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Ereri: Fluff Fridays - The Gym

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modern au where Eren and Levi go to same gym.  they seem to be on the same workout schedule - 5 a.m., sharp.

Levi likes how passionate Eren is with all of his clients. At first he tells himself his little infatuation is just something to pass the time. It’s boring running on the treadmill, and all the televisions ever play are cooking and reality shows, neither of which interest him in the slightest.

Eren teaches him things, he reasons, and it is partly true.  His training method consists of the perfect mix of tough love and ass kicking that earns him respect among the members, and Levi has stolen a few of his favorite moves.  But it’s really Eren’s unwavering optimism that attracts Levi, makes him feel hot and sweaty for entirely different reasons.  It’s contagious and dangerous, and after a few weeks Levi can’t easily explain away his silent admiration.  

Not when he’s been caught grinning stupidly at the taller man’s antics from across the room, the combination of sweating and smiling a telltale sign of his interest - why else would he look so happy on the treadmill?  But Levi is too shy to say anything, too nervous and hopeless when it comes to dating to even think he could have a chance with someone so fundamentally nice.  

But the thought of seeing Eren every morning makes waking up at 5 a.m. a little more bearable.  And a for awhile, that’s enough. 

Everything changes when Eren unexpectedly stops showing up. That first week at the gym is confusing, lonely.  Levi keeps glancing at the door waiting to see Eren push through with his loud exuberance, but by the 10th day he knows he isn’t coming.

After walking by the front desk five times in half an hour on the 11th day, he gathers the courage to approach the friendly looking receptionist in braids.  "Can I help you?“ she smiles.

"Yeah, I wanted to learn more about your personal training programs.”  It’s the first thing Levi thinks to ask.

After a few more questions, all of which Levi is embarrassingly unprepared to answer, he learns that Eren has switched his training schedule to the evenings - 8 p.m. to be exact.  

That night, Levi doesn’t question it when he finds himself at the gym’s parking lot for the second time that day, 7:59 lighting up his dash in green letters almost the same shade as Eren’s eyes.

Eren’s there, off to the side, and the sight of his tight black t-shirt stretching across the muscles of his back after so many days sends a surge of heat through his body.  But as Levi warms up on the treadmill, he feels suddenly nervous at the thought of Eren noticing him.  Is it weird?  Will Eren think him a stalker?

When he’s moved up to a brisk jog, Eren turns around and their eyes make perfect contact, green burning into grey.  Eren seems to loose his thought, pausing his conversation with his client and going completely still, his full attention focused on Levi.  It’s maddening and frightening, and Levi considers running right out the front door without a backwards glance.  

And then Eren smiles, a brilliant, beautiful smile that says everything Levi could have hoped for, and more.  Levi finds himself smiling back, and he thinks that maybe, just maybe, his little gym crush hadn’t been so one-sided after all.   



All dressed or dill pickle? [x]

I Like Where We Are Now, You Know, You And Me.

Submitted by: wildyork

Description: So there they are, in front of the school that’s been destroyed several times, ready for prom. They decide to go as a group, somehow it’s easier this way since Stiles and Malia broke up a month ago and things are just getting better for Scott and Kira now. Oh, and Lydia escaped from EH a week ago so she didn’t have time to think about dates. She did think about her dress, though.

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance, Comfort

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