With all the attention and hype that the new Spider-Man, Miles Morales is getting, I’m surprised that another hero of color isn’t getting just as much love. Meet Kiyoshi Morales, aka Commander A. Hailing from the United Americas in the 25th century, Kiyoshi’s ethnicities include Japanese, hispanic, Nez Percé, and African-American.

Standing a full head above Steve Rogers, Commander A is at least 7 feet tall, and has the ability to wield two energy shields from his uniform’s gauntlets.

His uniform also has something called the neuro-web, which allows him to access and hack into databases. The full functions of the neuro-web are unknown right now, but it’s quite plausible that it could act something like Cable’s info-net.

The full extent of Kiyoshi’s powers, and whether they’re derived from his suit or if he went through a procedure like Steve, along with the rest of his history remains a mystery for now. I look forward to learning more about him as the Captain America Corps story progresses, and I really hope that Marvel decides to use him after the story is complete.