YOU KNOW WHAT I LIKE??? The fact that in YOI, the whole concept of being “gay” is like, not a thing. There’s just love, everyone accepts everything, there’s not a term for a female that likes females and males that likes males, there’s just love. Honestly that scene with phichit made me so happy and the pair skating askdflk I want to live in that universe… heavy gay sighing

Also because I’m trash I’ll bring up the fact that this reminded me of Homestuck.

There was a point that Karkat pointed out that trolls didn’t have a word for different orientations and that it was dumb how humans did and asked how are supposed they keep track of everything if everything had a label considering that the only thing trolls had as categorization was very loosely defined as “best friends” (moirails), “lovers” (matesprit), “enemies” (kismesis) but even then, this was considered a fairly intimate thing to initiate, and “enemies + mediator” (auspistice). 

There wasn’t much point to this, just kinda pointing it out but yeah. This little parallel made me really happy.