[FANACC] BTS’ reaction on speaking "banmal (informal)”

(1st attempt):

FAN: Namjoon-ah, talk to me in banmal.

NAMJOON: Oh ah, I’m not really good at it… (slowly) XXX-ya, he-hello?

(2nd attempt):

NAMJOON: XXX-ya, have you eaten?

FAN: Oh. Good job, really. I love you~

NAMJOON: I love you too~ (feeling uncomfortable because it’s informal)

SEOKJIN: What kind of banmal do you want to hear? (formal)

FAN: O-oh… Noona-ya?

SEOKJIN: Eh? How is “noona-ya” banmal? Noona-ya, is this banmal? (still formal)

FAN: Seokjin-ah, you’re the most handsome person among male idols!

SEOKJIN: (laughing together with the fan) No, not really. BIGBANG’s TOP is really handsome!

FAN: (quickly replies) Ah! TOP♡…


YOONGI: No but really, why do you want to hear me speak banmal?

FAN: I don’t know… This might be weird but I really feel happy whenever you guys speak banmal to me…

YOONGI: Why do you like hearing me speak banmal?

FAN: Uhm… Do you not want to do it?

YOONGI: But all this time haven’t I’ve been speaking banmal (informally) to you? kk

FAN: Ah… Guess so?

HOSEOK: XXX, let’s go!

FAN: Oh? Where?

HOSEOK: To a place where there’s no one but us~~

JIMIN: (looking around him and smiling) XXX, are you a Busan woman? (satoori)

JUNGKOOK: Banmal… What should I say…

MANAGER: Please move.

FAN: Ah. Jungkook-ah, I’m leaving…

JUNGKOOK: Ah… I… I love you. (satoori)

FAN: Taehyung-ah, please speak banmal to me~

TAEHYUNG: Ya! Ya! Rascal! Ya! Banmal!

orig. fanacc by SmurfBts

chinese trans. by 勤劳的汤圆xi

english trans. by maeli (@sugaxing)

anonymous asked:

Hello, I don't have a tumblr (I roll in twitter most of the time) but I saw your analysis about KxK in there and I wanted to show you or ask you about something. This girl twitter*com/dyooranghae (she lives in Korea) new about KxK since February and her tweets were cryptic as fck twitter*com/dyooranghae/status/701045963670990848 twitter*com/dyooranghae/status/715774280437481472 Look at the threads and this tweet twitter*com/dyooranghae/status/701004697755201537 . But now she posted this: (cont)

twitter*com/dyooranghae/status/725634857770975232 twitter*com/dyooranghae/status/725673174503854080 I don’t know why, call me delulu, but I have the feeling that this have something to do with KxK as in the end of this scam, or maybe is about the other couple news that supposedly will be released in june. At this moment, I’m confused with everything, but your analysis give me hope and I believe in Kaisoo with much feeling again. Thank you for them and please keep them coming.

Hey anon,

A Kfan told me that Kkfans are talking about kaisoo but they didn’t voice it out bcoz of kaixxstal. Most of kfans strongly believe it could be kaisoo. What’s happening in SK right now is happening here too. Kaisoo shippers giving theories, then kaixxstal shippers throwing hates.

But we, ifans are more open about this and doesn’t give a sht about kaixxstal shippers. However, in SK, they could hardly talk about kaisoo bcoz when someone voice out her thoughts about kaisoo, some kaixxstal shippers went crazy.

There was a poll conducted in SK about OTP last Feb. Kaisoo won the poll by 800 votes while the others were not so great.

However, these are all a kaisoo kfan info. Not from my source. So yeah..

If you notice, her tweets were very discreet. She knew about it but she only giving out small hints in her tweets. So I’m not surprised why…..

Do believes in what you want to believe in :))) No problem dear. I’ll flood everyone dashboard with kaisoo’s loves.