kj candids

A closer look at Archie Andrews’ Instagram account:

  • I don’t think Archie’s Instagram would fit any sort of traditional theme 
  • I think he would have more pictures of his friends than anything else
  • Basically, he doesn’t care about making his Instagram look a certain way, he just want’s to show people what he’s doing in that moment

Betty / Veronica / Jughead / Cheryl / All


Archie and Jughead were supposed to go on a road trip together on the July 4th weekend but Archie bailed. So KJ and Cole decided to make up for it instead. 😆 And KJ has all the pics to proof that it happened. Now can we have the Riverdale Core Four on a road trip together too pleaseee… it ain’t a party if Betty and Veronica ain’t there. ;)