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Happy 20th Birthday to Keneti James “KJ” Fitzgerald Apa!~ I may have been guilty of constantly roasting Archie xD….but i still love Archie cos he’s still Betty and Jughead’s loyal bestfriend…..plus KJ is totally Archiekins with his adorkable and super boyish personality and he still have lots of growing up and maturing to do. He has the most infectious giggles and laughs with his entire being. His NZness and his constant usage of aye and bro and gnarly is totally endearing. Lili roasting him on twitter with weird videos of him is awesome haha….

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nonnie requested: KJ Apa x reader where reader is the youngest one on set (17-18yrs old) and everyone is very protective of her and she’s kinda dating KJ but it’s on the low and one day when KJ, Ross, Cole and the reader are out they get surrounded by fans and the reader panicks and loses the boys and the boys are very worried especially KJ :))) thankssss! Xxx

A/N: There’s so much stuff surrounding KJ (plus the other cast members) that makes me worry and it seems like everywhere I turn it’s all negative. And it seems to be really effecting my thought process because I have seen how cruel people can be and it just—nuts. I know that you can’t expect everyone to love you but still, it hurts. This is set during Coachella so I hope that’s okay with you since that’s the only thing I can think where you’re surround by a bunch of people and didn’t want to do Comic Con. You’ll be playing as Sabrina Spellman since she’s one of my characters and learned that she was in some of the Archie Comics. Ships are closed for the time being and as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!


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You were a talented actress ever since you played in theatre as a kid but Riverdale was your big break from the stage you grew up on with your parents, whom were supportive of you and watched every episode of Riverdale to show it. You played as Sabrina Spellman, a teenage witch with a cat named Salem as a guest star with some episodes but fans kept wanting more Sabrina before the writers made her a permanent spot in the lineup. You were the youngest one on set well, maybe not too terribly young but Cole always made the joke that you were. You were just about a year or two younger than KJ to put it out there and not to mention that you two were getting closer, almost boyfriend and girlfriend but it was very, very on the low side. But enough of that, you were walking with the guys since you had lost the girls a little while ago but it was a bit fun to mingle with fans at Coachella.

You wore your favorite superhero tank top with a black one underneath it and had on your medium denim washed capris as you were getting overwhelmed by how many people came up. You were so busy trying do pictures and such that you had gotten lost in the crowd of people, now it was when you somewhat panicked. Despite being on stage and being around other people sometimes, you always would panic if you lost sight of a familiar face. It happened when you were a lot younger when you let go of your mom’s hand to go check out toys before realizing she was gone. Luckily she did find you and from that moment on you’d freak out. You had to wave off the fans and went to a much less crowded area as you tried to take deep breathes to calm down.

It had been a good twenty to thirty minutes before your head shot up from someone saying your name, “Y/N!” It was KJ and Ross running over as you got up to hug them both. Thank god they found you as you smiled before Cole came from the direction he was from. “Y/N, I’m so sorry we lost you. Are you feeling okay?” KJ asks you as you took a breath and nodded.

“Y-Yeah just got overwhelmed by everyone. I’m nowhere near as used to all the fans like you guys, I only had a few back home but this. .this is madness.” You say as you smiled with a slight laugh as Ross nodded in agreement with your statement.

“Well I’m afraid it’s going to get more crazier but we will make one of us keeps up with you. Trust me, I’ve seen it.” Cole says as you remembered that he probably had a big fan base due to being in film and TV as a child. “Just be glad you’re not a guy, Y/N. It’s so much worse for guys because of all the crazy girls.” He adds as the other two laughed while you grinned.

“Darn. I wanted to see how good I’d look as a man, you know?” You say and scrunch your nose up as KJ shook his head and kissed your temple before wrapping his arms around with his chin now resting on your shoulder.

“You are fine just the way you are, besides I don’t wanna know how I’d look as a girl. It be kind of in reverse, you being the boyfriend and I be the girlfriend. No thanks.” KJ says as you felt much less overwhelmed by the crowd.

“Awe, but KJ you’d make a pretty girl and Y/N be a cute guy.”

