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Ok, this is my first follow forever.

Since I’ve started blogging on the 19th March 2014  I chatted with so many awesome people, and I enjoyed sooo many blogs. Now it’s time to thank all these blogs, that are just awesome.

These are the blogs, that I’ll never unfollow. Please don’t be upset, if I miss you, there’s also no particular order ;)

lieutenantbtorres, breezybree, nerdsarerhapsodic, oh-punky, berinbaka, dashirnfresser, blacksky96, lifegivesyousecrets, megglesthetribble, delete-the-wife, thetalshiartist, thevulcanvault, spock-avenger, fluffydragonite, captainsassistant, whathappensontheholodeck, lotsavrngersgirl, larissa-la-belle-amie, pangalactics, cmdr-beverlycrusher-md, docbevculver, startrekgifs, skadoo3, scullys-coffee-nebula, katiejanewaysirishpubowner, bamf-ness, emilyvanw, luftangrepp, angrywarriortush, voyagesofthestarshipvoyager, janewaycaps, janewayobsession, cherrypie23uk, deltaflyer, kncrowder88, just-star-trek, klingoff, janeway62, opakakaek, kittytrek, leftennantaskara, marcygoomen, pcbw, mylittleredgirl, mutanttoesboldlygoing, dontyouauntkathyme, trekquote, vyrenrolar, @4dezire, @diamondorloj, @lostxtooxmany, deltaflyer, say-it-againn, sirhamsterpicard, tinsnip, theadmiralscoffee, ziggystartrek, lightyearsofstories

Somehow I can´t link three of you directly :( I hope I didn´t miss one …


I love to get/stay in contact with my followers, and I also like to answer questions, do ask games and post personal logs.

But I also know, that this kind of blogging isn’t everyones cup of tea. Additionally, I’m someone who gives every blog one task (somehow I think I must do it :P)

So I decided to create a blog, called kjay9558point5 ,for all these tasks:

- answer questions
- do ask games
- maybe blog ratings(?)
- personal logs
- thank my supporters, friends, followers
- tell you about what’s planned on kjay9558
- and more [suggestions? Ideas? Anyone? :)]

I think it’s a good thing, because YOU can decide, if you want to see this things on your dash or not ;)

I hope you’ll use/accept this blog, too. Im looking forward to read your messages ;) Thanks for following me!

Awsome reactions to my follow forever, you´re the best!


Wow, thankyou! I’ve never been on one of these before.

unbelievable, ´cause you are awsome! ;)


thanx for the mention. :)

You´re welcome! I enjoyed our chats ;D

skadoo3 :

Oh, gee now I feel like Sally Field!

haha, had to google Sally Field :$ nevertheless, love your posts! <3

vyrenrolar :


Glad to make you a pleasure :) Seriously, you bring color to my Dashboard! I enjoyed your posts/re-blogs much !

mylittleredgirl :

Aww, thank you!

<3 How can I not follow such a great blogger?  ;)

kittytrek :

adjfksdfk omg ilu

XD, so shocked? You´re amazing! Glad to found your blog!

Thank you all for this amazing feedback! That’s worth blogging for! <3

petition to make a Tom Paris background

I´m in dire need of a Tom Paris background for my smartphone (HTC one).

If you´re good at Photoshop (or another program) please make me an adorable Tom Paris background for my phone.

It would be cool if you can include the quote: “Observer? Oh hell, I’m the best pilot you could have.”

I also love his smile/smirk so please choose a picture with his adorable smile or smirk.

Of course you don´t have to do it without consideration received ;) I´ll make you an animated gif / gifset of your choice (Star Trek Voyager) if you sent me an adorable background!

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anonymous asked:

I'm new to voyager. Watching it for only second time through. Please tell me there are some chakotay hugs I've missed and post them! PLEASE.

Thanks Anonymous for your request!
Well, with an expanded meaning of hugs, they might be more. Chuckles sometimes hold Janeway, which isn’t really a hug, but kind of a hug. I’ll search for more hugs, I’m pretty sure he hugged B'Elanna at her wedding (Well, that wedding you can see in the show). I have to search for more :D but I added to my queue!! If I do a gif set with Chakotay hugs I’ll post it to kjay9558 ;) Be sure you check my newest posts ;)
Thanks again!

Questiontime! Fill my ask box, pls

1.How old are you?
2.In which country do you live?
3.What music do you like?
4.Favorite celebritys?
5.Current crush?
6.Do you have a dream?
7.Star Trek VOY OTP?
8.Which series do you like?
9.Favorite sports?
10.Favorite sportsman/sportswoman?
11.Favorite Actor?
12.Favorite Actress?
13.Are you creative?
14.Are you sporty?
15.Which languages do you speak/learn?
16.Childhood hearos?
17.What are you proud of?
18.Favorite drink?
19.Favorite animal?
20.Favorite male VOY-character?
21.Favorite female VOY-character?
22.Favorite VOY-episode?
23.What do you think of (add VOY-character)?
24.Favorite VOY-quote?
25.Do you play videogames?Which?
26.Favorite movie?
27.Summer or winter?
28.Favorite Tumblr user?
29.Favorite quote from (add VOY-character)?
30.Do you watch other Star Trek series?
31.White or dark chocolate?
32.attracted to blue or brown eyes?
33.Favorite Star Trek Enterprise character?
34.Favorite Star Trek TNG character?
35.Favorite Star Trek TOS character?
36.Whats on your smartphone background?
37.Favorite song (currently)?
38.Favorite Number?
39.Room color?
40.Currently in love?
41.Do you have any pets?
42.How many followers do you have now?
43.addicted to?
45.Can’t sleep without?
46.Birthday at?
47.Favorite school lessons?
48.Which celebrity do you want to meet the most?
49.Childhood crush?
50.Please do more questions, please add this question (add a question)!

Please add “#questiontime 1”

Hugs needed

Please send me your favorite hug scene from Star Trek Voyager!

Pls try to use the structure: person1-person2-episode-brief description (if you want)

Neelix-Tuvok-S01E01 “Caretaker”- transporter room, the first time neelix is aboard

note: must be sent to kjay9558point5 ;)