K E L L Y   D E W I T T
Kelly DeWitt is an Austin based woodworker who designs and build furnitures under the name KKDW. I fell in love with the simple yet sophisticated work of this young and talented maker who finds inspiration into traditional american design and the nature that surrounds her.
- Chloe

Working full-time as a woodworker for barely a year, Kelly DeWitt seems to be doing pretty well for herself. From her home studio nestled on the slope of a green hill a few miles away from Austin, she creates beautiful wooden handcrafted furnitures and objects in the pure tradition of the Shaker craftsmanship. Following the principles of this design philosophy (simplicity, utility and honesty), Kelly builds well-made credenzas, tables, desks and cabinets of minimalist designs thoughtfully constructed and engineered to last a lifetime and beyond.
Her pieces are modern and timeless at the time, mixing rich wood and welded-steel constructions.
Focusing on details and finishes, Kelly works with the natural caracter of the wood, bringing out the innate beauty of its grain by using a variety of hand-rubbed oils and waxes that leave her products feeling like silk.
Her fall 2014 collection includes stools, mirrors, plant stands, wooden furnitures and the remarkable Open Road Armchair (one of my favorite pieces from KKDW so far!) for which she joined forces with fellow designer Nathalie Davis from Canoe.

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