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Baekhyun; Selfish Together

 can you write a scenario where baekhyun leaves you bc he thought it would be better for you to be w/o him but you both couldnt be w/o each other and tried finding one another 
❝Ah, it’s shorter than I imagined and I didn’t know why I made it short but… sorry! HERE IT IS I HOPE YOU STILL LOVE IT
►2015 words (omgiknow), scenario | slight angst, fluff

It has been… three days? Youweren’t too sure on how long it has been but all you could tell that eachsecond that went by felt tormenting, it felt too painful and it was too hardfor you to breathe. It was so agonizing to wake up each morning, despite it being only a few, they were enough to kill you mentally as it ate you alive as each minute, second that ticked by—hurtful and it felt like there was a big crack in your heart ever since that day.

It was normal, or at least, you thought it was.

Baekhyun was going to leave for his flight at the end of the week and… a few days before it, he had did something that had definitely taken a toll on you since you never, ever saw it coming. Maybe if he said it to your face, maybe if he actually had the guts to come to your doorstep to break down the news, maybe things would’ve ended differently. Maybe if he showed his face and maybe if he saw your face, hear your cries, watch your tears, breathe in the same room as you… maybe he wouldn’t have left the way he did.

You find yourself sitting by the window, his favorite spot to embrace you whenever he stayed the night. He’d wrap his arms around you from behind, you seated in between his legs as he cocooned you in, keeping you warm as you both would share a kiss or two, crack a jokes too many until you both would clutch onto your stomach from the pain because being with one another was more than just happiness. It was pure joy, contentment and it felt like you had finally found the missing piece to the puzzle in your heart, in your life.

It was so complete—and it wasn’t necessarily perfect but it was everything you could’ve ever asked for.

Who knew he would’ve broken down the promises he made. Who knew he would put the sword down to the battle of love you both shared, who knew he would take off his bright and shining armor, laying it on the ground to say his goodbye.

Who knew he would wake up one day and tell you, he didn’t love you anymore.

It wasn’t fair and heck, you knew it wasn’t what you wanted—not when you felt this much pain that it was physically painful.

Yet, you sat here, looking out the window where you could easily see the busy streets despite the sky crying, wetting the streets, leaving small puddles here and there as well as trickles of droplets on your glass window. What felt worse was that ever since the text message you’ve received, you weren’t able to get him off your mind. No matter how many chick flicks you’d watch, how many ice cream tubs you’ve emptied with a spoon, the number of boxes of tissues you’d waste—it wasn’t enough to bring your happiness back like how you had when you were with Baekhyun.

Nothing could ever replace Baekhyun.

As your eyes locked on a couple, hands laced together with happiness, you’ve had enough. You stood up from the seat, a bit wobbly and unstable but you were firm enough to reach for your phone, ready to give Baekhyun a piece of your mind. He had said his piece, through a text but you have yet to say your share. Your fingers shakily managed to unlock it, staring at your wallpaper after since that day. You weren’t able to look at it because of the picture set as the first thing you’d see once you unlocked your phone—God, you’ve missed his—focus!

By the time you wanted to dial his number you’ve memorized by heart, a call, first thing you’d see once you unlocked your phone—God, you’ve missed his—focus!

By the time you wanted to dial his number you’ve memorized by heart, a call, Chanyeol had popped up on your screen with three selections you could choose from to do with the call. Of course, without hesitation, you tapped on the one on the far left before placing the phone by your ear, “Y-Yes?”

“C-Can you come here? I need to talk to you.”

“W-Why? Is something wrong?”

“Just come here,” Chanyeol breathed out on the other end, his voice almost pleading you to do so, “Please.”

With the shoving of your phone into your pocket and keys rushed in your hands, you were out of the door.

As you nervously jabbed on the floor number, you tapped your foot impatiently on the floor, hands behind on the railing as you waited for the elevator to move up—if only it could move faster…! Your eyes were closed but they opened when you heard a ‘ding’. Your eyelids peel opened, gaining back your vision once more before you’d step out. However, before you could do so, your eyes met with a pair that you never expected to see.

“B-Baek…” You breathed out with the last breath you held in your lungs, hands suddenly sweaty as your heart thumped rapidly against your chest—what was he doing here?”

He licked his lips that suddenly went dry, his heart racing as he stood there, fidgeting with his fingers before they moved to grasp onto the hem of his jacket, “W-What are you doing here?”

You suddenly felt the cold side of your heart take over, your eyes nearly giving him a look that could cut his heart, “I asked you that first.

He pressed his lips together, his heart nearly cracking when he heard the tone in your voice. If it wasn’t pain, if it wasn’t hurt, if it didn’t show that you were crestfallen because of what he did, he didn’t know what would it be. He gazed down to see your hands clenched into fists, shaking as if you weren’t able to stand to see him any further. He could’ve sworn that you were going to ram past him but what you did had him catching his breath, eyes going wide as you reached out for him.

His arms naturally held onto you, returning your hug as you both stood by the side of the elevator before it dinged shut and moved on to anyone else to use.

