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KJAX -Jacksonville,Fl -NEXRAD/HAARP Burst -20th December 2013:

This is the 20th December 2013. From Five to Seven AM -EDT this morning, Jacksonville, Florida Radar (KJAX) registered these Events…    

As can be seen, the last two .gif formats would not load. These last two are the registered burst point of this event. It is currently in a cycled replay. If you wish to see the how and what is upon you in this region, you can look to the Radar Feeds Now… 

Since the Ops took the leap to more frequent cycles, presenting in longer duration, over days rather than the past format of short pulses, in shorter continuance, this could be overlaid with little differentiation in Events.

Over and over, these covert E. Pollution events continue!

More censorship is in play, with the most sensitive, public access radar, system down since the second week of this Operation which continued over four plus days! It had occurred for two prior weeks. Now, the radar system is offline. It has been since the third week of this escalating silent attack presented in San Antonio, Texas. This image is from 2nd December 2013, three days into five days of cycling this recurring event.   

This is an image repetitive in nature that began late Saturdays and continued through early Wednesday, conservatively…

There will be an E. Pollution News Report for the month of December 2013 when it has been completed.

All should be aghast at this Covert, Eugenics, Agenda! This is unnatural, unethical, immoral, usurpation by powers that plan on ending us! Its usage,  beyond “Back Scatter Imagery”, by unfathomable boundless factors! Its silent nature is akin to shooting in the back. Nothing, but an extremely cheap shot!  

Presented by otterwalks:     20th December 2013 


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