01.   when life gets us down or we struggle to feel human feelings ??? alcohol is #1 bae lbr.
02.   we’re both nosey assholes. will definitely ease drop for funsies.
03.   we .. both wear a lot of layers & fugly clothing patterns ?? what is fashion?
04.   having little to no faith in others is Big Mood.
05.   we’re actually both really emotional, sentimental people on the inside or around certain rare people, but on the outside ? lolz -crushes feelings with bare hands


01.   i like to think that i’m not as big a bag of dicks as he is.
02.   erik surprisingly enjoys the company of kids, whereas i … do not. 
03.   HONESTLY, he probably eats better than i do & is way healthier. dkjghdls POISON is like the ultimate Super food for him, okay.
04.   he comes up with hideous, stupid names for pets. kdfhjgfsdlh. i’m not nearly as cruel.
05.   well, he obviously puts more effort into making his eyebrows flawless than i ever fucking will. however, unlike me, i don’t think he knows about the existence of combs tbh ?? so who’s the real hot mess here?

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