kkaeb song~

Kkaeb Song
Baekhyun ft. Sehun, Chen, Chanyeol, Suho, Luhan, Kai & Tao
Kkaeb Song

Sehun: Kkaeb song.

Chen: Kkaeb song.

Chanyeol: Kkaeb song.

Baekhyun: Kkaeb song.

Chen: Hahahaha.

Baekhyun: Kkaeb song.

Suho/Baekhyun: Kkaeb-kkaeb-kkaeb-kkaeb-song-kkaeb sooong~

Baekhyun: Kkaeb song. KKAEB SOONG?!?

Luhan/Kai: Kkaeb song.

Chanyeol: Oh, kkaeb song.

Baekhyun: Ohh! Oh, kkaeb song.

Tao: Whoo-hooho.

Chanyeol: One, two- WOAH!

Baekhyun: Oh yahh, kkaeb song.

EXO Reaction when their son says their catchphrase as his first word

Ngl, there were some members I wasn’t sure what their catchphrases were so I stuck to the EXO Showtime.
XOXO, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“Did he just say…. Happy Virus… where did he…. what?” *Probably worried that his son turns to be as imperative as him*


“Oh! HE said… he said….”not my style”… what is not your style son? The Galaxy?” *Mental crisis*


*Literally his face* “Shall we do some mischief baby? Yehet! Ohorat!”


“You learn quickly son! I’m proud!” *He’s really proud. Probably will go shopping after that*


“He said Chicken!!! That means daddy In gibberish right?!?! CHICKEN! ImHungryNow” *Someone’s really excited, and hungry*


*Probably they would just… stare at each other and do some aegyo* “Cute cute Baozi Jr…”


“So… so this is your first word…Ohh.. this is so.. Kkaeb song… I’m not sure if I should be proud of sad because you didn’t say daddy…” *Probably screaming in excitement internally*


*HE’s the one teaching his son how to speak… and the most important words* “Repeat after me baby: I. Am. Manly! Now say it with feeling!”


*A “Wae!” is heard from somewhere in the house* “Oh no… no no.. I swear I didn’t say it jagi… I… we are going to listen to this for the rest of our lives aren’t we?? WAE!?”


“Oh baby… are you sure you want some nachos?? Isn’t it a little bit too early for that? I’ll bring you milk” *Daddy goals*


“Yes son I know… I’ve been trying to get to Baek’s Grandma’s house sine 2013… I know…” *Really struggling*


“First day and I already did a great job! That’s my son!” *Nah, he will teach him values as soon as he can, because kind heart*

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Hey! I'm kinda new here. Do you have any rec for Chen / exo blogs to follow? Thanks:)

Hi! There are so many wonderful Jongdae blogs that I follow and I love each and everyone of them! Since there are so many, I’ll list some of my faves that I always look forward to seeing on my dash and never fail to make me smile<33

@galaxychen @dayafterdae @tadaeshi @9209-21 @littlesunshinedae @whinykjd @daezzling @chenshirejams @byunchen @jongdaepeche-mode @ohhhappydae @smolbaekchen @jongdaeshappytrail @nunbuchen @ohwondae @cheninadinoonesie @overnightprincess

And some other exo blogs that I really love!

@baekdaedream @my-bobohu @angel-in-slow-motion @lawlliets @peachysuho @sehunoh @veriloquentmind @irpsychotic @savesuho @mochibaeks @kyungsohs @krisinsanity @kkaeb-my-song @hunniedae @bulba-suho-r @myeoneandonly @callmeminseok @baekhyunsama @mniseokk

They are all lovely and wonderful people! Go follow them!!!

accent/audio tag

Tagged by @mochibaeks, @mintybaek, @sunshiningdae@byuntao, @chahakyeonsprincess, & @baekdaedream for the accent/audio challenge~

I want to tag @baekhyunsbabe, @kkaeb-my-song, @byunchen

Stuff you have to answer/say:

  • Your name and username
  • Where you’re from
  • Pronounce the following words: Aunt, Roof, Route, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Pajamas, Caught, Naturally, Aluminum, GIF, Tumblr, Crackerjack,Doorknob, Envelope, GPOY
  • What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
  • What is a bubbly carbonated drink called?
  • What do you call gym shoes?
  • What do you call your grandparents?
  • What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
  • What is the thing you change the TV channel with?
  • Choose a book and read a passage from it.
  • Do you think you have an accent?
  • Be a wizard or a vampire?
  • Do you know anyone on tumblr in real life?
  • End audio post by saying any three words you want.

