Alex is a lot like Maureen from rent, so could you draw John and Aaron doing the Tango Maureen?

@pinkconsultingsociopath and @littledeconstruction

this was a request given…so long ago. i’m sorry it took forever. i’m sorry it’s not colored. i’m so so so sorry. that’s why i even posted the bonus and made a cover page.


Ancient Aliens.

A mini-project of my alien species in their earliest genetic forms:

  • Tibuls - mainly pale-toned and bioluminescent. Pupil-less eyes.
  • Lur - very similar to present - day appearances. Slightly taller and males & females more physically similar, unlike today.
  • Konpicoas - originally black and white only skine tones present until local diets caused genetic adaptations. Black/White konpicoas considerd aboringals of sorts.

In old/ancientish inspired fashions of world cultues I draw inspiration for their  species from. Tibuls : South/Middle Asian and North African. Lur - East Asian. Konpicoas - Western European.