Let’s get one thing straight

I like this white man and him alone

Maybe this one as well

Probably should add this one to the list

Okay, okay. Last one (even if he’s half Caucasian)

Or maybe if I just add

But let’s not forget the first one

That is all……. For now

Shout out to Tom Holland & Jacob Elordi who did not conform to the norms of society & masculinity. Instead they said fuck it and went all out to make sure everyone knew they weren’t heteronormative unlike their counterparts especially in Tom’s case.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

part 2 

part 3

Shawn Mendes: *exists*

Me: I stan one (1) white guy

Tom Holland: *exists too*

Me: I stan two (2) white guys

Nick Robinson: *exists x3*

Me: i stan three (3) goddamn white guys

K.j Apa: *eXiSTs

Me; becoming noticeably bothered: I stan three (3) and a half (½) white guys

Dylan O’Brien: *mEgA ExiStS*


Archie: *gets arrested for a murder he didn’t commit*

People that actually like Archie:

Me thinking about all the other shit he’s done this season:

sprousehart ft. lili’s poems ✨


a beautiful lili reinhart photo by cole (the picture’s relevance to lili’s poem was too good to pass up. 😂)