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Whoniverse: Class - a Quill an episode for the BBC America broadcast (1x03)

Kip Kinkel confession tape transcript

So heartbreaking hearing this. Everyone should give this a listen.

Audio taken from YouTube:

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AW  This is detective Warthen, Springfield Police Department. Today’s date is Thursday, May 21, 1998. The time is at 9:51 A.M. This will be a taped conversation with the last name of Kinkel, K-I-N-K-E-L, first of Kipland, K-I-P-L-A-N-D, middle of Philip, P-H-I-L-I-P. Date of birth 08-30-82.

AW Kip, what I’ve done is I’ve turned on a tape recorded so I can tape record our conversation because, you know, I’m not the best note taker in the world and a couple things that I want to go back over with you and earlier I advised you of your rights, is that not correct?

KK That’s correct.

AW Okay…Can you speak up just a little bit, I’m a little hard–

KK Yep.

AW And, you know, we talked briefly and yesterday you were involved in an incident where a gun was…You purchased a gun at school from Korey Ewert and your dad came here to the Springfield Police Department and took you home after that is done. Is that correct?

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