The texturepack is here!


complete with suprises, who knows where Kanye could be watching you!?
Made by: kjminecraftadventures (pls follow we chill)

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?uogo0hxyce6dy9d

`This texturepack will be updated often and stuff
Will not work in magic launcher or multimc so far

Make a video of you using the texturepack for the FIRST time!! it could be really funny!!

`If you wanna share your findings, tag them w/ #kjmc or #kjminecraft
so we can see what you find!

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Its World seed Wednesday, today we found a really nice seed with a place to start off in survival that has 2 villages and 2 desert temples nearby each other. (great looting too)

seed : 1945255959

When you first spawn turn around and walk a little bit you’ll find

A village at
(x:240 | z:160)

If you keep walking to the west youll see a desert temple right in the river
(x:126 | z:92 )

Further into the desert biome you’ll reach another temple
(x:-197 | z:-390)

Near the second temple you will find another village in the desert
(x-383 |z:-309)