“Why?” You could only whisper, feeling your heart about to crush if you were to hear the words you dreaded to hear.

I fell in love with someone else.


I don’t love you anymore…

It was either one and you didn’t know if you were able to take it. All he did was try to breathe, holding you in despite his words in his text message.

I don’t want this anymore—you…and me… I think it’s best we stay apart—I’m breaking up with you.

The harsh words recalled in your mind, reminding you of how he truly was through that one text he sent to you. He wouldn’t even reply your messages then on after, he wouldn’t answer any of your calls and he was stubborn to not keep in contact with you anymore. He was too selfish, too cruel that you could’ve sworn that you heard him flinch when you leaned away from his embrace, revealing your true state with the tears trickling down your cheeks.

He licked his lips once more, his hands lingering by your sides as he wanted to hold onto you so badly, “B-Bee…”

“I won’t ask again, Byun Baekhyun,” Your voice was icy cold, colder on the days he’d share with you a blanket, cold enough to freeze his beating heart. His hands helplessly fell to his sides, his eyes weakly keeping contact with yours, “I-I thought it was for the best—“

“For what best?” You exasperatedly sighed, eyes closing because you couldn’t stand to look at him any longer—how was this for the best?

“Because I’m always not around!” He raised his voice, making you wince as your eyes opened once more to see that fiery gaze in his eyes. It was as if he—

“Do you think I like it when I leave you for my career? Do you think I enjoy thinking that you’d be alone, here, waiting for me whenever I come back I’d only stay for only a few weeks before I’d leave again?” He was breathless by the time he finished a few sentences, his chest heaving up and down as he raked a hand through his hair, eyes looking away for a moment before they fixed on you once more, “I felt so bad, so horrible of myself that… I thought it was time I stopped being selfish…” His tone changed, it grew weaker, shallower, “I thought it was best that… I allowed you to love someone else…”

His eyes closed, a tear rolling down as he hurriedly reached to wipe it away before you’d see, but you had already seen it from the moment it seeped through his eyes, “Someone who deserve your love…”

He had expected you to leave, he had expected you to kick him somewhere where it hurts, he had expected you to curse at him, hit him and tell him you’d never want to see him again but what you did… well, it was partially what he had expected.

“You idiot…” You sniffed, gathering the strength to speak. His eyes meekly looked into yours and he bit his lower lip to hide the frown threatening to form.

“Where’s my say in this?” You questioned, knowing he wouldn’t have an answer when his lips parted just to seal once more. “Isn’t a relationship based on the input of two people?” You asked, taking a step closer, framing his cheeks just to brush the under of his eyes with your thumbs—although you were the one shedding more tears, you figured he needs it more than you did. He mirrored you, swiping your tears away as his eyes closed to appreciate the warm feeling of your skin on his skin… how much he has missed this.

“Why can’t we talk things out instead? Why didn’t you come to me instead of…breaking up with me?” You questioned with a softer tone, your words easily entering his ears, mending his heart as his eyes opened to meet with your gaze that was suddenly so strong, so near, so loving that he felt the tears welling up in his eyes once more.

“I didn’t want to be selfish, I… I couldn’t,” He rasped, choking on his words when he let the tears trickle down, “I’ve seen how you are when you’re lonely, how you cry when I’m not around and… I hate that—I hate causing all of that,” He shook his head with a sigh, “I just wanted you to be happy.”

“But I’m only happy when I’m with you,” You confessed, leaning up to touch foreheads, “You’re breaking us both if you do this…”

A few seconds, to minutes had passed by just staring into your eyes despite the blurry sight he had because of his tears. He blinked them away, eyes focusing onto yours as his arms moved down, sliding around your waist as he held you nearer—this was something only he could do, only he could do it this way, to you. He hugged you close, chest to chest, heart to heart as he whispered into your ear, “I guess I’m going to be selfish,”

“You’re not the only one,” You assured him, arms snaking around his neck to bring him closer despite the small gap between you two.

“I’m sorry,” He said delicately, his words sinking into your heart when he added, “I love you,”

With a smile and a much relieved heart, you knew that no matter what came in between, whatever that tried to push you two apart, it wouldn’t matter as long as you both didn’t give up on one another. Your arms tugged around him tighter, your voice sincere as you whispered back, “I love you too.”

You both didn’t know if it was Chanyeol’s doing behind this but you could only thank him for doing so.

Maybe Chanyeol was useful after all.

