Sweet lawd Crush is back! Here’s a long ass teaser. He has an amaziiing voice, one of my fav singers. I hope he brings out a new album as well and not just one song. Bless him amen.

It makes me really angry that no one on Kim K Hollywood ever calls to ask ME on a date but I’ve always gotta be taking these bitches out or else I get a phone call like “hey I haven’t heard from you in a while maybe we should break up” um I’m sorry I was busy doing 24-hour photoshoots and earning money to take YOUR ass out on more dates
like when are you gonna call and invite me out to do something for once like wtf



Down Town LA

  • Pop Glam
  • DeLuxe Lifestyle Apartments
  • So Chic


  • Luna Condos
  • The Brew Palms
  • CTM Management & Publicity (Maria & Simon’s office)
  • Mirimount Pictures

Beverly Hills

  • Metropolitan Magazine
  • Panimo
  • Kim’s Mansion


  • Kardash
  • Mansion
  • Boyfriend’s House


  • LIF
  • Kardash
  • Beach House

Las Vegas:

  • Chateau Nuit
  • Miraggio Grande
  • Glamm Magazine

New York: Soho

  • Kardash
  • Oak
  • Muse Magazine

New York: Tribeca

  • Ganzervele
  • Gates Towers
  • Smith & Smith Luxury Lofts

Mexico, Punta Mita

  • Villa
  • El Canario
  • Paraiso De Playa

Paris, France

  • Hotel Utopie
  • La Rue
  • Femme

London, England

  • The Britannia Ballroom
  • Club Tulip
  • London Flat

Sydney, Australia

  • Yacht
  • PopGlam Australia
  • Black Rabbit