The smile on Park Chanyeol’s face is even getting wider as he sits in front of Baekhyun seat.

He has known already. About the fact that Baekhyun likes him. About the plan Baekhyun has set to confess to him tonight.

He wants to mess up Baekhyun’s plan. Byun Baekhyun can’t confess to him. HE CAN NOT.

As Baekhyun excuses himself to go to the toilet, Chanyeol grabs Baekhyun’s phone that is laid on the desk. He smirks to a picture of him on Baekhyun’s phone screen as the wallpaper.

He really loves me, he said inwardly. I should stop him from confessing to me. He can not do it.

He goes to Baekhyun’s contact list and changes his contact name, then grins wider in satisfaction.

I should be THE ONE who confess…

“Baek, you got some misscalls while you are gone just now.” Chanyeol says as Baekhyun comes back to his seat.

With a simple “Oh?”, Baekhyun checks his phone to see who was misscalling. He lets out a surprise expression as he reads the name. He has no time to think properly about who the hell it is because the person is calling him again.

It reads out on his phone: ‘Would You Be My Boyfriend? is calling…’

He presses the ‘YES’ button and yell, “Sorry but who is it??” while throwing his gaze to the front. To Park Chanyeol.

He gasps as he sees Chanyeol smirks at him, a hand rests on the desk whilst another hand is putting his phone on his ear. Chanyeol stares at him with those teasing eyes and asks seductively, “How could you not recognize your new boyfriend, hmm?”

EXO React when their kid tells them they are weird

Admin A~

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“What are you saying?! I’m a serious grown up man!” *No not really*


“I’m not weird… I’m Krisscaso!” *Weird af*


*Proud of it* “Yehet! Ohorat!”


*Depressed* “Am I really that weird? What did I do wrong…. why is my kid saying that…”


“Me? Weird?! NO way… you are acting weird… I’m watching you!”


“But I’m a pirate! Pirates aren’t weird my son! Now… let’s go to Neverland!”


*Gif* “It’s not a weird sound! It’s the Kkaeb song!”


*deep talk* “Now listen to me my son… you can’t call your father weird… not when he is manly! Got it?”


*Awkward* “What’s he saying… I was sure I was doing the parenting alright..”


We Do’s have a dark side my son… but don’t let anyone know…” *mysterious theme starts to play*


Well unicorn are unique creatures… very weird creatures… yes.. and that’s what we are little Yixing!” *He is a cute weird guy xD*


“And I thought I was the normal one here….” *mental breakdown*

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Best of Sehun pt.2
obviously not Sehun
Best of Sehun pt.2

stuff Sehun says on EXO’s Showtime.

EP.1: Yehet.

EP.2: Hehehe, hohoho, hahaha.

EP.3: Annyeong haseyo. Ok ok. ok? ok. Yehet. Ohorat. *laughing battle with Kai*. Hahahahaha.

EP.4: Ohot.

EP.5: (Sehun)Rryeongppangsing? (all) Dong Bang Shinki! (Sehun) Rryeong. Ppan. Shin. (Chanyeol) Ki!

EP.6: I’m going to eat it. Hahaha. *gets burned by a sweet potato* ah! ahh…

EP.7: (in chinese) The menu please! (in korean) excuse… me.

EP.8: (Chanyeol) Happy new year. French? (Sehun) honeonyaa. Hihihi. haa, ha~.

EP.9: *mumbles*. (all) What did you say? (Baekhyun) Kai-bai-boh! (Sehun) The end!

EP.10: Gwiyeowa~

EP.11: Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby. *sings I Got A Boy*. Yehet. Ohorat. Yehet! Yehet… Chocolate.

EP.12: Kkaeb song. Hehehe. Joaheyo.

