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Worship Your Life as a Gift by Kk Ledford

Everything in Nature pulses with Consciousness. Supreme Consciousness pervades all that we can see and that which is unseen. There is a constant pulsation of contraction and expansion happening in the universe, and within ourselves; we are part of the dynamic and pulsating throb of Universal energy. It is a radical idea to believe that we are saturated in Consciousness,that our essential nature is freedom and fullness, but that is a fundamental truth. Life is an ecstatic play of chaos and order, and Divine Intelligence permeates all that exists.

The Absolute is absolutely full, and yet has a will to express, a divine urge to create; this is an expression of unbounded freedom. Understanding this, we can begin to live in our own fullness, and still feel the throb to move toward what is most valuable and life-affirming to us, to clarify and create a fulfilled expression of the deep purpose we cannot ignore during this lifetime.

It is a karmic blessing to be embodied in physical form on the planet at this time. Things are shifting, dissolving, releasing and it is a powerful time. Life is precious, and we are blessed that we are able to savor the sensual delights of embodiment. Worship your life as a gift from the Great Consciousness, from Maha Shakti. Worship at the altar of your own great heart. Life is about awakening and living fully, drinking in the nectar of our hearts. May we be more like Nature, like the trees, like the rich soil, lily pads and lichens, clouds and rays of sunshine; all of Nature knows its inherent perfection. May we recognize ours.

We must clarify our highest vision for ourselves and our lives, align with the Divine and with Nature, and invoke and declare that vision in all that we do and how we live.

We are meant to live fully, to delight in this embodied experience, and by aligning our individual will with the Absolute Consciousness, we begin to refine and manifest purposefully the most beautiful articulation imaginable as our very own lives.

Blessed be.

-Kk Ledford

Mindful moments with KK

A perfect cover art creature to feature: Meet KK Ledford, who was seen reppin Maya on the November 2010 cover of Yoga Journal, as well as this month on Germany’s cover.  An example of what our motives are behind the jewelry we share, her captivating playful presence will strike you like a lightening bolt of love.

How long have you been studying and teaching Anusara for? Tell us a little about your principles and intention as a yoga teacher.
I’m a Certified Anusara yoga teacher, a system with a certification process that is among the most extensive, demanding, and professional in the industry yoga. I’m happy to be part of a system that values education in this new time of yoga popularity. 

I started studying Anusara with my teacher John Friend in 1998 and have been devoted to teaching Anusara yoga since then. The highest intention for practicing this yoga is to align with the Divine, with Supreme Consciousness, which pulses with intelligence and bliss. My practice is rooted in Kashmir Shaivism, and the premise that our nature is freedom; we experience this freedom through the pulsation of contraction and expansion, in asana and in life. The emphasis on alignment starts first with an inner alignment, to Source.

I teach an adult spirituality, one in which the students take responsibility as self-sovereign beings, and I educate them so that they are able to take care of themselves. I help students work hard and go deep in their bodies and hearts with elegant alignment, to unveil their innate beauty and  power. I hope to empower and inspire them not only to grow in their practices, but also to be profound human beings in life.

You have a masters in Feminist Theology, and facilitate ceremonies for women, can you give me another example of how you apply this knowledge you’ve gained towards personal interests?
I’m very lucky to have been able to officiate the weddings of several of my students over the past several years, which was an honor and so much fun. I also do space clearings and blessings, and rites of passage ceremonies - but I did all of that before my Master’s degree. I have a nature-based spiritual perspective which informs all my work, including offering tarot readings and being an astrologer. And having a women’s spirituality lens through which to view life, which was enhanced by my Master’s degree, supports all of my work, including astrological counseling and my writing. Currently, I’m excited about writing a column for Origin Magazine, as well as the other  astrologically-focused columns I write for various blogs. I offer intentions/prayers/invocations at various public and private events. I have a wide, mandalic approach to my work and incorporate a diverse collection of elements in order to offer a unique perspective. I enjoy all of this work immensely and feel completely grateful to be able to do it.

2012 is said to be the expected pinnacle of human consciousness. Do you agree with this? Where do you envision yourself at that time spiritually and astrologically?
 This is such a vast and complex subject! I feel like we’ve been “in 2012” for a little while now; the shifts have been happening. I don’t think its a singular moment in time but a continuation of moments, more like a process or evolution, which occurs over time. There are multiple interesting layers of 2012,  including the end of the Mayan calendar and just the numerology of the year.
Astrologically speaking, one thing to note is that the planet of revolutionary change, Uranus, moved into the first sign of the zodiac, fiery Aries, in 2010 and will be there for several years to come (until 2018); this ensures that we will continue to experience wild weather patterns in nature as well as the undeniable feeling of longing for freedom at any cost. Uranus is the Awakener- unpredictable, unconventional, rebellious, radical. The big changes we’re going through are not over, but really only getting started. What we see unfolding globally and socially is also taking place personally, inside each one of us- that same disturbance in frequency, the restlessness, a sense that we are growing and transforming, and even though it usually feels uncomfortable and can even be ugly, it is necessary. In 2012 Uranus will be making a square, or a challenging alignment, with Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth. They will bump up against each other several times over the next few years until 2015, and it will be all about evolution.
I think of 2012 as an Invitation to Wake Up, once and for all. There will be many who will not withstand the upcoming intensity, who will shut down or give up or give in to hopelessness and despair and not really come back from it. However, in my opinion that isn’t an option. I feel strongly and have been saying all year that the creatives, the artists, the dreamers, the music makers and dancers and yogis and thinkers, must step into the role of the most profound humans on the planet at this time.  So giving up isn’t an option. We can make art and offer beauty even in the face of adversity and hardship, even with broken hearts if that is the case. We can channel our natural alchemist energies and transmute the very damaging energies, starting with ourselves and moving into our communities and expanding it globally. Making art and creating beauty are necessary acts at this time on the planet.

It will be a fascinating and dynamic year, a time to be shaken up, a time to find our own unique offering to make to the world… there is no longer any time to waste. Expect the unexpected, make art, and live extraordinarily and unreasonably joyfully.

Does wearing jewelry assist in your core confidence and if so, what does wearing Maya evoke in you?
I have always been a believer in sacred adornment, and adornment as an act of genuine self-expression that is not only aesthetic in nature but also inherently protective. I honor each piece of jewelry or adornment that I wear not only as a beautifier, but also as an amulet or talisman. It is intentional. I am constantly impressed and excited by the work that Maya does, and I wear it enthusiastically. Wearing Maya evokes a sense of beauty and a goddess-essence to me. (and I like that it also discourages non-beneficial energies or entities that could come in through my ears or the back of my neck).
: )
If you could choose what artists would collaborate to make the soundtrack for your life, who would they be?
I definitely have a soundtrack for my life! I love music, so this is hard to choose. If I narrow it down to elemental seed sources that are directly related to my life, I would choose Saul Williams, Pink Floyd, and Explosions in the Sky. And some beats… like Gang Starr, Dilated Peoples, or Tribe…

Thank you for taking the time to sit down with us KK.  We admire your conscious approach to life and trust that it will inspire others to do the same. 

Cover courtesy of  Yoga Journal
All other photos by  Ricky N. Calcao
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kk ledford, m.a.