[FANACC] BTS’ reaction on speaking "banmal (informal)”

(1st attempt):

FAN: Namjoon-ah, talk to me in banmal.

NAMJOON: Oh ah, I’m not really good at it… (slowly) XXX-ya, he-hello?

(2nd attempt):

NAMJOON: XXX-ya, have you eaten?

FAN: Oh. Good job, really. I love you~

NAMJOON: I love you too~ (feeling uncomfortable because it’s informal)

SEOKJIN: What kind of banmal do you want to hear? (formal)

FAN: O-oh… Noona-ya?

SEOKJIN: Eh? How is “noona-ya” banmal? Noona-ya, is this banmal? (still formal)

FAN: Seokjin-ah, you’re the most handsome person among male idols!

SEOKJIN: (laughing together with the fan) No, not really. BIGBANG’s TOP is really handsome!

FAN: (quickly replies) Ah! TOP♡…


YOONGI: No but really, why do you want to hear me speak banmal?

FAN: I don’t know… This might be weird but I really feel happy whenever you guys speak banmal to me…

YOONGI: Why do you like hearing me speak banmal?

FAN: Uhm… Do you not want to do it?

YOONGI: But all this time haven’t I’ve been speaking banmal (informally) to you? kk

FAN: Ah… Guess so?

HOSEOK: XXX, let’s go!

FAN: Oh? Where?

HOSEOK: To a place where there’s no one but us~~

JIMIN: (looking around him and smiling) XXX, are you a Busan woman? (satoori)

JUNGKOOK: Banmal… What should I say…

MANAGER: Please move.

FAN: Ah. Jungkook-ah, I’m leaving…

JUNGKOOK: Ah… I… I love you. (satoori)

FAN: Taehyung-ah, please speak banmal to me~

TAEHYUNG: Ya! Ya! Rascal! Ya! Banmal!

orig. fanacc by SmurfBts

chinese trans. by 勤劳的汤圆xi

english trans. by maeli (@sugaxing)