DR1 Boys with an S/O with low self-esteem (Pt 1)

Naegi Makoto

  • You weren’t good enough for Naegi.
  • He deserves to be with Maizono.
  • You were just a second option because she died.
  • Naegi assures you, he never liked Maizono.
  • Not even a little.
  • You would often feel depressed knowing you weren’t who he wanted.
  • No matter how much Naegi denies it: he loves Maizono.
  • Not you.
  • No matter how many times he tells you that.
  • You know he doesn’t mean it.
  • He frowns at you, noticing you were falling into despair.
  • You avoided the next day and he knocks on your door with no answer.
  • He turns the knob, surprised to find it opened.
  • You weren’t in your room.
  • His heart sank.
  • Panic consumed him.
  • Where could you be?
  • He runs up the stairs and saw the library was opened ajar.
  • You were there with a pair of scissors to your throat.
  • And you were the one holding the scissors.
  • Naegi tackles you, tears escaping his eyes.
  • “S/O-san/kun… Wh-Why won’t you t-trust me w-when I say I l-love you?”


Togami Byakuya

  • He sent you mixed signals.
  • Togami would antagonize you more than anyone else and refused to do any display of public affection.
  • There were times he’d ignore you existence because he was “tired” of it.
  • But whenever you were completely and utterly alone and not even Fukawa was watching you two, he’d make up for his harshness with a few kisses.
  • You’ve been silent to him.
  • He’d made a remark about the one thing you were very insecure about: your eyes.
  • They were so distastefully plain: distastefully common.
  • Togami rolls his eyes as he remembers what he said.
  • You two were in his dormitory which was perfect for his next set of actions.
  • He pushes you onto the bed.
  • “S/O, I believe I’ve chosen you as my lover because you possess a quality none of the other females do.”
  • “…And that is?”
  • Togami kissed your neck tenderly.
  • “You’re tolerable.”


Hagakure Yasuhiro

  • You asked Hagakure if you were pretty.
  • With no hesitation he responds with, “Of course you are S/O-ichi!”
  • He gives you a hug and started listing off everything he loves about you.
  • You were blushing the whole entire time.

Sorry, I ran out of ideas for him.


Yamada Hifumi

  • “Mister/Miss S/O, look at her! What do you think?”
  • Yamada was practically drooling over a loli character from an anime called Date A Live.
  • Yes it’s Yoshino
  • “…She’s adorable.” You spat out.
  • Yamada hums in agreement.
  • “I wonder what she’ll look like naked.”
  • You sigh.
  • You somehow got used to his perverted comments about 2D.
  • You don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.
  • You tap a finger against the desk impatiently.
  • Yamada started to sketch the basic shape of said loli.
  • You started to tap faster.
  • Yamada looks up.
  • “Is someone jealous, Miss/Mister S/O?”
  • “…”
  • Yamada hugs you.
  • “2D can never replace you.”


Ishimaru Kiyotaka

  • You were running to class, not wanting to see the disappointed look from your boyfriend.
  • Enoshima was near you, wanting to be “fashionably” late as she puts it.
  • Just for fun and despair
  • She stuck her foot out and you tripped over her foot.
  • Enoshima laughs.
  • “Wow (Y/N)-san/kun! I thought you were the SHSL (Talent) not the SHSL Klutz!”
  • You ran in the opposite direction, passing Ishimaru who was preparing to patrol the halls.
  • He was confused but then he realizes you were violating a rule.
  • He runs after you.
  • “Stop in the name of eduction, S/O-san/kun!”
  • You ignored your boyfriend and kept running as he continued to chase you.
  • You started to wear down so you stop at a courtyard, panting.
  • Ishimaru caught up to you, in a much better shape than you.
  • “S/O-kun/san, even if you are my boy/girlfriend, I cannot allow a rule to be broken!”
  • Then he noticed the sorrow in your eyes.
  • His eyes soften.
  • “What happened S/O-san/kun?” He asks in a gentle tone.
  • “Enoshima called me a klutz…”
  • He rubs your shoulders to lessen the tension in your muscles.
  • “You’re not a klutz S/O-kun/san.”
  • He grudgingly skipped part of class with you reassuring you that you weren’t a klutz.


Fujisaki Chihiro

  • Togami smashed your self esteem.
  • You ran away from the cafeteria as he made another remark about your sensitive nature


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