My experiences with Asian men

  Ok just for reference if you’re wondering what I look like, I get told a lot that I look like (a much less curvy) Nicki Minaj and I’ve also gotten Ciara and i’m exactly Ciara’s complexion and size minus height. I’m around 5'4 height wise. Not that its important it’s just that I know sometimes I wish I knew what people that tell these stories looked like.

  So I’ve had a couple of experiences with Asian men and I love hearing other peoples stories so I thought maybe someone would like to hear mine. I’ve never actually dated an Asian guy and i’m not exclusively interested in Asians either but i’ve had some pretty interesting encounters with them. I advice you to pop some pop corn and get comfortable because this might be kind of long.

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obliviousevak  asked:

hii, so idk if this is weird to ask, but i've actually been trying to learn some more norwegian, (like probably alot of non-norw-skamwatchers) but I was wondering if you would mind teaching me some basics? how do you ask someone how they are doing? etc. goodnight/goodmorning, wishing someone luck, (maybe also a bit of like teasing things like how would you call a friend a loser or smartass or smthn like that) stuff like that? I could teach you some dutch if you'd like that too, hugs xx

Of course!! I’ll do some basic stuff here but if you want more elaborate just message me!!

God morgen / god ettermiddag / god kveld
= good morning / good afternoon / good evening

Hvordan går det? = how’s it going? (We don’t use ‘how are you?’ So this is kinda our that. Alternatively 'hvordan går det med deg’)

Bare bra, takk. Med deg? = all good, thanks. And you?

Lykke til: good luck (literary means luck to, comes from luck to you!)

Håper det går bra med deg = hope you are well

Dum = dumb/stupid
Veskevoksen = precocious, when a teenager pretends to be an adult. Used a lot for some reason.

Dritt/møkk = shit
Kødd: dick. Literally means penis but now used as 'you’re being a dick’ 'nå oppfører du deg som en kødd’
Kjerring/fitte: bitch