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Why do you hate Autism speaks?

I hope you don’t mind if I publish this for future reference. If you do, let me know and I’ll take it down.

Wikipedia is a good place to go for the general reasons people have beef with AS. The Autism Self-Advocacy Network has a really good flyer on the topic as well. They also threatened an autistic child with legal action for criticizing them and refused to employ a woman because she needed accommodations to care for her AUTISTIC SON.

They don’t spread “awareness,” they spread fear, and considering there are already people literally being killed for having autism, fear is the last thing we need. Not to mention all this talk about finding a “cure” is fucking stupid, considering the number of actually autistic people saying they don’t need the cure, society does.

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Homophobia literally means that you are either scared of gay people hitting on you or you hate gay people, and unless someone actively tells you, there is no way you can know someone is homophobic. Say i was gay, could I tell you what to define homophobia as? If you must know, i am pansexual.

are you going by the dictionary definition of homophobia

i am c a c k l i n g omfg obvs the dictionary is right yes and there is such a thing as racism against whites because the dictionary says it’s just racial discrimination in general yeah okay