Q. When do you think you looked your best, in general?
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. When I watch that movie, I say, “You were beautiful. And now…you just need to accept the fact that you’re going to age as gracefully as possible.” I think it was also just because me and the missus were in lockstep. No kids. Not married yet. We saw nothing but each other. And we had a project. And it’s [director] Shane Black. Who, you know, it’s hard not to adore. And 35 days of night shooting. I mean, we were giddy. But I think there was something about sleeping till two o'clock in the afternoon every day, where it reminded me of when we were all beautiful young club kids. It was also very good lighting. - Robert Downey Jr.



Dear Robert / Dear Mr. Downey,
we wish you an amazing and fantastic Birthday with all your dearest friends and with your lovely family. Your 3 kids (Indio, Exton and Avri) and your wonderful wife Susan are really happy to got you as wonderful father and husband!! :) Stay healthy and awesome!!!


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