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Lover - Nam Joohyuk (M)

A/N: This is so short, but I felt like posting it- not realistic at all
- Admin Finn

Word Count: 289


Originally posted by sungjooon

You awoke to an unusually needy lover.
Joohyuk planted gentle kisses over your exposed skin, his hands wandering beneath the sheets.

He smiled charmingly, his gentle whispers and eager hands causing your cheeks to flush as he recalled the events of last night.

Your back arched softly as his slender fingers trailed over your folds. Slowly, he parted your folds, penetrating your core with two lithe digits.

“Look at that-” he remarked, his skilled fingers spreading your essence.

His member throbbed at the erotic sight. He removed his hand, instead using it to guide his length to your gleaming entrance. He pushed in slowly, stretching you. He made it only half-way in before be began to shallowly thrust, clutching your hips. Your cheek pressed to the silken sheets, your back bowing before him.
His knees dug into the mattress as he pulled your tired form back to meet his shallow thrusts, grunting. He soon sped his pace, his hands gripping your firm ass as he drove into you aggressively. You gasped against the sheets, the mattress lurching with every powerful thrust. Your drowsiness disappeared, a wanton moan leaving your lips.

“I’m almost-”

You were cut off as your orgasm tore through you. Your frame trembled as you called out to him in a gasp.
Encouraged, he pulled out, quickly pumping his slick length.

“Shit!” he cursed, his release spurting from his throbbing member.

You felt his warm seed, slowly sliding down the curve of your back. Joohyuk grunted your name, thrusting into his hand before stilling and letting out a shaky breath.
You closed your eyes, regaining your breath.

The shrill sound of your alarm sounded, breaking the serene silence.


“I wasn’t supposed to spend the night-”

“I like it when you do,” he interrupted, making your heart constrict.


they’re in love