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Kai; This Is Enough [Scenario; Birthday Special 2015]

Happy birthday to Kim Jongin! 

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“Are you sure you don’t want to do anything else, today?” You asked, peeking up to look at him to check on his expressions – you could easily read his face if you needed to. It was already night time, basically, it was nearing 9p.m. and hey, if he wanted to do anything else, you’d be ready to do it for him. In the morning, the both of you went out for a fun date – well, inclusive of the rest of his friends, too. Later on, the both of you got to be alone and let’s just say it just got a bit too steamy in the bathroom stall in the bowling alley – hopefully no one heard the both of you.

Now, after he had blown out the candles on his cake along with having a slice with you, the both of you were settled down on the bed. He cocooned you in protectively whilst having the blanket to cover the both of you nicely, keeping you warm. His long arms wrapped around you along with his long legs tangled with yours beneath the sheets.

It felt really comfortable like this but you couldn’t help but wonder if he wanted to do something else. After all, the both of you didn’t exactly do much – it was like a normal day… but it should be celebrated grandly, to you, at least. This man here, the one whom you’ve been with for as long as you can remember – it was the date he was born. His presence meant everything to you and well, you wanted to make it important; and you wanted him to feel that way.

He shook his head with a smile, turning over to look at you with that genuine, gorgeous smile, “Nope. Well, we’re already doing something, angel.”

You let out a slightly disappointed huff, looking away where you played with his fingers. He had one arm around you and you played with that hand over your shoulder. He gently gave you a squeeze by your waist with an arm draped over your abdomen, catching your attention, “Hey, what’s on your mind?”

“Well…” You mumbled softly, turning your body to rest your arm against the bed rest whilst your chest slightly leaned against his. You were actually thinking of how to say this without getting the wrong words across but regardless of whatever or how you say it, he would not get offended. How could he? You were the type to be very careful with your words and the way you took care of him and his feelings, he could never ask for anyone else.

He couldn’t help but chuckle at your puzzled face. He used a hand to poke your nose, both of his hands holding onto yours as he mirrored you, sitting up to press his arm against the bed rest.

He noticed how you were taking longer than usual, and he found the urge to tease you, “Tick, tock, tick, tock…”

You looked up and huffed at him, “I’m thinking!”

He laughed, shaking your hands in his, “About what?”

You let out a soft sigh and gazed down to his hands in yours, despite the darkness shadowing the both of you down, the moonlight that seeped through the window made certain things visible.

“Well… We didn’t do much, this year…” You muttered softly, your fingers fiddling with his as you continued, “I mean, compared to last year, we didn’t do as much. And I couldn’t get you that many presents as I got for you last year so…” You looked up to him for a second, taking note of his blank look before looking away again – you felt a bit guilty, really. “I just thought that if you had anything else that you wanted to do, I’d do it.”

From a blank look, a small smile crept onto his face as he breathed out, “Angel?”

You looked up to meet with his eyes. There was a different spark in them this time. “Y-Yeah?”

“You want to do something for me?” The challenge in his tone was evident.

You nodded silently yet hurriedly at once. He smirked, turning his head to display his cheek at your way. He jutted it out more evidently along with two taps he gave on his cheek, “Give me a kiss.”

You leaned away with furrowed eyebrows, “W-What?”

He tapped his cheek persistently, “You’re not kissing me?”

You licked your lips nervously, subconsciously squeezing his hands, “I-It’s not that but-“

He turned his face to meet yours, letting go of your hands. You blinked at him before allowing him to cup your cheeks, drawing your face nearer, “I’ll kiss you, then.” He mumbled softly before his lips landed on yours. Needless to say, it took you by surprise. Regardless, you managed to kiss him back despite attempting to muffle a few words back to him. It only drove him off the edge to kiss you harder, sliding you down to the bed where he lied you down beneath him. He didn’t exactly hover above you but he was resting by your side, his lips connected to yours. Despite wanting to know what was behind this kiss, there was no lying that you gave your all in kissing him back – especially when he was being this passionate. He left one hand on your cheek, while the other slid down to wrap it around your waist as he had the only authority to do that. His lips massaged yours with his tongue occasionally mingling with yours.

It has never been this delightful.

It felt like this could go on forever and you didn’t know when but your arms made their way around his neck somewhere in between the kiss. He drew away from you first, noticing how the both of you were trying hard to catch your breath. He managed to still show you his handsome smile even though he was breathing heavily and he swiped your bottom lip with his thumb gently. His eyes just looked so happy and you wanted to know… why?

“K-Kai…” Was all you could breathe out, your fingers brushing against one another behind his neck. He moved his hand on your cheek to press a thumb on your lips, silencing you, “Do you want to know why I don’t want to do anything else?”

With a small frown, you shook your head – as if you could say anything.

He smiled back at you wider, finding you so adorably innocent. He moved his hand away, pillowing his hand against your cheek once more, “Because I already have enough even if we don’t do anything.”

You let out a soft ‘huh?’ as you furrowed your eyebrows at him.

He let out a small chuckle, confusing you further as you hit him on the shoulder, “Kai! Stop playing games!”

He sat up properly, shaking his head, “I’m not playing games!” He pulled you up, “Here, sit up first.”

You obliged, sitting up with him on the bed. He moved on the bed to sit opposite you, his hands in yours as he stared into your eyes. There was this pause of silence and clarity that suddenly took over that you weren’t sure if Kai was really going to talk or not. The both of you just had a mini-staring battle, as if the first one who looks away would lose. Then again, it was pointless because he wants to stare at you as he spoke.

“You know… people would expect me to have a lot of plans on my birthday – clubbing, drinking, going out and stuff but… sometimes it’s nice to take a break, you know?”

You broke eye contact, looking away with soft mumbles of, “B-But…”

He used a hand to tilt your chin up, meeting his eyes again, “Being with you, is enough for me, angel. It doesn’t matter where I go but it does matter on who I go with.” He spread his arms wide, motioning you over to hug him. Soundlessly, you moved over to wrap your arms around him, burying your face in his chest. He smiled and instantly held you in, resting his chin on your head – you were so precious. How did he get this lucky, anyway?

“And as long as I’m going there or I’m here with you, it doesn’t matter to me. I’ll already be happy.”

You leaned away a bit, enough to plant a kiss on his clothed chest. “Happy birthday, Kim Jongin…”

He held his arms in to crush you but it didn’t hurt – it was the opposite of that.

“Thank you, my angel.” 

Alright, so on the left is a picture of me, and on the right, Kai. I have had insicurities about my skin color since as long as I can remember caring. I have hated my dark skin and wanted to be lighter, to be fair skinned, and so i can only imagine the struggle Kai goes through. In Korea, where pale skin is an even more relevant beauty standard, being dark skinned, especially as an idol must be hard. Since he’s confident in his skin, I am so inspired to be confident in mine too! He’s about as dark as me, and I’m not as pressured to be pale as he is, and he still stays strong, I am so proud of him.