10 commandments of exo fandom
  • 1: exo are precious derps
  • 2: thou shall fangirl using asdfghjklkjhg and we will know what you mean
  • 3: all bless pepero game
  • 4: xiumin is a baozi
  • 5: honour the smut fic writers
  • 6: thou shalt always use "Kkaeb song" when thou are an idiot
  • 7: respect others otp the way you would want them to respect yours
  • 8: thou shalt not be a hater
  • 9: exo showtime is the holy skrift
  • 10: "yehet"
  • <b> <b></b> <b></b> 1. Yehet:</b> When you are too excited<p><b>2. Ohorat:</b> When you think yehet is not that excited to describe your feeling<p><b>3. Kkaeb song:</b> When you feel regret/sorry<p><b>4. Not my style:</b> When you dont want to admit you love something when actually you do love it like hell.<p><b>5. Eureurong:</b> When you're mad/angry at something<p><b>6. Waaaeeeeeeeeeeeehe:</b> When the reality pissed the hell of you.<p><b>7. Enjoy your mayo:</b> When you see someone you dislike trapped in your prank.<p><b>8. Yo~ Okay~ / Ayo wuddup~:</b> When you greet other EXO stans.<p><b>9. Kamjak noraesong~:</b> When you get shocked, just sing this line out.<p><b>10. Baby don't keurwai(cry) </b> : When you calm your crying friends down.</p><p>
  • 11. Huaw you man? : When you greet yo friend on Instagram
  • 12. Yo yo yo~ Man : When you greet back yo friend on Instagram
  • Do you think there are still any?<p><p><p>

We have reached another follower goal and it’s the most special one yet….

HAPPY 1000 followers! =))

WOW I never thought this blog would get so much attention, tbh. (In a short amount of time! OMG this blog is exactly 3-months old tomorrow!)  I just created it for the sake of my love for writing (and the boys, of course) and I’m just so happy that you guys are enjoyed and liking my scenarios. <3

Because of this, I decided to make my first Follow Forever!!! <3 I know I follow through my personal blog goldengirldiary since this is not primary blog…but I will just list all the KPOP related blogs. :P

Yay! So excited for this… *grins*

So first, I’ll mention the beautiful people who actually talked to me…who sent me sweet messages, who commented on my works, who buzzes my notifs, and loved me for me. HAHA! No, seriously, these peeps became my chingu’s here (and some are non-Tumblr friends but my classmates and friends here <3) :“> So I just wanted to say… I LOVE YOU GUYS <3 And hopefully, more would be added to this list ^.^

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And special mention to riksirixa who is such a great anonymous hater friend… I mean look a this:

So I reached my 1000 mark this morning… 

and then she made this happen:

yup she unfollowed me! But then she followed me again. XD

You’re such a weirdo but I love you. hahaha! XD


Here are the blogs I love to death <3 the scenario blogs (they actually inspired me to create my own and some of their stories just killed me. XD), the awesome people who floods my dash, and the ones I follow simply because they have such great content in their blogs. Just WOW <3

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How will they react if they read fanfictions? And smut fanfictions? OMG.

Yeah not so proud bbut still hope you’ll enjoy it!

Sehun: *reads a  fanfic about himself*Fab as always!

Kai:*reads a smut fanfic with him and an OC* Thats’s right bitches!

Tao:Why Kris-ge didn’t want to buy me a Gucci bag?WHY?

Kyungsoo:Even in this fanfics I still kick Baekhyun’s ass!

Chanyeol:*reads an angst fanfic*Why did she had to leave him?Ah my poooor heart, I can’t control all of those feels!

Chen:*reads the same fanfic as Kyungsoo*Baekhyun just got his ass kkaeb songed by the spawn of satan himself!

Baekyun:*reads a Baekyeol smut*

Lay: *reads the tags* What does sulay and kray means?

Suho:*starts to read the first fanfic he sees*I have no idea what smut means…

*after the first chapter*You all need Jesus in your life!

Kris:*reads a smut one*

Luhan:Look at all those Xiuhan fanfics!Xiumin come here I have to show you something!


Xiumin:*after Lulu showed him the fanfics* Great, now I have to sleep with one eye open tonight!