i watched too many videos of fox dives and just kinda drew this and then I figured i should send it to you because they’re your characters. i apologize for the silliness


(much thank)

Have a bunch of practice doodles of your fursona! The colors are a bit off, it’s kinda hard to get the right colors with markers.

I plan on doing a few digital pieces with him soon, he’s really fun to draw.

holy god damn these are kawaii tho.

thank you, i’m looking forward to whatever digital you have planned X3

So my fursona now has refs.

Or well, a reference file?
I’m gonna probably put all of these pics into one image eventually but…
Yeah, i finally have a reference to people who wanna draw my me.

There’s like 10 or so images of like clothed, fur patterns, close ups of things, an alternate hair thing, here’s one of them.

ZERO SHADING for color convenience.