In my opinion, Archie and Veronica are the hottest ship on the show. They have the potential to keep things interesting all series long. The chemistry is incredibly hot with the both of them. I like Betty and Jughead as a pairing but I love to watch a certain spark that makes it all fun. The chemistry with Archie and Veronica have been evident since the pilot. Plus KJ and Camila being attractive as individuals and together doesn’t hurt

KJ Apa Says "Riverdale" Season 2's Dark Mystery Will Change EVERYTHING In Archie's Life
Hey, idiots, NOT A SINGLE MENTION OF JUGHEAD AND ARCHIE???? SERIOUSLY??? NOT A SINGLE MENTION OF COLE AND KJ’S RELATIONSHIP? Are you idiots fucking high? On the plus side, KJ has become much more articulate recently, and that’s really nice to read. But this, lets-pretend-kj-and-cole-aren’t-close game is old and stale. STOP

Well, she got over being smug, quickly, huh???

Hint: nobody GAF about it….

Hey, idiots,


Like I said, there are like 5 of you guys….no one cares. If anythign, be happy KokeJ even GOT an interview. Just as Cornholio isn’t and never will be a thing, so Jouchie isn’t and never will be a thing


What “relationship” the one you created and fap to, you mean?

Are you idiots fucking high?

Noooo…..but I bet KokeJ was!!!

On the plus side, KJ has become much more articulate recently, and that’s really nice to read.

Errmmmm….noooo….his publicist clearly made him memorize his fluff piece blatherings

But this, lets-pretend-kj-and-cole-aren’t-close game is old and stale.

They aren’t. Actually, what’s “old and stale” is when they pretend they’re friends for the camera, cause it’s obvious Cole despises him and (accurately) thinks he’s utter crap.


Why?? So you can fetishize, fantasize and jack off?

So, recently I wrote a meta diving into Killian’s identity, both in respect to hope and in terms of role function, primarily highlighting that Killian’s role very much centered around being a disappointment and being rather powerless, and therefore led to him feeling unworthy. I wanted to expound on this given the sneak peak (others have surely covered some of what I will mention he so sorry if it feels redundant).

I feel like the sneak peak with him being rather ill tempered about those squiggly lines (he likes them less than poorly cooked mutton), while consistent with his characterization in that he is often the one who dubiously snarks about the plan, is also an extension of what I mention above. 

We saw shades of this in his face when Snow remarked to Emma that they had no clue how long they would be in the Underworld and in the realization that Emma isn’t sleeping. We know from conversations with Emma that Killian didn’t want them to follow him down to the Underworld because he feels he doesn’t deserve it.

At face value his comment seems rather abrasive and tactless- and it is. There is nothing wrong with admitting that it is and wanting to flick him in his elf ears for it, but there is also nothing wrong with highlighting the human reason behind it- for the very reason that humans make mistakes. It isn’t an excuse for the behavior, it is an explanation that helps us understand it.

In a lot of ways it is entirely reminiscent of Regina’s comments directly after Emma took on the darkness. Her knee jerk reaction was to denigrate Emma, that was a face value reading, when in reality the reaction has to do more with her own guilt that someone sacrificed for her because she feels unworthy of that sacrifice. Those feelings are distressful and often get displaced on the very people who are trying to help. Regina said as much that they are similar in this way in The Brothers Jones and it continues to hold true.

Killian has a storied history with Liam and Emma of devaluing himself and feeling unworthy, and those feelings are only exacerbated now that it isn’t just Emma, but family and friends on the line. His reaction seems to be “this plan seems shoddy” when in reality it is “how could you all come here and risk yourselves for me without a better plan, I am not worth it.”  It is not “you are stupid” it is “you are stupid to think that I am worthy of the danger you are all in.” 

Killian may want to fight for a future with Emma, but that doesn’t mean he fully believes he deserves one, particularly when the situation for the heroes becomes more dire with every episode. He cannot save himself- he requires the heroes to do that for him, and at every turn he becomes even more powerless to at least keep them safe and help them succeed,

Killian is fine playing the hero to fight for others because he sees value in others, but Killian will always bristle against people fighting for him because he continues to see little value in himself.

Riverdale CF SNS vids roundup. Loving all the Riverdale Core Four antics today haha especially Lili and Camila singing Lizzie McGuire What Dreams are Made of! They’re totally Lizzie and Miranda Riverdale version haha….and then Cami met up with Madelaine after hanging out with Lili. Plus KJ with his dorky antics and Cole spotted with lots of fans in London~ lucky…