EXO quotes~

“We can’t help to be human and get hurt.” - D.O

“Being the same until the end, is that really better?” - Chen

“Life is a game. Play it.” - Kris 

“MAMA, can you tell me why people change?” - Luhan

“I want all of us to be together forever.” - Chanyeol

"No matter how hard it is, I still smile like an idiot.” - Chanyeol

“We define who we are digitally through 0s and 1s.” - Sehun

“I’d rather bend than break.” - Kai

“Forget about regrets, don’t be afraid.” - D.O

“When I hear the cheers, I get goosebumps and I forget that I’m tired.” - Baekhyun

"I told myself if there was something I was the best at, then this part would belong to me.” - Chanyeol

“If you’re not good at studying, don’t even think about liking me. EXO may seem like the most important thing in the world for you, but in a few years, you’ll regret it. You’re going to be a 12th grader soon, and it may be the most important time in your life, so focus more on your studies and meet us again proudly in the future.” - Kai

"I want EXO to go down in Korean music history, so that in 100 years from now we will be remembered as a great group. - Baekhyun

"I don’t date ugly girls because I believe they don’t exist.” - Lay

“The alarm clock is always too soft for me to hear.” - Luhan

“The ground hardens after the rain” - Chen

“We may be separated into two groups, but really, we’re one big family. We trained together, ate together, and shared so many memories together. There is no competition in a sense that we need to be better than the other.” - Sehun

"No matter what, we’ll keep the same mentality we started with.” - Xiumin

“I don’t care who you are, don’t scold my family, don’t touch my fans, they’re the most precious thing in my life.” -  Lay

"Life is only a path full of efforts.” - Baekhyun

“I’m the type to work hard, even for small things.” - Suho

“I have no regrets dying on stage.” - Kai

“I’m not a superman. I can’t fly. But I’m not tired nor exhausted. And I’m not afraid nor a coward. If I cry, I don’t need sympathy. Even if I fall, I will not retreat. Because this road was chosen by me. How to walk, what to walk, all of these are questions which I have to bear and think about. Giving everything on stage to you guys, and everything off stage will be beared by me. It’s not possible for reality to be close to perfection, but I wish to fight against reality.” - Lay

"I told them I was going to be someone I won’t be ashamed of.” - Chen

“Chicken is not my style.” - Kris

"Yehet! Ohorat!” - Sehun

“Kkaepsong~” - Baekhyun

“As the leader I keep my dongsaengs in check by buying them lots of delicious food.” - Suho

“After my mom saw videos of us in China, she told me never to stand next to Tao and Kris.” - Xiumin

“Ah, the camera is facing me, I need to seize the time and act cute.” - Kris

“We really do have super powers. We came from an unknown planet.” - Chanyeol

[makes fort out of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sheets] “I’m safe in here, you can’t hurt me.” - Chanyeol

"I wonder if souls taste like candy.” - Luhan

“I don’t care how loud I’m laughing. I’m having fun and you’re not.” - Luhan

“I want to go to Baekhyun’s grandmother’s house.” - Lay

“I’m handsome but my eyes are slightly ugly so… [puts sunglasses on] - Kris

"If the camera is not on you, don’t talk.” - Suho

“My lips are bleeding!” - Kris

[gives picture of himself as present] “My picture, take me~” - Baekhyun

“Our groove is different.” - Chen

"Do you know what chocolate rice is?” - Sehun

"Tao’s crying was so ugly!” - Luhan

“The insides of my eyes are sparkly~” - Luhan

"That’s car gas!” - D.O 

“Nachos are delicious.” - D.O

“I have eaten chicken for 3 consecutive meals.” - Kai

"I’m always alone!” - Lay

“What’s a cheese ball?” - Lay

"Buy it for me!” (Kris: It’s too expensive!) “But it’s pretty!!!” - Tao

“The walls are shaking.” - Tao

                                       ”We are one” ~ EXO

This took a long ass time to make.

What I Learn About EXO From 2 Years
  • Xiumin: Shy; not-a-boazi-anymore; twerking master; secretly the sexiest member; xiuhan
  • Luhan: Does flips when running away from bad guys instead of just freakin running straight; Xiumin Xiumin Xiumin; derp derp derp derp
  • Kris: Galaxy hyung/oppa; Ben Ben; "Chicken is not my style" but eats the freakin chicken a few minutes later; Kriscasso
  • Suho: Takes out credit card in 0.00000001 seconds; Grandpa Suho--> Rap Ho; Tao's mama not an old lady
  • Lay: Rainbows; unicorns; chiu chiu chiu; kisses EXO members a lot -cough- SEHUN AND XIUMIN -cough-; angel at heart; cute to sexy in 0.000000001 seconds; has an obbession with Baekhyun's grandma's house
  • Baekhyun: Kkaepsong; Rap Byun; Mocks the members a lot; Aegyo King
  • Chanyeol: Probably the only member that can actually survive in the jungle alone; baby wolf; still laughs at everything
  • Chen: Troll master; his Chinese is fucking one of the most attractive things ever; SM the Ballad
  • D.O: Voice is sex; squishy on the outside, devil on the inside; 100% done with EXO
  • Tao: Badass on the outside, a kid on the inside; food food food; selca; reads fanfiction of TaoHun; WEIBO WEIBO
  • Kai: Kyungsoo Kyungsoo Kyungsoo; chicken crazy/Onew's long lost chicken twin; cute as fuck; dog lover; braids
  • Sehun: Yehet!; Ohorat!; actually sensitive on the inside; hair color changes every 12 seconds