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Request: Archie x fat girl reader where he’s in love with her but she has no idea and he kisses her in front of everyone after Riverdale wins a football game?

a/n; idk why I was so nervous to write this 

Word Count: 769

Pairing: Archie Andrews X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

I sat in the bleachers, watching the football game go on in front of me, I bit my lip as Archie started running down the field with the ball. “Go, go, go.” I whispered, everyone around me watching the game silently, only to yell in annoyance when he got tackled, only a yard away from the goal line. “Get back up, Arch.” I mumbled, sighing in relief when he popped back up. He scanned the crowd, smiling over at Betty and Veronica in the mix of cheerleaders. 

“Sorry.” I said with a small smile, pulling my legs in closer as some girl tried to get passed, she scoffed and didn’t look at me, well okay then. “Hey, Jughead.” I smiled, watching as he sat down in front of me, “hey, Y/N.” He responded, we’re friends, not the greatest, but neither are Archie and I. “Enjoying the game?” He questioned, glancing back at me as all the players lined up, “yeah.” I answered just as it started, the football got tossed to some guy on the team who started bolting towards the goal, staying close to the edge of the field. 

Myself, along with everyone else jumped up cheering, Riverdale just won the game. I started making my way through the bleachers, being pushed around by all the people, I sighed, watching as people started running up to the players, most of them being girlfriends of them. Others best friends. But what am I? I’m just going to congratulate Archie, I don’t even know if I fall in the friends category to him. I finally got out of the thicker part of the crowd and started looking around for Archie, who was surrounded by cheerleaders and some of his friends. 

He looked up and saw me, he mumbled something and started coming over, I suddenly started getting nervous. Why was he coming over to me? “Hey, good game, Archie.” I spoke first, he nodded, “thanks.” He smiled, “you looked really into it.” He laughed lightly, and I was expecting him to think it was stupid. “Oh, right, well football is just really–” My eyes widened when he pushed his lips to mine, forcing me to shut up, finally, I closed my eyes, and unfroze. Actually reciprocating his actions, I heard some whispers around us as he moved back. My eyes darted down to my shoes, nervous to look at him. 

“What was that, Archie?” I finally asked, lifting my head, knowing full well there had to be a giant blush on my face. “I like you?” He said, as if I should’ve known. I laughed, “this really isn’t funny.” I scolded him lightly, part of me wanting to believe he was being serious. “It’s not a joke, why would you think that?” He furrowed his eyebrows, ignoring some of the glances we were getting, only adding to my nerves. 

I glanced down at myself and then looked at him, raising an eyebrow. “A guy like you, doesn’t go for a girl like me.” I stated, and he seemed to catch on, he sighed, pushing some of his sweaty hair off his forehead. “There’s nothing wrong with you.” He tried to assure me but I shook my head, “I don’t think there is, but other people do. And this,” I motioned between him and I, “would make us the total laughingstock of the school.” I finished, crossing my arms. “It’s happened before,” he pointed out, “a ‘jock’ and a…” He suddenly trailed off not knowing the word to say, as if I would be offended by something he could have said. “Curvy?” He offered, completely being unfamiliar, with the ‘terms’ for plus size people. 

“Archie,” I paused to laugh, “curvy is sugar coating, curvy is for people with boobs and butts.” I pointed out, seeming to make him flustered, “you can say, fat, you can say plus size, you can say whatever the hell you want, but please for the love of god, do not say curvy again.” I ranted, making him chuckle, at how over exaggerated I was being. “I love you.” He breathed out, but then realizing what he said when I froze. “I mean, uh, well, crap.” He looked away, this time being the one who was as red as a tomato. 

“Really?” I asked, finding my courage and stepping closer, he scanned me over, holding back a smile, “yep.” He popped the p, holding back the urge to fidget with his fingers, you could tell by the way he was gripping his helmet tighter. “I love you too.” In an instant his lips were on mine again.

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girl u should def watch riverdale 10/10 would recommend there have already been some killer scenes with girl defending girls, my faves calling out slut shaming andeducating my homie archie on racism and his privilege !! plus kj apa is a fine ass motherfucker

bruh kj apa is daaaamn fine i ended up caving and now i’m on ep 3 lmao

So, recently I wrote a meta diving into Killian’s identity, both in respect to hope and in terms of role function, primarily highlighting that Killian’s role very much centered around being a disappointment and being rather powerless, and therefore led to him feeling unworthy. I wanted to expound on this given the sneak peak (others have surely covered some of what I will mention he so sorry if it feels redundant).

I feel like the sneak peak with him being rather ill tempered about those squiggly lines (he likes them less than poorly cooked mutton), while consistent with his characterization in that he is often the one who dubiously snarks about the plan, is also an extension of what I mention above. 

We saw shades of this in his face when Snow remarked to Emma that they had no clue how long they would be in the Underworld and in the realization that Emma isn’t sleeping. We know from conversations with Emma that Killian didn’t want them to follow him down to the Underworld because he feels he doesn’t deserve it.

At face value his comment seems rather abrasive and tactless- and it is. There is nothing wrong with admitting that it is and wanting to flick him in his elf ears for it, but there is also nothing wrong with highlighting the human reason behind it- for the very reason that humans make mistakes. It isn’t an excuse for the behavior, it is an explanation that helps us understand it.

In a lot of ways it is entirely reminiscent of Regina’s comments directly after Emma took on the darkness. Her knee jerk reaction was to denigrate Emma, that was a face value reading, when in reality the reaction has to do more with her own guilt that someone sacrificed for her because she feels unworthy of that sacrifice. Those feelings are distressful and often get displaced on the very people who are trying to help. Regina said as much that they are similar in this way in The Brothers Jones and it continues to hold true.

Killian has a storied history with Liam and Emma of devaluing himself and feeling unworthy, and those feelings are only exacerbated now that it isn’t just Emma, but family and friends on the line. His reaction seems to be “this plan seems shoddy” when in reality it is “how could you all come here and risk yourselves for me without a better plan, I am not worth it.”  It is not “you are stupid” it is “you are stupid to think that I am worthy of the danger you are all in.” 

Killian may want to fight for a future with Emma, but that doesn’t mean he fully believes he deserves one, particularly when the situation for the heroes becomes more dire with every episode. He cannot save himself- he requires the heroes to do that for him, and at every turn he becomes even more powerless to at least keep them safe and help them succeed,

Killian is fine playing the hero to fight for others because he sees value in others, but Killian will always bristle against people fighting for him because he continues to see little value in himself.