmen. Benton forgot about thousands of victims. We live in 2016! How lawmaker could approve the actions of KKK calling them power to keep law and order? That’s absolutely dumb and ignorant regardless of the context. I think lawmakers should pay more attention to what they say in public.


The Politics and Art of a New Afrikan Black Panther: Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

In 1990, Kevin “Rashid” Johnson was a drug dealer, an ambitious member of amerika’s Black lumpen proletariat, or underclass. Like so many, as a young adult he was arrested and received a lengthy prison sentence. He has been incarcerated ever since – for the past eighteen years in conditions of solitary confinement.

“Because I accepted my lifestyle and all of its consequences, I was always reluctant to involve my family or others on the outside of prison in my conflicts with the pigs. I dealt with my own problems–directly.” ~  Rashid. #Love it!

Yes, we would be enraged had the black panthers enslaved whites, raped and lynched them for 200 years! 

Seriously, the Black Panther party has distanced themselves from their radical ideas of the 60’s. The KKK, not to much. BPPs idea was to be treated like human beings by any means necessary. The KKK wanted to get rid of all the the blacks at one point. And they still do, they just don’t have (as much) institutional backing to get away with the crimes today.