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kkab-baekhyun  asked:

is Natasha really dead now ? :( i hope not :( Natasha's the reason why i fell in love with Marvel.

No, Natasha’s ‘event dead’, which is a trick Marvel plays to make people think that the current company-wide event is IMPORTANT!!! AND CHANGES EVERYTHING FOREVER!!! When in reality, everything will be basically back to normal come October. Bucky got to be ‘event dead’ for Fear Itself, and now it’s Natasha and Jess’s turn for Secret Wars.


KKAB BAEKHYUN! - LOL, Baekhyun doing a ’SEKSHI WAVE’ that turns SUPER KKAB XD - No keuraseu~ XD You CUTIE

Note! - I think Kai recorded this (or at least was present - I hear his voice). It’s from their practice room (post- or pre-début, not sure). 

Credit: EXOCB. /03: